Editor's Blog: Content In The Next Few Weeks

Some of you may have noticed there has not been a lot of new content on the site over the past week. That is in part due to the fact that there has been very little real news to report from the world of MotoGP. A new documentary on Marc Marquez to be shown on Amazon Prime around the world in February, Pedro Acosta missing out on riding KTM's MotoGP bike because of rain at Jerez, and the prospect of Danilo Petrucci heading to WorldSBK with Barni Ducati.

I hope that the content which has been on the site - especially Akira Nishimura's fantastic two-part interview with Suzuki boss Shinichi Sahara - has kept you entertained.

The lack of content is not because none is being produced. I am in the middle of going through a mass of detailed photos from Niki Kovács from the Valencia test, from which I have unearthed some interesting detail I have not seen at other sites. However, this is an intensive and time-consuming business. I hope to have the first part, on Honda, up in the next day or two. The rest should follow in the course of the next week. All this will of course be exclusive for subscribers, as it is too good to give away for free.

I would like to warn readers not to expect a great deal of content in the month of December and the first part of January. As I'm sure you have noticed, the site is old, and in need of updating. I hope to switch to new website software, and a much better subscription ordering system, in the next month. That will demand my full-time attention, however.

Thanks once again for reading, and for your support over the past years. It means a lot to me personally and the future of the site. And I hope to provide readers with more value for their money in 2023 and beyond.

David Emmett

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You've done an amazing job ever since I've been on this site, several years now. You want/need to take a bit of a break, ffs take one! As for updating the site/software, please don't. I HATE "updates," old Luddite that I am. Software updates, imo, are seldom "up" at all. Anyway, I'll trust you to do things well! :-)

I couldn't agree more. Please don't change the appearance and/or any user (us) interface. I love it as is. I hate change being the old fart that I am :)

I hope you get some time off during the Christmas break as well. You certainly earned that! Thanks for all the hard work and the excellent reporting and articles. For myself, I hope you will keep up the good work.

It’s been a great year of content David, thank you. Looking forward to seeing the new site and your observations from the test.

here, do not fix what is not broken! Hardly ever ends well. Merry christmas to all.:-)


Thank you David for all the years of insightful and thought provoking writing. Happy and chill holidays to you and your loved ones. Can't wait for what 2023 brings.

Thanks David, no worries. Quality takes time. New look will be welcome. :-))

First off, cheers David, for all of the EXCELLENT content you've provided over the years.  We subscribers come for your words,  not a fancy website layout.  Most important to me is the wonderful content you provide.  The in depth analysis' ("analysees" ? I'll leave the proper prose to you), the long form interviews,  that's what I subscribe for.

Please don't go trying to "fix" or "upgrade" what isn't broken.  Website design is just about perfect the way it is. 

Thanks again for all you do.

And I agree with one of the earlier posts: ffs, if you need a break,  take it man! We'll be here when you get back!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

All the best!

There are always fixes that need to be made.  Security is always one because the bad guys keep finding ways in.  Infrastructure changed (other updates requires changes, security, things that can't be fixed, new hardware, stuff that is too difficult to support). 

Websites are way different than a package you install on your PC.  It's like coming up with a racing series like SuperSport with equality across all manufactures vs making your team's bike

Your expert commentary and insights are greatly admired, respected and appreciated by all of your subscribers. I always look forward to reading (and listening) to your latest editorials and posts. Have a safe, healthy and enjoyable Holiday Season. Thanks for the Paddock Pass coffee/tea mug too. I think that I can safely speak for all the Mutterers that we look forward to the 2023 Season with you and the MotoMatters Staff with enthusiastic anticipation. Ride Safe. 


happen upon a MM drinking recepticle? Are they available to purchase (and if they’re available elsewhere on the site I need to find them!)

Do whatever needs doing David, as we say in Yorkshire ‘it’ll bi reyt’ 😊