Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 308: How The MotoGP Manufacturers Measured Up With Peter Bom, Part 1

In this episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast, David Emmett sits down with veteran crew chief, data specialist and Dutch TV commentator Peter Bom to take a long and detailed look back at the 2022 MotoGP season. In the first part of the show, Peter tells David what he thought of Pecco Bagnaia's championship, and the pair go through the strengths and weaknesses of Ducati, Yamaha, and Aprilia. The other three factories and more will make an appearance in the second part of the interview.

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Loved that one, PB is so knowledgeable and entertaining, he is always respectful but still isn't afraid to call a spade a spade.  Looking forward to the rest of it and meanwhile it might even be one I go back and listen to again...

What a great interview/conversation to be able to eavesdrop on. Peter speaks wonderfully in his 2nd (or more?) language and I am just sad I cannot understand Nederlands to be able to listen to him in his mother tongue. Inciteful and straight-talking (just like our beloved Editor in chief). Looking forward to part two.

What a resource to have living down the road, David! Terrific interview, very much looking forward to the second part.

FIM president Jorge Viegas, interviewed on Italian TV, just said "In 2024, Valentino's team Rossi will switch from Ducati to Yamaha, for now it's an idea and nothing is confirmed, but I'm sharing some news. There will be 6 Ducatis and 4 Yamahas”

^ Thanks, Shrink. I’ve been toying with the idea of Vale moving his team to Yamaha in 2024. A long term relationship with Ducati never seemed likely. It’s business - Vale needed bikes and Ducati was willing and able to build them. But Yamaha, well, isn’t that his spiritual home? Where there’s love and respect in both directions. Just imagine the partnership that could be forged. And who knows what else may follow. There’s a void at the top of our sport, too many grey men in grey suits with grey ideas. Think of the challenges we’re facing over the next 5-10 years. The sport needs a charismatic leader and I think there’s only one individual who can provide it. 

^ It would likely be a good thing in general, right Cloverleaf?

Since last this was being discussed I think both Rossi and Yamaha's "value" has gone down. Yamaha via being in a slump re performance with their bike relative to competitors (esp Duc), and the rulebook going away from lower power machines.

Valentino Rossi has quit Moto3, and is turning Moto2 over to someone else. Moreso he has made a dramatic shift away from a pipeline developing young riders at his Academy, just to focus on the older riders in MotoGP. His funding and promotional value is still strong, but even that wanes the less we see of him. He is more a customer now. And demand for Blue product is tepid. 

Cars Vale? CARS?!

Hoping the rulebook changes AND The Blue-Yellow venture flourishes. We could use it as a pillar holding up the circus tent we enjoy so much. 

Ducati/VR46 has been good for VR46 and good for Ducati. 

Being the spiritual successor to Petronas/SRT doesn't seem positive on any number of levels. ;^)

As you say, Shrink. Yes, including the rule changes. Keep the Japanese manus on board. And the show on the road. 

Ducati have been a very good supplier to VR46 this year. Quality bikes. Possibly the writing is on the wall that Ducati will not maintain the levels of support seen beyond Pramac. I wouldn't have a clue about that but maybe Rossi does. If Yamaha can improve and are looking for a second team with Pramac levels of support it might be the better option. Improved M1 and current year M1 with full hardcore factory support as with Ducati/Pramac ??? Tasty possibility. Ducati has shown the advantage of really investing in a second team, Aprilia we shall see next year, KTM showed good with Tech 3 in 2020 but obviously both factory and Tech3 have struggled together since. However, on current form it's a risk. Ducati really have supplied eight excellent bike/support packages this year.

I’d say it’s unlikely Vale is remaining so involved in MotoGP just for a bit of vicarious pleasure, nor that he hankers that much for his old ‘girlfriend’. More likely, he’s in it to win it, and he demonstrated  his pragmatism at least thrice: leaving Honda; leaving Yamaha; leaving Ducati.
The only thing missing from VR46 this year was Pecco; they had the bike, or close enough. If it had been painted a different colour, they might have taken the title. While over in the Yamaha corner….

Unless things change, which they might of course, I don’t see VR46 changing. Besides which, in another 2 or 3 years Vale’s value and relevance will indeed have dropped a bit more. There’s nothing quite as stale as an ex-champ, unfortunately.


Seems a little premature to be suggesting the VR46 team will move to Yamaha. Uccio states that they have a contract with Ducati for 2023 & 24 with an option for another two years.

Italian dream team, as long as Vale doesn't ride the Desmosedici. The Aprilia seems a better bike than the Yamaha as well.

The Yamaha Rossi marriage is well past the honeymoon stage. Separated and minimal communication between those two.

The off season speculation is so unsatisfying.

VR46 - Ducati contract goes thru END of 2024. Ah! Got it.

Gresini - Ducati, going great but with year old customer bikes (happened to be a good one relative to Pramac's via a very odd last minute engine change 2022 season. Plus, Bastiannini moved on). Their contract ends at the end of 2023.

Sheesh, would YOU give up Ducatis for year old customer Yamahas? It has been excruciating to watch the 2nd Blue Team treated like "old bike leasee." The one Herve - Zarco two yr old parts bin special they patched together was a fun successful adventure, but still cemented the narrative. 

Ducati has eight 2022-2023 bikes now, really close to each other. Updates coming to other teams by Summer.

I don’t think Yamaha CAN let alone will even claw back half the performance gap to Ducati. The rulebook is Red. I feel for Quartararo (and f÷$<ing hate ride height devices).

Fear The Armada

Yes, brilliant discussion. Delightfully frank comments from both Peter and David.