Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 309: How The MotoGP Manufacturers Measured Up With Peter Bom, Part 2

In the second part of David Emmett's chat with former crew chief and now MotoGP expert commentator Peter Bom, the pair dive into the three remaining factories. We discuss what made Suzuki's GSX-RR so special, and why it was such a competitive bike. We discuss KTM, how they had success in the factory team, with Miguel Oliveira winning races and Brad Binder capable of passing so many riders, while the Tech3 satellite squad struggled with two rookies.

We also take a look at Honda, and what they did to the RC213V. Why did they have such a difficult year? What was wrong with the bike? Can the fix it in time to prevent Marc Marquez from leaving? And what happens if he goes to Ducati?

Finally, we talk about sprint races and what effect they will have next year. Will they make the full-length races on Sunday better or worse? How hard will it be for them to setup the bikes for a short and a long race? And we discuss the new spec tire pressure sensor which is compulsory from 2023. Is it really unhackable? How will it affect the racing?

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Excellent commentary, detailed analysis and forthright opinion. Probably the finest series of MotoGP podcasts I’ve listened to so far.

^ Forthright, good description. I listened twice thru. Much appreciating Peter B. Especially when he stands firm and clear on difficult or uncomfortable calls. Morbidelli, Oncu, Raul Fernandez. "Yamaha only has one person riding it." "The Honda is trying to kill you." His love of the conventional elegant Suzuki. Contrast with Ducati. Honda "everyone losing the plot." KTM isn't far off! The specific detail of consideration. And not in 1st language!

I think similarly of our Neil Morrison. Remarkably deep, well integrated and sharply considered to the word. Love the guy.

Please please don't hear me as ungrateful or unreasonable, this was of course a brief talk of the WHOLE season for all manufacturers. I was left desiring more. Specifics, like the particulars of the geometry/flex changes and engine character from the 2021 to (2?) 2022 Honda bike directions. Et al etc and so on and on. Great taster! Ok, give me the full meal!

Bom is the bomb. Thanks Krop!


Full meal, yes please! It would be great to have a mid season David & Peter podcast to unpick the first half (riders on new machinery, sprint races so far, Yamahas much anticipated increase in horses and MM starting a season fit), while teams are on their mid season break and we’re impatiently waiting for the season to resume.

^ Ok, HAVE to take a friendly jab at Gordo. I'm Scottish, and he's a fun challenge to understand. I enjoy it, and bet lots of folks find the accent too tough. He's worth it!

Steve English of course is our ear candy - he has it DOWN. When he's out, you can see the challenge of holding the whole thing down. I think I could do it, of course because I haven't.