Phillip Island Photos: Friday

Although's very own photographer Scott Jones is unable to make the long trek across the Pacific to Phillip Island, we have some help from a local. Andrew Gosling of TBGSport is on hand, braving the elements to bring us shots from the edge of the Bass Strait. We think you'll like them:

Cold, wet, windy. About as much fun as it sounds

The conditions may have bothered Jorge Lorenzo, but it didn't prevent from being fastest

Bradley Smith is from England. So it may not surprise you to learn he was fastest in the cold and rain

Mika Kallio leaves the pits for FP1. He'll be leaving the team after Phillip Island

The Rizla Suzukis are not carrying Rizla sponsorship in Australia, because of problems with smoking.

Ben Spies thought better of the weather, and didn't spend much time on track on Friday

If there was a prize for playing your cards close to your chest, Jerry Burgess would win it. He still hasn't confirmed he will be going to Ducati with Valentino Rossi.

Wayne Maxwell is one of the two Australians joining Ant West in Moto2

Plenty of room round the outside at Phillip Island

Ready to go

When length is needed, wrap the pipes around

Seagulls aren't the only avian menace on the Island. Jules Cluzel shows off another

Fonsi Nieto's team have a joke about his dodgy ankle

Rossi, ready to rock

So's his teammate ...

It's definitely warmer in the garages. But Nicky Hayden was still plenty fast on track.

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Great photos. I like the pattern of shots toward the subjects eyes. Maybe more accurately the subject is their gaze.

Magnificent pics!

The weather can turn around really fast at PI and the wind dries the track quickly.

It can be freezing and wet in the morning and have you reaching for the sunscreen in the afternoon sometimes.

The forecast for the next two days is bad tho. Hypothermia is possible for spectators!

I've seen Rossi there in torrential rain and he was masterful. It's such conditions when you really see the work ethic he has that underpins all his success.

Thank you for these photos. I want one of those hats Cluzel was wearing :)

Saw his team wearing them when I watched FP1. My girlfriend said she wants one too. :)

I have been wondering for some time what the bubble apparatus that is applied to Hayden's helmet is? I have seen it on a few other helmets as well but don't know what it is, who makes it...

I assume it helps smooth air flow at extremely high speeds?

Anyone know what it is?

Look at the back of Rossi's helmet. His has about the same shape of Nicky's transparent external attachment, but it's just a permanent part of the helmet.

Great photos. David, you should try to get this guy in the pits more often, I'm really diggin the shots. I especially like the Suzuki shot and the portrait of Hayden with his helmet on.

Very dramatic and great shots - Love hayden's especially - great work thank you!!