2010 Estoril MotoGP Race Result - Easy Victory Taken After Early Tussle

Results and summary of the MotoGP race at Estoril:

Jorge Lorenzo has taken his eighth victory of the season at Estoril, and the third win in a row at the Portuguese circuit. After a slow start, Lorenzo took control of the race at the halfway mark and eased home unchallenged, in another processional MotoGP race.

The race started with plenty of excitement, the drama starting on the sighting lap. Monster Tech 3 Yamaha rider and rookie of the year Ben Spies crashed on the sighting lap, the conditions still being tricky despite the track being almost completely dry. The Texan dislocated his ankle in the crash and was unable to start.

Once the remaining 16 riders got underway, the early laps developed into a tremendous tussle. Jorge Lorenzo got away first, his Fiat Yamaha teammate Valentino Rossi behind him, but Rossi was soon barged aside by Marlboro Ducati rider Nicky Hayden, who was himself pushed aside by Repsol Honda's Andrea Dovizioso. Lorenzo's early gap soon disappeared, and Nicky Hayden forged his way forward again to take the lead, with Valentino Rossi following closely in his wake.

Lorenzo seized back the lead a lap later, with Valentino Rossi also getting past into 2nd, while Casey Stoner had fought his way forward from 6th on lap 1 to take over 3rd from his teammate. The three uninjured aliens soon started to pull a gap, with Rossi pushing hardest of the trio, executing a perfect block pass on his teammate to take the lead in the chicane. Behind the pair of Fiat Yamaha, Casey Stoner was chasing, but the Marlboro Ducati rider crashed once again out of the race, the rear coming round on him this time to take him out.

By lap 7, the race looked over, with Valentino Rossi sitting on a comfortable lead over his teammate. But Lorenzo's times were dropping, and the 2010 World Champion started to reel in the man he took that crown from over the next few laps. Lorenzo's pace turned irresistible, the Spaniard catching his Italian rival on lap 16, and sliding easily past into the lead into turn 1 on the next lap. The race was basically over, with Lorenzo going on to take a comfortable victory by a big margin, Rossi not able to follow the Spaniard.

While the Fiat Yamaha riders were in a league of their own, producing a processional 1-2, the race for 3rd was a far more dramatic affair. A battle raged for much of the race between Andrea Dovizioso and San Carlo Gresini's Marco Simoncelli, with both men taking it in turn to lead, though far from graceful when passing on the honor to their rivals. The final spot on the podium came down to a last-lap battle, with Dovisiozo taking over 3rd on the penultimate lap, and Simoncelli squeezing past the Repsol Honda through the chicane. But Dovizioso knew his chances were not over, and he drafted Simoncelli through the final Parabolica corner, slipping out of Simoncelli's draft to pass the San Carlo Gresini rider across the line and take 3rd.

Simoncelli was left to settle for 4th, while Nicky Hayden, who had been close all race, but not close enough to attack, was stuck down in 5th, ahead of LCR Honda's Randy de Puniet and and Monster Tech 3 Yamaha rider Colin Edwards. Dani Pedrosa, riding with a recently plated collarbone, could manage no better than 8th, after a strong showing mid-race.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 99 Jorge LORENZO YAMAHA 46'17.962  
2 46 Valentino ROSSI YAMAHA 46'26.591 8.629
3 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO HONDA 46'44.437 26.475
4 58 Marco SIMONCELLI HONDA 46'44.496 26.534
5 69 Nicky HAYDEN DUCATI 46'45.116 27.154
6 14 Randy DE PUNIET HONDA 46'46.259 28.297
7 5 Colin EDWARDS YAMAHA 46'48.071 30.109
8 26 Dani PEDROSA HONDA 47'02.909 44.947
9 33 Marco MELANDRI HONDA 47'31.611 1'13.649
10 40 Hector BARBERA DUCATI 47'35.683 1'17.721
11 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA SUZUKI 47'35.870 1'17.908
12 7 Hiroshi AOYAMA HONDA 47'50.987 1'33.025
13 65 Loris CAPIROSSI SUZUKI 47'57.714 1'39.752
Not Classified
  71 Carlos CHECA DUCATI 22'31.090 15 laps
  27 Casey STONER DUCATI 6'49.552 24 laps
Not starting
  11 Ben SPIES YAMAHA    
Not finished first lap
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The podium battle was very interesting. Have to say that Sic is growing every race and getting a bit more "clean", he does have talent.

I was so happy for Nick unfortunately he could not stay with the top 2.

Glad also for Dani, RdP and Vale that they stayed up. Seeing an injured rider falling always scares me.

I had higher expectations from Melandri after the practice.

First Vale looked like he would dominate then Jorge shifted to a higher gear and left him and everyone else in the dust. Jorge is soooooooo amazingly smooth.

The race for third was pretty good for sure. Marco S is sure uping his game now. Sorry for Nick. If effort was all there was to it he would be champion again. Got to give him credit.

I'm sure my man Spies is a bit embarased to go along with the ankle pain. Glad nothing was broke and hope he can race (and test) in Valencia.

Carlos supprised me by having the arm pump problem.

Can't wait till next week - and next year. It's gona be a long winter.

Was Nicky the only one (in the top 5+) who went with a soft front & rear?

It sure was nice seeing him take the lead, if only for a bit. Oh well, on to Valencia!

I can see I'm going to be busy deleting fanboi comments from both sides of the Great Divide in MotoGP. Please help keep the debate here at the outstanding level that MotoMatters.com usually provides. Opinions are greatly appreciated, taunting and attacks aren't. 

I wish you had something that will do it for you because there maybe lots of them. Nevermind still tons more on the other sites and lots of intelligent comments here.

If you get frustrated in tidying it up, don't worry we'll browse through them :)

And thanks for the outstanding work.

I've been a Nicky fan for a while now so it's frustrating to see him so oh-so-close to a podium once again. I'm hoping the switch back to 1000cc format will bring him back closer to the front on a regular basis. Does anyone know if he has been turning down traction control lately? I saw his front rise a few times more than usual today (particularly when Simoncelli went by)...

Under these conditions why not just gift them a litre or 2 of fuel? There is no way a guy should lose the podium because the bike couldn't calculate the fuel load properly. I wonder how many guys had problems like this. Stoner will be glad to let the Ducati go at the end of the year. He just has to lean it so far to keep going with the Yamaha's and Honda. Problem #1 for Burgess to figure out is the front end on the Duke. I don't think the testing/build cycle for a carbon frame is very fast.

The race was good and I was sure Rossi was long gone but Lorenzo's last half of the race was beyond amazing.

Nick Harris was so freaked out at the start of the race I had to turn the sound off...

not read anywhere that nicky had problems with the fuel consumption. this a fact? and he didnt mention it in his comments, maybe trying to save ducati's blushes. if this is true then that's quite sad cos i just cldnt imagine how he suddenly lost it mid-race and got reeled in by the chasing pack. that cld only have happened if he had mechanical gremlins.

Fuel Maybe...
This is all imaginative theory

He was on a soft soft combo, and with the complaints that there wasn't a broad enough tire choice for riders my guess is Bridgestone widen the differece between Soft and hard.

Nic and Kenan both went out front held for a bit then fell back, both used the soft combination and that spelled a great start and a drop in lap times.

"someone with a motogp subscription please check lap times?"

Fuel is a possibility but in my opinion not likely, I wish they would allow up to ... fuel and make it a choice of engine life VS Power not how much to squeeze out of an engine, that also cuts the ceiling on revs, more power in the lower range.

Just a thought ;-) Thanks David your site has become my sole GP race news site. Enjoy the break

I don't know if fuel limits had an impact here but I'll say it again - there is no good reason for limiting fuel on a racing machine. It is ridiculous!

David, I believe I read here, that the MSMA wanted the fuel limits. Is that the case, and if so, WHY? How/what would they benefit from limiting themselves to 21L of fuel?

Did anyone else get the feeling that Lorenzo had the 2nd half pace already from the start?

I have no fact to substatiate it on but I have the feeling that instead of taking off from the start he slowed down to get temperature in hte tyres and to measure his opponents' strength. When he saw that Rossi's pace was below his he took a calculated run to pass and pull away.

Estoril for JLo has proven to be like Stoner's Philip Island or Rossi's Sepang. Did anyone not expect them to win there? If Dani's collarbone is better and the weather is dry I wouldnt be surprised if he wins at Valencia.

....as I would like to see Dani on top of the podium I seriously doubt it.
Rossi on a good day can overcome injuries with some of his "mastery", Pedrosa on the other side looks like someone who needs to be 100% OK to ride 120% fast. And in those days there is no-one that can stay with him.

It would be great but I am afraid he will still suffer from it. I wish he retains his 2nd place because it would be deserved.

...after seeing FP3 I see I got it all wrong. Very happy for Dani!