2009 IRTA Test 125 Class - Day 1 - Simon Dominates Once Again

The first day of testing for the 125 class at Jerez saw Julian Simon continue his domination of preseason testing. The 125 class returnee - Simon raced in the 250 class with Repsol KTM last year - has topped almost every session of 125 testing he has participated in this winter, and he doesn't look like slowing down.

Only Andrea Iannone managed to better Simon this morning, but the Italian Aprilia rider had to cede over a second to the Spaniard in the afternoon. Simon's compatriot Marc Marquez was the other man to be near the top of the timesheets, finishing third fastest in the morning, and fourth fastest in the afternoon.

British rider Bradley Smith was the worst of the Bancaja Aspar riders, finishing in 11th and 7th spot behind his team mates Julian Simon and Sergio Gadea. Smith is one of the title favorites for 2009, but he has yet to make the kind of impression in testing that his team mate Simon has. Fellow Brits Scott Redding and Danny Webb were further down the order, Redding finishing 9th and 10th, while Webb only managed the 20th and 18th fastest times, despite having an Aprilia RSA at his disposal.

Haojue won the battle of the Chinese manufacturers in the morning, Michi Ranseder finishing ahead of Loncin rider Alex Masbou, but the roles were reversed in the afternoon, with Masbou taking the 24th time, just ahead of Ranseder.

Cameron Beaubier, the sole American in the 125 class, finished a respectable 14th in the afternoon, up five places from the morning. Beaubier, who came up from the Red Bull Rookies cup last year, is having a solid debut so far.

Testing continues tomorrow.

Session 2 times (afternoon session) 

PosRiderTeamFastest lapDiff to prev.Diff to LeaderTotal Laps
1Julian SIMONBANCAJA ASPAR TEAM 125cc1'47.345  17
2Efren VAZQUEZDERBI RACING TEAM1'48.023+0.678+0.67814
3Andrea IANNONEONGETTA TEAM ISPA1'48.368+0.345+1.02314
4Marc MARQUEZRED BULL KTM MOTORSPORTS1'48.534+0.166+1.18916
5Pol ESPARGARODERBI RACING TEAM1'48.713+0.179+1.36817
6Sergio GADEABANCAJA ASPAR TEAM 125cc1'48.756+0.043+1.41115
7Bradley SMITHBANCAJA ASPAR TEAM 125cc1'48.828+0.072+1.48310
8Jonas FOLGERONGETTA TEAM ISPA1'48.921+0.093+1.57618
9Sandro CORTESEAJO INTERWETTEN1'48.930+0.009+1.58515
10Scott REDDINGBLUSENS APRILIA1'49.014+0.084+1.66919
11Esteve RABATBLUSENS APRILIA1'49.029+0.015+1.68419
12Joan OLIVESPANISH DERBI RACING TEAM1'49.099+0.070+1.75416
13Takaaki NAKAGAMIONGETTA TEAM ISPA1'49.711+0.612+2.36614
14Cameron BEAUBIERRED BULL KTM MOTORSPORT1'49.718+0.007+2.37317
15Stefan BRADLVIESSMANN KIEFER RACING1'49.816+0.098+2.47112
16Lorenzo SAVADORIFONTANA RACING1'49.863+0.047+2.51816
17Randy KRUMMENACHERDEGRAAF GRAND PRIX1'49.923+0.060+2.57818
18Danny WEBBDEGRAAF GRAND PRIX1'50.244+0.321+2.89922
19Johann ZARCOWTR SAN MARINO TEAM1'50.554+0.310+3.20924
20Dominique AEGERTERAJO INTERWETTEN1'50.665+0.111+3.32013
21Lorenzo ZANETTIONGETTA TEAM ISPA1'51.083+0.418+3.73817
22Lukas SEMBERAMATTEONI RACING1'51.190+0.107+3.84520
23Jasper IWEMARACING TEAM GERMANY1'51.929+0.739+4.58417
24Alexis MASBOULONCIN RACING1'51.953+0.024+4.6088
25Michael RANSEDERHAOJUE TEAM1'51.961+0.008+4.61615
26Luca MARCONICBC CORSE1'52.424+0.463+5.07922
27Luca VITALICBC CORSE1'53.262+0.838+5.91721
28Simone CORSIJACK & JONES TEAM2'01.672+8.410+14.3275
29Matthew HOYLEHAOJUE TEAM2'15.588+13.916+28.2431


Session 1 times (morning session)

PosRiderTeamFastest lapDiff to prev.Diff to LeaderTotal Laps
2Julian SIMONBANCAJA ASPAR TEAM 125cc1'48.294+0.160+0.16029
3Marc MARQUEZRED BULL KTM MOTORSPORTS1'48.621+0.327+0.48741
4Pol ESPARGARODERBI RACING TEAM1'48.898+0.277+0.76463
5Sergio GADEABANCAJA ASPAR TEAM 125cc1'49.142+0.244+1.00828
6Dominique AEGERTERAJO INTERWETTEN1'49.144+0.002+1.01027
7Joan OLIVESPANISH DERBI RACING TEAM1'49.202+0.058+1.06849
8Sandro CORTESEAJO INTERWETTEN1'49.230+0.028+1.09623
9Scott REDDINGBLUSENS APRILIA1'49.359+0.129+1.22545
10Efren VAZQUEZDERBI RACING TEAM1'49.464+0.105+1.33039
11Bradley SMITHBANCAJA ASPAR TEAM 125cc1'49.519+0.055+1.38529
12Esteve RABATBLUSENS APRILIA1'49.823+0.304+1.68940
13Stefan BRADLVIESSMANN KIEFER RACING1'50.046+0.223+1.91212
14Jonas FOLGERONGETTA TEAM ISPA1'50.235+0.189+2.10124
15Takaaki NAKAGAMIONGETTA TEAM ISPA1'50.328+0.093+2.19431
16Lorenzo SAVADORIFONTANA RACING1'50.436+0.108+2.30251
17Lorenzo ZANETTIONGETTA TEAM ISPA1'50.721+0.285+2.58733
18Johann ZARCOWTR SAN MARINO TEAM1'50.871+0.150+2.73739
19Cameron BEAUBIERRED BULL KTM MOTORSPORT1'51.196+0.325+3.06224
20Danny WEBBDEGRAAF GRAND PRIX1'51.345+0.149+3.21127
21Michael RANSEDERHAOJUE TEAM1'51.882+0.537+3.74828
22Alexis MASBOULONCIN RACING1'51.939+0.057+3.80541
23Randy KRUMMENACHERDEGRAAF GRAND PRIX1'52.013+0.074+3.87930
24Luca VITALICBC CORSE1'52.611+0.598+4.47758
25Luca MARCONICBC CORSE1'52.710+0.099+4.57654
26Jasper IWEMARACING TEAM GERMANY1'53.591+0.881+5.45730
27Matthew HOYLEHAOJUE TEAM1'56.323+2.732+8.18922
28Lukas SEMBERAMATTEONI RACING1'57.255+0.932+9.12122
29Tomo KOYAMALONCIN RACING2'17.116+19.861+28.9827


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That Haojue (maybe one day I'll learn how that is pronounced) is pretty far down there. I guess it isn't that bad for a brand new bike from a factory new to racing.

I wish I was more familiar with Ranseder and Hoyle. It is hard to determine how much is bike and how much rider.