Valentino Rossi Has Stitches Removed, Begins Physical Rehab

Two weeks after having his right shoulder operated on, to rebuild and restore the rotator cuff and glenoid ligament, Valentino Rossi was back at the hospital again. This time, fortunately, it was only to allow Doctor Giuseppe Porcellini to remove the stitches left after surgery, rather than anything more serious.

With the stitches removed, Rossi will be able to start active physical therapy in another two weeks. Currently, the Italian legend is undergoing passive therapy only, which is aimed at ensuring that his shoulder retains its range of motion and preventing the build up of scar tissue in the joint.

Speaking on his website, Valentino Rossi said "I'm undergoing rehab on my shoulder; the situation is improving. It's been two weeks since the operation, and this morning, Doctor Porcellini removed the stitches. Now we can go back to work in the gym - at least on the rest of my body - and continue to work on the shoulder, even if it's just passive rehab, above all to make sure we don't lose any mobility. In two weeks' time, I'll start to be able to give the shoulder an active workout, in the pool and in the gym, to get ready for the test at the start of February. We will have to work as fast as we can, but I hope to be in good shape for the first test of 2011 with the Ducati at Sepang."

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Good to hear this. Any serious follower of the sport will be will be wishing they all enter round 1 fully fit. Sepang test will be telling as regards Rossi's switch to Ducati. Both in terms of bike modifications and his state of mind.
Rossi had a remarkable run this past decade in terms of achievements and lack of injury. Will he push the Duc through the sound barrier to reach the desired plateau or succumb to the 'once bitten twice shy' frame of mind ?
Like you say David,a long winter in Bologna.

I hope his shoulder heals well so they're all fully fit. With such an interesting season ahead I want all the riders able to perform at their best so we don't have questions hanging over the results.

Rossi's motivation should be very high for the Sepang test. Wouldn't you want to put to rest all the speculation that came up after the Valencia test? Good times at Sepang will be quite important to keep the magic alive.