Rain Stops Play At Qatar - 125 Race Red-Flagged

A sudden deluge has put an end to the 125cc race at the MotoGP season opener at Qatar. Normally, rain is not a problem for the bikes, and the race would be restarted once the bikes had been fitted with wet tires. But the problem with the Qatar race is that it is a night race, run under the spotlights. And despite Musco lighting's remarkable and ingenious lighting system, once the rain starts falling, the light reflects off the surface water, the reflections start dazzling the riders, making it very difficult to see, let alone race.

Racing has been suspended, and there's no news at this time about when the race will resume. Dorna and the organizers will be under a lot of pressure to ensure the MotoGP race starts on time, due to TV commitments in Europe, so if the track does dry out, the races will be rescheduled to give priority to the MotoGP riders. We will keep you updated as and when we learn any more. 

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What is wrong with the world's various motorsports governing bodies? When will they finally realise that the race should be the most important factor of any given weekend. The various ideas that the FIA and Dorna etc come up with to maximise TV audiences, chasing the dollar, actually make the whole show less effective, not more. Part of the fun is getting up at 3am to watch a race from a far flung corner of the world, and this applies whether you live in Japan or the UK or Brazil. Homogenisation creates, by definition, something that is boring and indistinguishable. It sucks, it really sucks.