2009 MotoGP Championship Standings After Round 1, Qatar

Race was run on Monday night, after being rained out on Sunday

1 STONER Casey AUS 25  
2 ROSSI Valentino ITA 20 -5
3 LORENZO Jorge SPA 16 -9
4 EDWARDS Colin USA 13 -12
5 DOVIZIOSO Andrea ITA 11 -14
6 DE ANGELIS Alex RSM 10 -15
7 VERMEULEN Chris AUS 9 -16
8 KALLIO Mika FIN 8 -17
9 ELIAS Toni SPA 7 -18
10 DE PUNIET Randy FRA 6 -19
11 PEDROSA Dani SPA 5 -20
12 HAYDEN Nicky USA 4 -21
13 GIBERNAU Sete SPA 3 -22
14 MELANDRI Marco ITA 2 -23
15 TAKAHASHI Yuki JPN 1 -24


Round Number: 

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Here in little Australia the TV station Channel Ten, could not even broadcast the race!! they had Golf on the first time, then showed high lights of the 125 and 250cc race. when the Motogp race was on they had American sales Crap. And i thought no wonder America is in such a bad way if they have people that actualy watch and buy the plastic rubbish there trying to sell. At least Chuck Norris was not trying to sell his gym gear last night. He will save America

ten/oneHD covered the full race LIVE, no interruptions, 3:45am Tuesday morning.

You had to dig a little for the rescheduling info on their website, but it was certainly findable, just gotta know where to look gents.

Pitty they didn't have Chuck Norris at Losail last night. He could've stopped the rain.

Sorry you didn't get to see the race, it was pretty good. I watched it live on motogp.com.
Mind you, their webcast is not as good as it has been in previous years. I think they must be dedicating the bulk of their bandwidth to the HD webcast, leaving us regular subscribers with a dodgy picture.

When they did their re-design last year I really hated the site. But I think this flash player will be better in terms of working on any modern computer. While using it in Windows I did notice it was choppy during the 125 race, and I'm running it on a fairly fast computer. The streaming live video over flash is kind of a new thing for the Adobe suite. I was cursing it until I rebooted into Ubuntu. It ran much faster. It kept on buffering at 100% with no problems. Today at work (really fast academic connection) I watched the motoGP race on a Windows machine and while it was buffering at below 100% the whole time, it was never choppy. I thought it was a push for the HD subscription as well. But when it was so smooth in other configurations I think it just depends on your equipment and OS.

Thanks for your information, Brookespeed. But I still think motogp.com is up to something.
When I watch the live webcast, it's choppy.
When I watch a pre-recorded video clip on the same computer, it's nice and smooth.

Maybe I'll try it with windows on my normal laptop at home and if it's choppy I'll spring the extra euros to test if it's faster. But I'd predict it would be even more choppy. I don't think it would handle the increased data for HD any better. What I should do before buy the single race upgrade would be to try it in Firefox. It could just be the browser. Microsoft would probably prefer the use of Silverlight over Flash, so it could be just an Internet Explorer issue. I wouldn't be surprised that prerecorded would stream better. The live streaming is a different feature for Flash and I think new for the latest version.

I had to go to Speed TV and read the story with the results to find out when they would show the race...tomorrow at 2 in the afternoon when everyone is working!!! What? Too many Pinks episodes to run? Can't fit it in between NASCAR, Barret Jackson auctions and livin' the Thug life? how sad. Speed TV has become what MTV became...crap on a digital stick!!!

Channel 10 started the MotoGP coverage late because the Golf ran late (So they would have delayed the telecast by that 30 mins). During the MotoGP they advertised the race would be rescheduled and gave a time (It was telecast live and without interuptions). They didn't however post the time they rescheduled time in their online guides that I could find.

Re the MotoGP live feed as beaufort & Brookespeed have said - I am having exactly the same problem with the live feed as well in all resolutions including HD - very jerky & choppy picture quality bordering on unwatchable, whilst the replays are perfect.

Last year the feeds were all good, the previous year numerous problems.

It's clear the problem lays with MotoGP and what THEY have changed in their feed.

I have been in contact with their tech support & run numerous tests - all satisfactory - but they have given up and come up with the usual rubbish "contact your isp" etc etc. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

So beware everybody - do not subscribe to the MotoGP website for live feeds!!!