Saturday Images from Miller WSBK

 After Friday afternoon's lightning and thunder had threatened the final session of the day, Saturday started off clear, though the forecast was for sunny skies until 11, when chances of thunder storms were 60%. 


By mid-morning the clouds were growing, though rain still seemed unlikely.


But as Superpole approached, we were clearly in for some weather as falling rain could be seen in the distance.


Haga took a big spill in the morning, but recovered to ride without missing any action.


Some of the notables from the day's practice and qualifying were: Parkes and wildcard Jamie Hacking putting the Kawasakis 6th and 7th respectively on the grid.



Nannelli and McCoy put their Triumphs fourth and seventh on the SuperSport grid.




Fujiwara managed tenth though his teammate Lascorz edged out Eugene Laverty for pole.


Kiyonari grabbed third position in SuperBike.


Aitchison made it another English-speaking rider in the SuperSport top ten.


After winning both races here last year, Checa managed fifth in SuperPole.


Crutchlow put his Yamaha third on the SuperSport grid.


Fabrizio was one of four riders under 1:49, but was unable to stop Spies from taking his 7th consecutive pole.


Eugene Laverty was less than a tenth behind Lascorz.


Foret made top ten on the grid in ninth.


Sofuoglu just edged out McCoy for sixth.


Byrne made it to the final SuperPole session but was couldn't beat Hacking for seventh.


The main story, of course, was Ben Spies setting a record seventh pole in a row.


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Awesome pictures, what a picturesque circuit, but Mark Aitchison is an Aussie, not a Brit. Don't go giving the poms any more reason to cheer in the supersport class this year!

Fixed it for you. Laverty isn't a Brit either, as he's Irish, though I don't know if that technically makes him a "pom" or not!