Lorenzo's Ex-Manager Arrested For Death Threats

On the eve of the Catalunya Grand Prix at Barcelona comes disturbing news from Spain. Dani Amatriain, the former manager of Jorge Lorenzo and the Espargaro brothers Pol and Aleix, has been arrested by local police for issuing a series of death threats, for extortion and for obstruction of justice. The former racer had been sacked by Lorenzo in October of last year, and had withdrawn from the Grand Prix scene, saying at the time that he would have to "consider, analyze and reflect on my next steps in all aspects of my life, both professionally and my family life."

But it seems that Amatriain had a difficult time letting go. Amatriain is alleged to have threatened Jorge Lorenzo, the Espargaro brothers and several other Grand Prix riders with death and physical harm, to have demanded financial compensation, and to have demanded that certain riders sign with specific teams. The allegations were that the Spaniard had been making the threats for several months, but that the threats had intensified over the past few weeks. Amatriain is alleged to have made the threats both by telephone, in calls made in the very early hours of the morning, and also face to face. According to reports in the Spanish press, Amatriain spent the night in prison, before being released after questioning.

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This is a horrible downfall for someone who used to be a rather successful figure in the GP circus. Threatening the very people you used to look after just a while ago is a bit much, to put it politely.
I've read earlier this year that the true reason for the sudden splits with all his protégés last season was actually a drug problem and he might also have had a good grab into Lorenzo's wallet back then. But whatever the true reasons were, none of the rumoured ones sound positive and with this bit of news now, the guy can pretty much kiss his future goodbye, I don't think he'll be able to ever work in any related field again. It's a shame when people fall that deep.
And the riders he threatened definitely had something to deal with. (To think that Talma quit his job over image right issues, because "they kept me from riding with a clear mind", while others ride after getting repeated death threats from their former manager...)

to be reused at a future date and insert Puig when DP finally wises-up & gives him the boot.

The Pedrosa-Puig pairing is a different one than the Lorenzo-Amatriain one. A split like this is highly unlikely and even if they did split sometime - Puig is definitely a different character from Amatriain to begin with...