Scott Jones On Wednesday: People Of Barcelona

This is the first part of what will be a regular feature on, Scott Jones on Wednesday. The clue is in the name: Every Wednesday, we'll be featuring some of the fabulous shots from's photographer Scott Jones. If you'd like to order prints of any of the photos you see, or just read about Scott's life as a working photographer, head on over to his blog and website at

Father of a famous son, part 1: Rossi Senior

Father of a famous son, part 2: Marquez Senior

Paris comes to Barcelona

Victory, part 1

Victory, part 2

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Why does Stoner's father sit in Ducati's garage?
Why does he wear a #46 merchandising?
And why does he sport a Graziano Rossi's face?


I'm confused. The caption says "Rossi Senior" and has nothing to do with Stoner at all. Did I miss something?

I think I have read Stoner Senior twice at the time I have posted it. I may have been drunk :)
In the beginning I also thought "wow he looks like Rossi's one ... then I saw the 46 cord" .... nevermind an old chap with reading problems :) I guess the caption was OK from the beginning I have just misread it. Sorry

You had me worried. I went back and checked that I got it right the first time I posted it. I can assure you, I'd be lynched by two sets of fans if I mixed those two up!

Sure it was Rossi from the beginning. The funny thing is that I also double checked because it looked strange to me.

I think that you can be a Stoner fan and still admire a guy with more than a 100 victories or you can be a Rossi fan and be astonished of Casey's driving skills (he is blazing fast and faster than anyone else to find a great pace).

But I know what you mean...

Stoner definitely smiling like a Cheshire Cat...
I swear to god if I ever read "Stoner is smiling like a Cheshire Cat" one more time I'm never visiting this site again!!!! hahahahaha
I think that was more of a preseason thing, hopefully
Please no more Cheshire Cat references after this...

The Joker is more what Stoner's smile reminds me of. Even more worrying for the competition than the smile of a certain cat.

Anyone who can drag an elbow (other than ben spies) while cornering can smile however he wants :)

Damn ... I couldn't do that with a crane to hold me up.

When Road Racing World Magazine did a 600 cc shootout maybe 2 years back, three of the four testers touched their elbows; two of the riders for the first time. If I recall correctly , they atributed it to the new Dunlop N-tec ( they used a 190 rear, same as the AMA people). I think if you have the talent , tires are now providing so much more edge grip, that touching an elbow, while impossible for most of us, is not out of the realm of possibility for any pro...