2009 World Superbike Championship Standings After Round 9, Donington

1 Noriyuki HAGA JPN 308  
2 Ben SPIES USA 294 -14
3 Michel FABRIZIO ITA 257 -51
4 Jonathan REA GBR 177 -131
5 Leon HASLAM GBR 167 -141
6 Max BIAGGI ITA 155 -153
7 Tom SYKES GBR 141 -167
8 Jakub SMRZ CZE 115 -193
9 Carlos CHECA ESP 114 -194
10 Shane BYRNE GBR 113 -195
11 Ryuichi KIYONARI JPN 113 -195
12 Yukio KAGAYAMA JPN 94 -214
13 Shinya NAKANO JPN 81 -227
14 Régis LACONI FRA 77 -231
15 Max NEUKIRCHNER GER 75 -233
16 Ruben XAUS ESP 50 -258
17 Troy CORSER AUS 36 -272
18 Broc PARKES AUS 27 -281
19 John HOPKINS USA 17 -291
20 Leon CAMIER GBR 13 -295
21 Gregorio LAVILLA ESP 12 -296
22 Matthieu LAGRIVE FRA 10 -298
23 Jamie HACKING USA 9 -299
24 Lorenzo LANZI ITA 9 -299
25 James ELLISON GBR 8 -300
26 Sheridan MORAIS RSA 8 -300
27 Fonsi NIETO ESP 8 -300
28 Simon ANDREWS GBR 6 -302
29 Tommy HILL GBR 6 -302
30 Karl MUGGERIDGE AUS 4 -304
31 Brendan ROBERTS AUS 3 -305
32 Roberto ROLFO ITA 3 -305
33 Luca SCASSA ITA 3 -305
34 Matteo BAIOCCO ITA 3 -305
35 Makoto TAMADA JPN 2 -306
36 Alessandro POLITA ITA 1 -307
37 Jake ZEMKE USA 1 -307
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Spies seems to have matured before all our eyes within this season already. Haga may have been more consistent than Spies early on but Spies is gonna make him get race wins if he wants a championship.

I don't think "matured" is the right word. Anyone with any sort of maturity issues would not have held up to three years straight of the Mladin full court press and thrived.

He was punted in the first race of the year, and essentially has one unforced error on the season. If the R1 is on par with Spies himself, Mladin's prediction of Spies winning the championship with two rounds to spare still has a slim chance of coming to fruition with Haga's injury, even if he's racing at the next round.

While I believe Spies will be leading the championship with two rounds to go, the clincher will go down to the last race.

wow, I had assumed earlier in the season that Haga would run away with since Ben had several dnf's, but now it seems wide open.

WOW GPone is reporting that Haga had a operation on his back and was found to have a fractured right arm. Says that he'll need at least 2 months to recover.

This championship could have shifted. Spies has won 5 of the last 6 races and Haga is hurt. Not looking ahead but if, IF Spies could win this championship would he be the greatest WSBK rookie ever? I'm thinking yes.

The news may not be so bad on Haga - the CAT scan revealed no fractured vertebrae, but he does have a fractured shoulder blade and a broken arm. He's almost certain to be out for Brno, but could be back before Nurburgring. More on Haga here.

As for Spies, I think he stands every chance of being the greatest rookie ever even if he doesn't win the title. He's already won 10 out 18 races so far, and the win in race 2 had nothing to do with Haga's crash.

But Don't rule out Fabrizio. A bad weekend for Spies and he could be in the mix as well. Just about everyone has shown they can crumble for a weekend.

I'd put money on NKI41 being back for Brno, even if he's not 100% and riding around for points.

Who holds the record for most WSBK wins in a single season? Is Spies in contention to break or tie that record?

Separately, the performance that Spies is putting on brings more attention and interest in American riders. As a patriot, I cannot help but be delighted.

Another great Texas Superbiker (like Spies he was not born in Texas), Doug Polen, won 17 races in 1991.

Spies just broke Polen's consecutive poles record earlier this year. It would be amazing to see him break Polen's season wins record. Maybe he could break Edwards' (and Hodgson's) record for most consecutive wins (9) as well.

Poor Edwards had his record achievement tied by Hodgson just nine races after Edwards had set the record. Poor Colin ;-P