2008 Brno Race Results

Full results of the 2008 MotoGP Grand Prix of the Czech Republic at Brno: 


146Valentino ROSSIYAMAHA43'28.841  
224Toni ELIASDUCATI43'43.84515.004
365Loris CAPIROSSISUZUKI43'50.53021.689
456Shinya NAKANOHONDA43'54.70025.859
513Anthony WESTKAWASAKI43'58.30629.465
67Chris VERMEULENSUZUKI43'59.44930.608
733Marco MELANDRIDUCATI44'05.29436.453
815Alex DE ANGELISHONDA44'05.59136.750
94Andrea DOVIZIOSOHONDA44'07.66338.822
1048Jorge LORENZOYAMAHA44'08.41439.573
1121John HOPKINSKAWASAKI44'08.45139.610
1250Sylvain GUINTOLIDUCATI44'09.73340.892
1352James TOSELANDYAMAHA44'40.3311'11.490
145Colin EDWARDSYAMAHA44'49.9741'21.133
152Dani PEDROSAHONDA45'05.8791'37.038
1614Randy DE PUNIETHONDA45'07.2481'38.407
Not Classified
 1Casey STONERDUCATI11'49.22816 laps  


Circuit records:

Fastest Lap (New record):5Casey STONER1'57.199165.963 Km/h
Circuit Record Lap:2006Loris CAPIROSSI1'58.157164.618 Km/h
Circuit Best Lap:2006Valentino ROSSI1'56.191167.403 Km/h

Round Number: 
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Holy bejeezus that was a boring race. I can only remember two times I was interested: Stoner's crash and the 5-way battle for 2nd in the middle of the race.

I think the width of the circuit also makes the bikes seem slower than they are (also making for boring viewing). But I suppose I shouldn't complain too much since at least we saw some different faces on the podium.

On a positive note though, the 250s made for an exciting race. Maybe the new safety measures should be to reduce engine size to 250cc two strokes...

I agree.

Do you think anyone will be on Michelin next year?

They don't appeaer to be trying very hard to catch up with Bridgestone.

If  I was DORNA I would be worried that the next few races could turn into a snooze-fest with Bridgestones disappearing leaving Michelin miles behind and Rossi content to cruise home behind Casey.

Bad for entertainment.


thekrankis wrote, quote- "with Bridgestones disappearing leaving Michelin miles behind and Rossi content to cruise home behind Casey."

Rossi content? What planet are you on, man? Did you just start watching MotoGP 5 minutes ago? That's got to be one of the dumbest comments I've read in a very long time. First of all, if you'd actually WATCHED the Brno race - AND the Laguna race, you may have noticed Stoner caving in to the pressure and Rossi winning both events. Did that blood and guts battle in California look like someone who is "content" to cruise behind another rider? Rossi came out and spanked Stoner while riding a slower bike - a real piece of racecraft. It's becoming pretty clear that if Stoner doesn't have a 10 second lead, he begins feeling the pressure and often loses his bottle because of it. Whatever drugs you're doing, Capt. Kirk, you'd better cool it right now. Your brain is turning to mush.

take a lude Haydon. Different people, different perspectives, different opinions. Like yours, claiming it's becoming clear Stoner can't ride under pressure. Have you seen the '07 season? Stoner had Rossi on his tail quite a few times and didn't even sweat. I agree the pressure did it's work the past few races, but it is not typically Stoner to crack with the Doctor breathing down his neck. Populism has it Stoner is 'the new Gibernau/Biaggi'. I personally do not think so. We'll see the remainder of the season, if not seasons to come.

I don't think Rossi has been crusing at all (to date) and Laguna Seca was a superb race. I was merely making the point that he MIGHT begin to cruise now that he  has a 50 point lead. I know it's not his style to  cruise to second BUT neither is it his way to fling it down the road and injure himeself needlessly.

What is important to remember from the BRNO race is that it was not just Stoner that has dropped back, Pedrosa, Lorenzo, Edwards Dovi & co all had an awful race and dropped back against Rossi.


I actually thought this was a pretty exciting race. Too bad the winner was determined quite early, but mid-pack there was a lot of stuff going on right till the end. The tire war is becoming rediculous though, a spec tire seems the only way now.



The Return Of The KingReturn Of The King

 Ending last season 2007 the 'Doctor' demanded very strongly to Yamaha "whether I get a top performance bike or I leave the team, and next season I'm riding with Bridgestone".

The 'Doctor' will never settle for second, that's what a true champion is all about!.


  • *Congratulations to Shinya Nakano, finally he got to ride a Honda 'factory bike' and his result at Brno Grand Prix was immidiate strong.

Excellent MotoGP Season 2008.

thekrankis: Pedrosa was 7 places behind the top Michelin rider. I think his problems were much greater than the wrong tires.


heydon: relax man. Everyone here has taken the time to put their thoughts out there. If you disagree with them, all the better but at least be respectful.

I agree that Danny was not fit, my point was that IF he WAS fit and riding on Bridgestones how much of a race would Rossi and Stoner have had? Maybe we will see next year?



It was total crap. The commentator was some bozo called Greg White. He's some jabbering idiot American who knows zero about bikes or bike racing. He had Mick Doohan to help him. Some help. I know the race wasn't exactly dramatic - except for Casey's cranial vapour-lock - but Doohan made the race seem like funeral processon. The guy must have been on valium or something. Great rider in his day but Doohan put no thought into doing this job - just took the loot. He mouthed a bunch of stupid cliches about doing your best yada yada yada. CBS should just leave MotoGP alone. I'm stuck in Canada for the next two years working and its hell for a bike and MotoGP fan. No good bike stuff on the tube. No decent mags. Ride, Bike and Streetfighters all cost 3 times as much as at home. People here in Toronto only ride to go pose someplace. Very few ride every day. It's almost all a cruiser crowd who get gigged up in their leather pyjamas and go stand around someplace and ogle each other's baubles. And worst of all, the roads here are complete sh*Te. Can't wait to make my coin and get the hell back home.

Steady heydon, you sound a bit pre-mestrual or maybe menopausal. There is a cure for everything. Go to {ILLEGAL FILE SHARING INSTRUCTIONS SNIPPED BY ADMIN}.

On tyres, I dont want to see MotoGP dumbed down to the Superbike/F1 level Its SUPPOSED to be a prototype class!!!

Michelin will get their act together sometime, as will Melandri. Everyone thought Rossi was nuts to switch tyres at the start of the year. Looks like a pretty good move now though.

Rossi vs Stoner vs Pedrosa? Stoner and Pedrosa don't seem that keen to "race" to me. They like clean air and "demo" laps... how boring is that. I'm sure Rossi likes that at times

I have followed Rossi since he first hit the scene in 125's and most times he porvides entertainment value. The other title contenders seem less aware of their fans.



Greg White wouldn't be my first (or tenth) choice for an announcer.  A recent interview with Kevin Schwantz on superbikeplanet.com provided a little insight into the production of the CBS broadcast.  Kevin says that the producer keeps telling Greg to show some excitement, which is sort of like throwing gasoline on a fire.

Sure, it's no Eurosport, but personally I'm glad to have MotoGP on a major terrestrial network.  The exposure that it gives the sport can only be looked upon as a major positive for the sport in general.  It's a given that they are going to feature a US rider in order to generate a little bit of interest.  In any event, I think we can all agree that it beats watching the race on SPEED.

I thought Mick did a pretty good job of color commentary and with his interview, or at least the single question to Vale that he was allowed.

Heydon, take some advice for what it's worth (free) and learn to enjoy your surroundings or your two years are going to be an eternity.  Remember the advice of Buckaroo Banzai in that crap movie from the 80's, "Wherever you go, there you are."

Canada has a lot of things to offer besides motorcycle mags and cruisers.  Go to a Canadian Superbike race, or in the winter go to a frozen lake and watch a bunch nuts race on motorcycles with spikes in their tires! 

Finally, Indianapolis isn't all that far away from Canada - go to the GP.

I also thought that Doohan did a fine job. He is pretty laid back which is fine by me. I occasionally have to turn down other commentators because they are yelling too much. Also, I felt his analysis went beyond the track a little and that was good to hear.

Heydon, if you do plan on go to the MotoGP race in Indianapolis and need a place to stay in Northern Indiana shoot me an email.  My friends and I will be heading to the Indy MotoGP.

Personally I thought the commentary on CBS was not that great myself.  It's definately better than last year, and I'm glad that it's on a major network.  I don't have cable and if I did I wouldn't subscribe to SpeedTV.  Instead I just {COPYRIGHT INSTRUCTIONS SNIPPED}  Eurosport employ Randy Mamola, Toby Moody, and Julian Ryder who are top notch commentators.  I'm sad that Dorna is killing Eurosports contract for next year.  What are we going to do with out those energetic and knowledgeable commentators.  I hope BBC Network picks them up as commentators, or the else it will be a great loss to future Televised MotoGP races.  Please contact BBC and tell them to hire them.  Here is my open letter that I have sent to

To whom this may concern,

I am interested to see you have acquired MotoGP and 125/ 250 coverage for 5 years. Can I implore you to consider employing the Eurosport commentary team of Julian Ryder, Toby Moody and Randy Mamola? Suzi Perry is very worthy and earns her place by her ability to get comment on the grid. Please also ensure we can get full coverage of the 125 and 250 races much as we do on Eurosport. I'm sorry, but the to replace the Eurosport commentary team with Cox/ Parrish will be the kiss of death for the coverage of these fine events. 


A Concerned Motorsports Fan


Email them please!


I agree with your comments about the Beeb. It will be awful if we lose Toby/Julian/Randy and have to put up with the bore, the bimbo and the truckie .....not to mention the kid they have scurrying round the pit lane.


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Did anyone notice the respect Rossi showed Mick when MD asked .."wasn't it boring riding around by yourself after Stoner crashed"?

An Rossi looked over & basically said ..YOU know what its like.

Who else on the planet would know the feeling of riding by yourself at the front of a GP race..besides them? Very cool...