2011 Brno MotoGP Race Result: Dominant Victory Secured In Early Laps

Results and summary of the MotoGP race at Brno:

Casey Stoner has taken an utterly convincing victory in the Brno MotoGP race, ahead of a surprise podium of Andrea Dovizioso and Marco Simoncelli, and extending his lead in the championship by a significant margin over Jorge Lorenzo, who could only manage to finish 4th.

The result will have been more than Stoner expected. After Dani Pedrosa's dominant display in morning warm up, the Spaniard looked uncatchable, and it was Pedrosa who got the holeshot into Turn 1, leading ahead of his teammate Stoner. Jorge Lorenzo was on a mission, however: the factory Yamaha rider took the outside line round Turn 1 to taken 2nd from Stoner, and get on the tail of Pedrosa, and then pass him to take the lead. 

Once in the lead, Lorenzo put the hammer down to try and pull a gap. The Spaniard had gambled on taking the softer of the two front compounds, that tire having worked better on the Yamaha up until the race, and was trying to get whatever advantage he could. It was to little avail, as Dani Pedrosa followed his compatriot with ease, then having a big look at Lorenzo on the way into Turn 1. Lorenzo held Pedrosa off, but at a price, running wide at the long right hander and allowing Pedrosa to come past, with Stoner following at Turn 3.

Pedrosa's lead would last just a couple of corners. The Spaniard lost the front at Turn 5 and was gone, an unseemly end to what had been a very promising weekend. Pedrosa's disappearance gave Stoner the lead, and the race was essentially over. The Australian did what he has done so often this year, putting in a formidable pace and pulling a big gap. Stoner's lead got up to some 8 seconds during the race, and he was never challenged again.

While there was never any question of who would win the race once Pedrosa crashed out and gifted Stoner the lead, the podium was very far from settled. After the big slide at the start of lap 3, Lorenzo's pace started to  drop off dramatically, allowing Dovizioso and Simoncelli to catch him. After a valiant attempt to hold the two Hondas off, Lorenzo was finally forced to allow first Dovizioso and then Simoncelli by, and set about limiting the damage. Simoncelli could easily match Dovizioso pace at first, and had a few looks at the Repsol Honda man but could never make a pass stick. Eventually, the pace took its toll and Dovizioso started to creep away, securing a comfortable 2nd.

Simoncelli appeared to have a strong hold on 3rd, but his pace dropped off in the final laps and Jorge Lorenzo - who had found a burst of speed again - started to catch the San Carlo Gresini rider once again. He got within half a second, but in the end, it was to be no avail, Lorenzo could not close on Simoncelli and the Italian went on to take the first podium of his MotoGP career, and a huge weight off his shoulders.

Ben Spies managed to hold station to the end, the pinched nerve in his left arm leaving his right arm to do all the work. Spies could neither challenge the riders ahead, nor was he ever really called up on to defend, but with a weakened arm, 5th is a good result. After a poor start due to a mistake in the procedure Ducati use to warm the tires, Valentino Rossi had a strong race, finishing 10 seconds off the leader for the first time since they switched bikes to the GP11.1. The boxes which had come from Bologna to Brno had contained a small part of the puzzle that may help fix the Ducati. Rossi finished ahead of his teammate Nicky Hayden, the American relatively content after what had looked like turning into a disaster, and happy to have held off his fellow American Colin Edwards on the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha. Hiroshi Aoyama ended the race in 9th, ahead of Hector Barbera in 10th, who denied Toni Elias a top 10 finish on the very last lap.

Stoner's victory, combined with Lorenzo's wrong tire choice, leaves the Australian 32 points clear in the championship. Lorenzo still has his fate in his own hands, but his job just got an awful lot more difficult, for the only way to be sure of defending his title is by winning the 7 remaining races. But a lot can happen in 7 races, and there is still everything to play for.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 27 Casey STONER HONDA 43'16.796  
2 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO HONDA 43'23.328 6.532
3 58 Marco SIMONCELLI HONDA 43'24.588 7.792
4 1 Jorge LORENZO YAMAHA 43'25.309 8.513
5 11 Ben SPIES YAMAHA 43'26.982 10.186
6 46 Valentino ROSSI DUCATI 43'29.428 12.632
7 69 Nicky HAYDEN DUCATI 43'39.833 23.037
8 5 Colin EDWARDS YAMAHA 43'40.985 24.189
9 7 Hiroshi AOYAMA HONDA 43'41.998 25.202
10 8 Hector BARBERA DUCATI 43'53.362 36.566
11 24 Toni ELIAS HONDA 43'53.475 36.679
12 14 Randy DE PUNIET DUCATI 43'53.905 37.109
13 65 Loris CAPIROSSI DUCATI 44'05.707 48.911
Not Classified
  19 Alvaro BAUTISTA SUZUKI 32'33.227 6 laps
  17 Karel ABRAHAM DUCATI 26'08.827 10 laps
  35 Cal CRUTCHLOW YAMAHA 12'01.440 16 laps
  26 Dani PEDROSA HONDA 4'01.636 20 laps


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Casey is THE MAN among boys today. What a talent.

Rossi is getting there!

Marco - bout time bro!

Ben - Indy is comming up - go get em' !

I never I doubted ya. Good haul for the championship!

Lorenzo not sure what you where up to looked to have the race pace all weekend.

Well done to Dovi will be a crime if he isn't on a factory bike next year.

Too bad for Suzuki... two bikes next year please and good to see Simo on there finally


I'm sure Lucio wouldn't mind having a factory machine in the LCR garage either...GO DOVI!

Good job to Ben too, hopefully he can get that trapped nerve sorted too, in time for Indy. I would like to see another race win out of that boy, or at least some solid podium finishes.

He took a gamble and lost on that tyre by the look of it. Thats a slightly desperate strategy I'd think when he was on a better pace previously. He did dig in though and held on when most wouldnt. Dovi continues to impress and is only just off race winning pace. Congrats to Sic, the sport needs you and characters who can excite the punters but occasionaly do the business too.
Dani?? I suppose it was the front folding ... hard to say from the overhead shot. But Casey looked determined and fast and I dont know if Dani would have held him anyway.
Can never get excited about the track though... on TV at least it looks artificial with lots of downhill entry braking corners. I read that the riders like it though so..

This one turned into a bit of a yawner after Dani went down. The moto 2 race was a LOT better. Lets hope Vale and Nicky have good weather for testing tommorrow and that they're able to make some more progress.

Then you'd be happy to see VR and the Duke getting closer to the front. We need them both in what is looking like a fairly uninspiring year. I dont count riders bringing their fellow competitors down as inspiring... and thats been the main talking points (OK, apart from the prior couple of races).
it looks like real progress has been made for Rossi and the Ducati. We'll know for sure though at Indy.

This has only been an uninspiring year if you are a Rossi fan, rather than a race fan. Motogp does not need Rossi to be winning to be interesting. I think this year has been great with the three fastest guys seemingly very evenly matched and battling it out with the odd guest appearance by Spies and Dovi (and finally Simo). It is a real pity that Pedrosa was injured earlier in the year, otherwise the points table could be alot closer.

When in doubt, opt for the same tyre choice as your main rivals. Twofold, the pity, Dani losing the plot. The race certainly had the potential to serve up something close to Moto2. Maybe next time. 3 great races for the win in GP in a row was expecting a bit much,but the racing behind Stoner was enthralling.
Congrats to Casey on his 6th win of 2011. That's now his 29th in GP 800 I believe.
Dovi as solid as ever and Simmo finally getting a monkey off his back was good to see.

...but I had to turn off the race after about five minutes. Why? Because after a couple of laps, somebody preempted the race, choosing instead to just broadcast a parade.

And if I've seen one parade, I've seen...one too many.

Did anything exciting happen?

There was a MotoGP race, where the best riders in the world road the most advanced motorcycles ever created by man. They were sliding the machines through the corners at over 100mph... brilliant! AND the two main protagonists to this year's championship potentially had a season deciding race.

Great stuff! Shame you missed it.

All those fantastic things happen and it's still pales in comparison to the 125 and moto2 races.

I was thinking about it during the Moto2 race how common it is in the two smaller classes that there is a battle for at least one podium position in the vast majority of races. It's arguably rare in MotoGP. If CRT doesn't help much, I think they should look at changing the championship when grid sizes are so small. It's getting to the point where the qualifying session is more exciting than the race, as in F1. It's like how the IOMTT and Macau are exciting for different reasons. When starters drop below 20 it should go to staggered starts and they should fight for the fastest collection of 3 flying laps or something. They could pit and change things and try as many times as they can in an hour.

In very similar conditions to last year Rossi just ran the race in a time four and a half seconds quicker than Stoner on the Ducati last year when Casey finished 3rd. Rossi, gifted sixth this year with Dani crashing out of the lead, illustrates just how far things have moved on this year outside of Ducati and mainly at Honda.

Rossis best lap was 3 tenths faster than Stoners in 2010 and he was 0.420 faster than his team mate, a larger gap than Stoner to Hayden last year at 0.312.
It's not the first time this year Rossi has been faster than Stoner last.

If lack of feel was never a problem for Casey and his style ensured he heated the tyres correctly..how come he fell off 5 times within 6 laps of the start in 2010?..and twice after the supposed miracle cure of Aragon?..which Julian Ryder reported as adopting settings that had moved closer to Haydens bike?

Thanks for making it patently obvious it's the rider, not the bike!.. Ahem, No backtracking there then?

"The startling difference between Rossi's times from this year and those from last year is one clue that the problem is not with the rider." -David Emmett.

There is a phenomenon in statistics called cherry-picking. It is used a lot by pharmaceutical companies and alternative health therapists to ensure the outcome they want. It involves only looking at the data that suits the theory and discarding everything else. It's the reason that lay people always complain that you can use statistics to prove anything.

Our last race at Laguna Seca was also run in very similar weather conditions 2010 - 2011. Rossi was 25 seconds slower than Stoner was on the Desmosedici. Still you grasp at these straws.

There is a phenomenon in statistics called cherry-picking. It is used a lot by pharmaceutical companies and alternative health therapists to ensure the outcome they want. It involves only looking at the data that suits the theory and discarding everything else. It's the reason that lay people always complain that you can use statistics to prove anything. That goes for both sides of an argument.

To state the bleeding obvious, Rossi is now riding a very different bike to Stoner last year and indeed a very different bike to Hayden in this race. No valid comparison is possible. If Ducati had put the enormous amount of development and money into Stoner's bike that they have put into into Rossi's, just imagine what they might have achieved with Stoner.

As for things moving on at Honda, check the races where the Honda has been slower than last year, not just selective examples that suit "the Honda is faster" scenario. Also check where Honda would be right now without Stoner. If Honda wins the championship this year it will be because of Stoner, not just a fast bike. Same for Ducati in 2007. Clear and undeniable.

Disappointing result for Pedrosa. It was his to lose, and lose it he did. At least he some style from the front.

Bautista was looking really strong. Especially when you read what he and the Suzuki achieved in the race from the comments by Mr Denning. Frustrating (least not to the man himself!) to see him chuck it away once more from a strong finishing position. Hopper says the Suzuki has come on in leaps and bounds since Jerez and on the evidence of today there's no reason to doubt him. That fag paper machine looks capable of winning given the correct star alignment and if in Alien hands. That's not to say Bautista doesn't impress, because he does, but he's been tripping over himself (and Simoncelli) since winning the 125 title.

I'd like to see a bit more of an effort from these guys to remount too, if unhurt and the bike wasn't too badly bent. To simply walk away is a little disrepectful to team, sponsors and paying public.

If I'm correct, Pedrosa's fastest lap of the weekend was set in the first session? That's a very strange progression...

Other strange thing: when Hopper was in the commentary with Nick Harris, he said he was surprised by Lorenzo choosing the soft front since he'd found the hard option best right from the start. Yet Bautista was on the soft... and that was possibly what brought him down.

Are you referring to Bautista?? After that barrell roll??
Riders make an assessment about whether they think they can go on or not. They are the ones who have to decide whether to remount or not. That's their decision. There's rarely any disprespect that I can detect, just hard-nosed situational analysis of the state of the bike, the state of their own body, and the chance of actually circulating competitively.

If the sponsors don't like it, tough. They go into sponsorship of GP racing knowing the possible outcomes.

Whether a rider can remount and continue or not usually depends on the state of the controls. Footpegs, gear levers, brake levers, handlebars, all these things snap off very easily, something which is very hard to see from a brief glance on the TV screen.

Casey couldn't have done much better this weekend. His main competition crashed out, while a poor tire choice by his main championship competitor allowed Stoner to increase his lead by 12 more points.

Everything is looking good for Stoner in 2011. I hope he gets it done. Kid is too good to only have a single title.

Can't wait to see the 1000s take to the track tomorrow.

Very disapointed to see Cal Crutchlow crash out again. I think most people have been very impressed with Cal`s speed, but it all comes to nothing if he keeps on crashing. Just hope his Tech3 team still believe in him and he does not go the same way as James Toseland did.
Good to see Simoncelli get on the podium at last, i suspect next years 1000`s will suit him better than the current 800`s
Interesting that Rossi found the front end gave him more feel on his Desmosidici
i think Hayden said there was something new in the GP11.1 headstock.
Could it be something like a hard rubber sleeve in there which the headstock bearings locate on, to give the front end a fraction more flex---or am i being too simplistic??

On the Oz telecast Steve Parish said that Burgess told him it was a set of new yokes/triple clamps. The truth may never be known though.
We will have to wait and see whether it is yet another false dawn. On previous form they will think they have the problem solved, only to turn up at the next track and find themselves back to square one.

Disappointed that he fell down, it looked like he might even get past Rossi by the end of the race.