2011 Brno MotoGP Test 1pm Times: Stoner Fastest, Yamaha 1000s Make Strong Debut

Times at 1pm local time:

Pos Rider Bike Time Diff Prev
1 Casey Stoner Honda 1000 1:56.260    
2 Ben Spies Yamaha 1000 1:56.306 0.046 0.046
3 Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha 1000 1:56.727 0.467 0.421
4 Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha 800 1:56.892 0.632 0.165
5 Ben Spies Yamaha 800 1:57.184 0.924 0.457
6 Dani Pedrosa Honda 1000 1:57.264 1.004 0.080
7 Nicky Hayden Ducati GP11.1 1:57.616 1.356 0.352
8 Cal Crutchlow Yamaha 800 1:57.810 1.550 0.194
9 Valentino Rossi Ducati GP11.1 1:58.266 2.006 0.456
10 Toni Elias Honda 800 1:58.498 2.238 0.232
11 Colin Edwards Yamaha 800 1:58.598 2.338 0.100
12 Loris Capirossi Ducati GP11 1:58.927 2.667 0.329
13 Mika Kallio* Suter/BMW 1000 2:00.626 4.366 1.699


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I note no better time from Stoner since 1100? Good start from Spies, for sure.

IF the rumours of the 1000 Duc being slower at Mugello than the 800 are correct, and given that this weekend's variation of the 11.1 was significantly better than it has been up to now, those times cannot be giving Ducati any solace. It'll be interesting to see how the day ends up..

I'm pretty sure I've read that the new Duc was approx half a second quicker at Mugello and that is the improvement they were expecting everyone else to make. It was however slower than Casey at the Mugello post race test.

Looking at these times today, Casey is about 6 tenths quicker than his qualifying pace and Spies about 8 tenths. Not too far from the half a second Dicati were expecting but it's still early yet.

He's closing that gap as the day progresses, if he can get it down to under 3.5s I'll start to think that project has some life in it after all.

Hayden sets his best time of the weekend on the GP11.1, hope the bike improves even more for the next GP!
The Suter is making pretty big steps to hour after hour!

I was getting a bit worried about the potential competitiveness of 2012 after Honda's impressive debut.

Now when are we going to find out the capacities of these machines?

Kallio is 4 seconds faster than he was on the Moto2 race so it's clearly looking a bit better for the Suter Moto1.

I wonder how the handling is, Kallio has been had an awful lot of chatter with the Moto2 bike for the whole season?

I also wonder what the true performance will be next year. If the fuel computers are off, the times could still represent qualifying. If the computers are on, these times are quite impressive.

If Yamaha's computer is off, but Honda's fuel computer is on........we're going to be bored as hell next season.

Stoner is fast on anything on two wheels...
Spies must be grinning inside his helmet...
Spies and Lorenzo both faster on the thou'...
Pedrosa seems to be caught off-guard ...

Of course it's only the first shakedown!

Trying not to be a fanboy but can't help but say Spies is the one who gains the most here.

Me too, Spies is considerably faster than Lorenzo on the 1000, while Lorenzo is still faster than Spies on the new 800, although his gap over Spies here is much less than Spies' gap over him on the 1k.

Stoner, Hayden and Spies should be the big winners with the 1000's as they're happy with bikes that move around under them and they like to steer with the rear. Probably suit Rossi too, but maybe not to quite the same extent.

Can't help but think it won't suit the natural styles of Dani, Dovi and Jorge, and maybe even Marco, as they are all products of small capacity road racing with limited dirt experience. they are the boys who like the huge mid-corner speeds, and the 1000's won't respond as well to that style as the 800's do. Dani's size could also work against him as the bigger engines will require a bit more muscling around.

Fast is as fast does. Pedrosa won two races on debut riding the fire breathing 990 Honda and was in the title hunt all the way until 'that incident' with Hayden 2006. Poor skinny little 250 graduate never stood a chance.....

These 1000's still have little fuel to use, will still be controlled to a greater or lesser degree by electronics and most pertinently of all with still run the 'Stones. Same, same, but faster is my read on where 2012 will head. The fastest of all will be the same trio of Aliens we have right now. In which order? That's anyone's guess.

1000's = dirt tracker experience = myth.