WSBK Confirms Race In Russia For 2012

The World Superbike series is strengthening both its connections with Eastern Europe and its standing as a World Championship. Currently, the only rounds outside of Europe are the season opener and the US round at Miller Motorsports Park, but today, the WSBK press office announced that the series will be holding a round in Russia in 2012. The WSBK round is to be held at the Moscow Raceway circuit near the Russian capital on August 26th of next year.

The announcement is no surprise, coming as it does after the statement of intent to organize a Russian round issued in May this year. At that point, it was not yet clear exactly where WSBK would be racing, with a number of circuits being linked to the deal, but the Moscow Raceway circuit is the most obvious choice, located as it is so close to the largest market.

With the date of the Russian round for 2012 announced, a full WSBK calendar cannot be far behind. With the 2012 MotoGP calendar already settled, World Superbikes should be able to announce their schedule soon

Below is the press release from Infront Motor Sports announcing the deal:

Agreement signed in Rome to bring FIM Superbike World Championship to Russia in 2012

Rome (Italy), 22 September 2011 – Exactly four months after the press conference held in Moscow in which Paolo Flammini, CEO of Infront Motor Sports and Alexander Yakhnich, CEO of YMS Promotion Ltd announced a partnership agreement, a contract was signed in Rome between the two companies on Wednesday making YMS Promotion Ltd the official organizer of the Russian Round of the FIM Superbike World Championship.

The accord, which will have a ten-year duration, stipulates that next year the FIM Superbike and Supersport World Championships will make their first appearance in Russia at the Moscow Raceway circuit on the outskirts of Moscow.

The date scheduled for the event is 26 August 2012.

Paolo Flammini declared: "In the last few months we have been working very closely with Alexander Yakhnich and his team and we have managed to define all the details in preparation for the arrival in Russia of the championship in 2012. To hold a race in Moscow, in the very first year, was our declared intention and we are therefore extremely satisfied with the choice of Moscow Raceway, a truly state-of-the-art circuit that is in an advanced phase of construction, and which will be completed in a few months time. World Superbike will be the first championship to arrive in Russia, a demonstration of Infront Motor Sports' commitment to opening up important new markets for motor sport".

Alexander Yakhnich added: "We are delighted to be able to officially represent such a prestigious championship as Superbike in Russia. We know that months of hard work lie ahead of us for the organization of the event but we are certain that in August everything will be ready to give a worthy welcome to the Superbike and Supersport Championships and their protagonists. The commitment of my group for the development of motorcycle sport in Russia will also be shown by the debut of the Yakhnich Motorsport team in the 2012 FIM Supersport World Championship with Russian rider Vladimir Leonov and another rider still to be decided".


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Very funny!!!! He'll be there, shirt off,wrestling a Ural with side-car around the track (and possibly having to do some running repairs along the way). Hopefullythe girls he has as his fan club (Putins Angels?) will also make an appearance on the grid.

Having worked in Russia extensively over the last 9 years in the Oilfield game I have seen first hand numerous times how difficult it is getting equipment in and out of the country, hope all goes well for them.
Is going to be interesting.

Paul Bird team will have serious issues, no doubt!

But seriously, As a completed degree in Russian studies, and having studied in Russia for a semester (and gone on 2 other trips for a short while), the level of corruption and bribery needed to get anything done is astounding. The individual people are very nice, the food is excellent, the culture's great, it's just the corruption and cruelty of the system that makes russia a scary place to be if you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Do the teams get paid per race? Is this good for the riders? Since I watching is the only racing I get any more, I like the idea of a long season, but I hope this improves things for the riders.

Will be doing a lot more for Russia than David Cameron is doing for England, Lada, Ural or Cossack.

the KGB tried to recruit David Cameron whilst on a Russian holiday in 1985 - until they discovered he didn't posess a socialist bone and clocked the Maggie Thatcher pendant he was wearing (actually I made that last bit up, I think?). So perhaps Putin and Cameron go waay back?