Lorenzo Finger Surgery A Success, But Will Miss Sepang And Valencia Uncertain

Jorge Lorenzo is to miss the next round of MotoGP, to recover from successful surgery to repair the finger which was damaged so badly during a warm up crash at Phillip Island. Lorenzo was thrown from his Factory Yamaha YZR-M1 on Sunday morning, and had the ring finger on his left hand trapped by the handlebars, which tore the top of his finger off. Lorenzo was forced to miss the race in Australia, and was flown straight to a hospital in Melbourne, where a three-and-a-half hour operation was performed to reattach the lost fingertip.

That surgery was a success, saving the tendons and nerves in his left ring finger, leaving him with a fully functional finger, but the recovery period from the complex surgery is long. As a result, Lorenzo will miss next weekend's race at Sepang, and could even be forced to skip the final round of MotoGP at Valencia.

Below is the official press release from Yamaha about the surgery:

Jorge Lorenzo Injury Update

Surgery to repair damage to Jorge Lorenzo's finger in Melbourne this evening has been successful. The surgeon was able to save the nerves and tendons of the injured fourth finger, as a result no functionality will be lost in either the finger or the hand. Unfortunately an extended recovery time will be required so Jorge will not race in Sepang for the Malaysian Grand Prix. A decision on the Valencia Grand Prix will be made dependent on Jorge's condition after his return to Barcelona. The official medical bulletin will be released tomorrow morning.

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Very happy to hear it! Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Jorge.

Dovi would need to win both remaining races to deny Jorge of a well-earned second place in the championship, so it's good that there is little incentive to ride without 100% recovery.

Would be great to see him at the Valencia test but, more importantly, fully fit for 2012. Best wishes to Jorge and Ben.

I remember reading that after Doohan cut the end off his little finger and had it pinned back on, he caught the pin in his shorts while jogging and ripped it off again.

Just reading that made me go pale. 3 weeks is not long for healing a piece that was completely severed and recovered after half an hour in a gravel trap, so I hope he doesn't rush things. Hopefully Casey will defend his second place from Pedrosa...

But that sure would be a spectacle...

Actually, if Jorge does miss two races, doesn't Yamaha have to put someone on his bike for the second (and any subsequent) one?

Would love to see what Colin can do on a factory bike. Hope CRT works out for him.

2005 4th in championship, 10th in Malaysia, 9th in Valencia
2006 7th in championship, 10th in Malaysia, 9th in Valencia
2007 9th in championship, 10th in Malaysia, 9th in Valencia

Yamaha doesn't have a sponsor to please so unlike other teams, they don't really need to have a rider replacement. However, more bikes on the grid please. If Colin rides Lorenzo's bike, we could get a wildcard on Colin's Tech 3. I vote for Josh Hayes.

It's not about sponsor commitments - the team's contract with Dorna states that if a rider misses one race, no problem, but missing two or more races means they _must_ put a substitute rider on the bike - or risk being penalised by Dorna. This is what lead to Kallio riding Stoner's bike...

This seems like a fun game; put a rider on a Yamaha for the next two rounds....

It's a pity Parkingo have just signed Chaz Davis to a Ducati next year, another shot on a MotoGP bike for him would have been a nice reward from Yamaha for winning WSS on the R6.

Sensible option would have to be Bradley Smith, he's not going to win the Championship so give him an early go on the big bike ;)

Wildcard options; Tommy Hill or Josh Hayes (with Monster backing though you know which one of that pair would get the nod)

PS, heal well and heal quick JL.

Bradley Smith has enough problems keeping his 600 on the track, as it is. Much as I like the kid, he isn't ready for a proper race bike yet. Josh Hayes is a nice idea. While we're at it, might as well see if ol King Kenny is available. He looked pretty racey at Laguna. I'd catch the next flight to Sepang for that one.