Marquez Discharged From Hospital, Still Questionable For Valencia

After two days of tests in Barcelona, Marc Marquez has been released from hospital. The Spaniard had entered the USP Institut Dexeus hospital on his return from Sepang, where he had suffered shoulder injuries and a concussion during the first session of free practice. Though Marquez was well enough to be sent home, he is still suffering with double vision, and is in doubt for the Valencia round in 10 days' time.

Marquez suffered the injuries on his very first lap of the Sepang circuit, falling on a very wet patch of the track that the circuit marshals had failed to warn the riders about, an oversight the circuit was later fined for. Marquez, along with three other riders, fell heavily in the corner, injuring his shoulder and suffering a concussion in the crash. He also suffered cuts and bruising around the eye, and that bruising has caused the tissue around his eye to swell up, causing double vision. Marquez was prevented from racing because of that double vision, and will only be cleared to race at Valencia if the double vision goes away.

The crash put a massive dent in Marquez' title hopes. The Spaniard went into the Malaysian Moto2 round trailing Stefan Bradl by just 3 points. After being forced to miss Sepang, Marquez' deficit has grown to 23 points. Bradl needs to finish in 13th place to clinch the Moto2 title.

The other rider injured seriously enough to miss the race in Malaysia was Bradley Smith, who also crashed at the same corner as Marquez and was clipped by Marquez' bike as it tumbled through the gravel. Smith fractured his collarbone in the incident, and suffered a bruised lung. In his blog on, the Tech 3 rider today revealed that he was also not yet certain of racing at Valencia, though his injury was progressing well. The ligaments in Smith's shoulder are not stretched or torn, and the Englishman is optimistic he will be given the all clear once he returns for more medical checks on Friday.

Below is the press release on Marquez from the Repsol Media Service:

Márquez discharged from hospital

The Repsol rider, who underwent some checks at the USP Institut Universitari Dexeus, will need to rest for the next few days

Marc Márquez was discharged today from the USP Institut Universitari Dexeus, once finished all the medical checks he has underwent during the last two days after his arrival from Sepang, where last weekend took place the Malaysian Grand Prix. The Repsol rider was not able to compete on Sunday's race due to the crash he suffered on Friday at the free practice and that caused him vision problems.

On Monday, when he arrived from Malaysia, Emilio Alzamora's pupil went directly to the hospital in Barcelona to be examined by doctors Xavier Mir and Ángel Charte. The doctors did an exhaustive examination and different tests, keeping him under observation and under medical treatment for 48 hours.

In a statement, Dr. Xavier Mir, Head of Hand Surgery Unit of the USP Dexeus said, "Marc Márquez has a left shoulder traumatism, and incisive wound on the chin and second degree burns on the right knee, so we started with the cures to start regenerating the skin".

Dr. Ángel Charte, Head of the Medicine Department, commented, "the rider arrived to the hospital after suffering an accident that caused concussion with brachial involvement and several contusions. In Malaysia he also suffered an episode of blurred vision and image distortion. When he arrived to the USP Institut Universitari Dexeus, we did several diagnosis tests that showed that he suffers periorbital edema that produces a sequential vertical diplopia (double vision), and discards any other type of injury. He is following a treatment to correct this vision alteration and it is evolving satisfactorily".

His participation in the Comunitat Valenciana Grand Prix, that will be held next November 4, 5 and 6 will be decided in the next days, depending of how the rider progresses.

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Has anyone asked the question of why Marquez was allowed to qualify if he wasn't healthy enough to race? Did the vision problems flare up Saturday evening?

I really only know what the motogp announcers say on the air and what motomatters prints online (and it's my fault for only looking at these two sources, but they give me all I want!) but my observation gives me the feeling that Marquez is under diamond-forming pressures from either his team, his dad, his sponsors, or any/all of the above.

I've no idea how much of that pressure is lesser, greater, or equal to his own independent pressure he puts on himself as a professional racer (they all are egotistical, and I say this without insult, because otherwise they wouldn't be racing at such a competitively high level!).

It's got to be the same pressure that saw him crash his first three races, often taking out other riders in silly-risk-filled manuevers (which he has since calmed down from and began racing brilliant races for the rest of the season, coming back from PI to finish 3rd was simply amazing to watch), and it's the same pressure that made Marquez go out in FP1 or 2 with less than 1 minute left on the clock on a track that requires 1min42 seconds to complete to even start a fast lap (and then crash into the back of another rider). Finally, I wager it's this same pressure again that had him go out and do a fast lap at any cost to maintain the possibility of racing on Sunday.

I have zero proof, but I think these pressures (sorry to use this word for the 10th time) were the ones fueling a move up into the MotoGP class, which Marquez personally might not have been feeling he was up for yet. Just my 2 uncompetitive-spirit cents, however, I could be *completely* wrong in everything lol. That's why they don't pay me anything to speculate!

I believe Bradley Smith himself said that the track could be suddenly wet in a few places and it was hard to stay on top of.

David I think Bradley Smith hit the stationary bike of Marquez, not the other way around.

The guy's got double vision. Doesn't that pretty much preclude "riding a shithot racebike as fast as humanly possible with 30 other dudes" from his list of activities? Glad to hear his double vision is from edema and not a concussion (career ender), but really, what are they going to do, scalpel out the swollen tissue?