Paris Hilton Being Sued For Breach Of Contract Over 125 Team?

Even as Paris Hilton jets her way across the Atlantic to attend the final race of the Blusens by Paris Hilton Racing 125 team she lends her name to, there appears to be trouble brewing for the American socialite. According to press reports from Spain, Supermartxe, fellow sponsor of the 125cc team is to initiate legal proceedings against Hilton for "repeated breaches of the contracts signed by her, through her representatives Dreamland Comunicación, with Racing Service Investment SL."

The dispute appears to revolve around the interpretation of the contracts between Hilton's representatives and Supermartxe over the exclusive use of her image for the Blusens team, which is currently fielding Maverick Viñales and Josep Rodriguez in the 125cc world championship. Statements from the team claim that Hilton has failed repeatedly to honor her contract obligations, and that they have no choice but to initiate legal action.

Hilton's involvement in the team comes by way of Supermartxe, a company specializing in organizing massive parties at various locations around the world. Hilton lends her name to some of those parties, attending some of them in person. Supermartxe sponsors the team as a way of reaching young people (particularly in Spain) to attend the parties.


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... just when I thought I had run out of ways to dislike this human being.

Let's hope she stays away forever. Trolls like her really have no place in MotoGP. I know she has money but maybe there are depths to which teams should not sink.

that Supermartxe is in the business to have huge VIP parties and want Paris Hilton to be in attendance so their business can profit from it. She have attended some of their parties and they have profitted greatly from it. But to say that she should be in attendance of their many VIP parties is totally wrong.

Paris Hilton Racing has to take care of there/her brand that she crafted along with her investment with Blusens and which by the way should be the importance and not her attending VIP parties for Supermartxe gain.

"Paris Hilton Racing has to take care of there/her brand that she crafted along with her investment with Blusens and which by the way should be the importance and not her attending VIP parties for Supermartxe gain."


What is important is what she signed on the contract.

Let her tell it to the judge :)

Not sure of the particulars of this dispute, but I for one will be sad to see yet another sponsor walk from Gp racing if the sponsor parts with the team next year as a result of this dispute. Especially one that has the potential to grab headlines and put bike racing in the public eye.

And before you respond saying bike racing doesn't need her "type" of publicity (or exposure, if your feeling malicious), she is a damn site more suitable a sponsor than any tobacco/alcohol company IMO. And lets not forget LCR's association with Playboy either.

More harmful than tobacco? Maybe they should have a co-sponsorship with Valtrex :P

But seriously, I completely agree that any sponsorship is good sponsorship. I for one sorely miss the tobacco advertising, and as being a good target of their marketing (<30yo), I can tell you that just because rossi was rolling around on a camel bike or hayden's now on Big Red, doesn't mean I'm rushing to the store to buy some smokes. When I saw that Paris was sponsoring a 125 team, I thought "Wow I hope she gets her money's worth" with how competitive the class is. When Vinales started winning, I was actually thrilled that Paris' sponsorship was right there in front of the cameras at the front, because this is GREAT marketing towards other ultra-rich would-be sponsors.

If the Kim Kardashians or other less-known non-starlet conglomerates (the Dubai big-bankers or Antonio Banderas are sort of bad examples, their teams in the past weren't or currently aren't doing too hot lol) see the marketing that Paris was getting just for having her name on the bike, maybe they'll come along too and bring their $$$. Because aside from Rossi who reportedly occasionally sneaks a smoke (he's young, a star, and italian, who doesn't enjoy a drag in those circumstances?), you just didn't see the ultra-fit athletes of today representing their sponsors literally with butts hanging from their lips. And when Vinales won his first 125 race under the Paris banner, she went to give him a hug & peck in Park Ferme and you could see he was practically repulsed and with an expression of "yeah whatever". I understand he's a dedicated focused racer, but goodness he's a 16yo male who just won a race and even he didn't want anything to do with Paris lol. Just goes to show you that you take the sponsorship $$$ and uphold your end of the bargain, doesn't mean you have to live the brand.

In closing, we need more Paris Hilton's to broaden the exposure and appeal of motorcycle racing to the general public. As you can see from the small gridsize, having an exclusive club of purists is not guaranteed to pay the bills.

The tobacco companies target teenagers. The stuff about getting people to change brands is bollocks, they want beginners.

So far as I can work out, sex isn't near as bad for you...

For sure, they definitely target teenagers, if not pre-teens too while they're at it. It's evil, but at the same time, I think a big problem of the world's is that no one is taking responsibility for their own actions, and no one is taking the time to raise their children correctly.

The attitude that a parent is at the whim of big bully tobacco companies' advertising whether their children smoke or not is passing the buck.

"So far as I can work out, sex isn't near as bad for you..."

-With the way the American government is constantly fighting off religious interest groups from lobbying to get Abstinence the sole method of sex-ed in public schools (who needs to know how to put on a condom when you shouldn't be having sex until you're married?!?!) here in the US, you'd think otherwise...

We do need more sponsors with names like her's. Especially if us in the States want any respect from TV.