Lorenzo Estimates Chances Of Title At "25%"

After his impressive victory at Indianapolis - in a race which he described as "boring" once Rossi had crashed -  Jorge Lorenzo spoke briefly to the English-language press about the race and how it affected the championship. Here's what he had to say:

Q: Now that your future is settled, you've made your choice for Yamaha over Ducati, was it easier to concentrate?

JL: No I don't think so. I think I was riding quite well in Donington, I was leading the race, by one and a half seconds, but I pass the white line and I crash. I couldn't do anything about it. Maybe I was wrong in my line, but nothing more. Maybe in Brno I did a mistake in this corner, because I wanted to open a gap between me and Valentino, and maybe I had to be following him not to pass him. Maybe you are right in Brno, but not in Donington.

Q: Every time you crash you learn very quickly, you never make the same mistake twice. Was your plan to get ahead of Valentino or stay behind him?

JL: You know, now that I win, it is very easy to say I don't make mistakes, that I am the best, but it could happen again to me that I crash. So, today has been good, but you don't know in the future.

Q: Have you started to believe in the championship again, or is 25 points still too much?

JL: Well you know to see the first position only 25 points away is not the same as to see first position at 50 points, it's different. It's difficult because Valentino now has to think more about the championship, and will be more difficult to see him crashing again. But you know, it's possible, and we will try.

Q: Are your bikes identical now?

JL: Yes.

Q: Do you think Valentino will have more pressure now?

JL: Well you know, Valentino before this race, he wanted to win. He didn't care about the championship, because he had a big points lead. But now he must think about the championship, and now maybe a second position is good for him, but you know, 25 points is not a little bit, it's quite a lot.

Q: In percent, how do you think is possible the world championship?

JL: 25%

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His estimate sounds reasonable. As Stoner said last year, it's very difficult to make up a lot of points against such a strong and consistent competitor. But Rossi bungled things in 2006, and IMO as an opponent Lorenzo is more formidable in 2009 than Hayden was in 2006. So who knows. Then throw into the mix Pedrosa, who really seems back on the pace now, and (I hope) Stoner again after one more race, and things could even more interesting.

Here goes: GREAT performance from Lorenzo. Rossi? Not so great. I mean, I know my birthday wasn't until TODAY, but couldn't he have at least won it FOR ME? It seems the GOAT ingested a tin can that was a biiiiiiiiiit too large. That, or riding on the marbles wasn't the preferred line for Indy.

By the way, how did Jorge keep going THAT fast all by himself? Sheesh!

I'm enjoying this WEIRD year.

Oh, and 25% seems optimistic. I had the odds pegged at about 24%...HA!