Voted Best MotoGP Blogger In Silverstone Media Awards

The end of the year is the traditional time to be handing out awards (we at will be doling out a few of our own in the next week or so), and this year, has been extremely lucky to be on the receiving end of one. In the recent Silverstone Media Awards organized by the Northamptonshire race track, home to both MotoGP and Formula 1, was voted Best MotoGP Blogger.

The winners were chosen by popular vote, with over 5,000 fans voting for the awards. finds itself in some illustrious company, with the official being awarded best MotoGP website, Britain's weekly publication Motorcycle News (MCN) being voted best motorsport publication, and Eurosport MotoGP commentator being pronounced best MotoGP-related Tweeter.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for, and to express our gratitude to our readers, our subscribers, our advertisers and our sponsors, all of whom make it possible to keep the site running. We really can't thank you all enough.

Below is the press release from Silverstone announcing the circuit's Media Awards:

Winners of Silverstone Media Awards announced - Over 5,000 fans vote for favourite F1™ and MotoGP coverage in 2011

As the chequered flag comes down on an action packed season of motor sport, Silverstone is delighted to announce the winners of the first ever Silverstone Media Awards. More than 5,000 fans voted for their favourite media coverage from the 2011 F1™ and MotoGP seasons, recognising the newspapers, magazines, websites, bloggers and tweeters that have kept fans up-to-date with all the latest news and gossip from their respective paddocks.

The winners of the inaugural Silverstone Media Awards, as voted by the fans, are:

Formula 1:

Best national newspaper for F1™ coverage:
Winner: The Times / Sunday Times

Best motor sport publication for F1™ coverage:
Winner: Autosport Magazine

Best website for F1™ coverage:
Winner: BBC Sport - F1 (

Best F1™ Blogger:
Winner: F1 Talks (

Best F1™ Tweeter:
Winner: Jake Humphrey (@jakehumphreyF1)

Best BBC F1™ feature during the 2011 season:
Winner: British Grand Prix - BBC trio take a tandem ride to Silverstone:


Best national newspaper for MotoGP coverage:
Winner: The Times / Sunday Times

Best bike publication for MotoGP coverage:
Winner: MCN

Best website for MotoGP coverage:
Winner: MotoGP official website (

Best MotoGP Blogger:
Winner: MotoMatters (

Best MotoGP Tweeter:
Winner: Toby Moody (@TobyMoody)

All fans voting in the Silverstone Media Awards were entered into a prize draw to win two hospitality places at either the FORMULA 1 SANTANDER BRITISH GRAND PRIX (06 – 08 July), or the MotoGP British Grand Prix (15 – 17 June) at Silverstone in 2012. Ten runners-up will each receive a Silverstone Goody Bag.

Katie Tyler, Head of Communications for Silverstone Circuits Limited, commented, "Formula 1 and MotoGP fans are passionate about the sports they follow. The Silverstone Media Awards have provided those fans with a platform to acknowledge and show their appreciation for the media who keep them up-to-date with everything that's going on, throughout the year.

"We have had a fantastic response to the first Silverstone Media Awards. An incredible 5,129 fans have cast their votes, so it has been a huge success. We hope it means just as much to the winners of each category, as they have been voted for and recognised by the fans. We look forward to presenting each winner with a trophy to acknowledge their contribution."

For further information on 2012 events at Silverstone visit, or call 0844 3728 270.

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And thanks again for fielding some of the best motorcycle jouranlism. This honor is much deserved!

Congrats, a well deserved award!

Advertisers and sponsors take note: I spend more time on this blog in a MotoGP season than on the official website.

From all the material available in either my native language or in English, you're the best I know.
Can't say much more !

Well deserved.
Didn't even know the vote was on.
Thanks for your efforts, and Merry Christmas.

Congratulations, David! Very, very richly deserved.
Congratulations too to Scott and Andrew and and any other photocontributors on motomatters.
Merry Xmas!

The level of (text) reporting on the motoGp site is usually ephemeral at best; for the analytical stuff, mtm is the best site around. Huge compliments are absolutely in order, and let's not forget the work David does to keep the comments to articles on a fair and even keel, as well as the same done by the forum moderators.

It's pretty obvious that fans of the sport appreciate sites that don't become havens for endless streams of combative, fanboi-driven nonsense - long may mtm remain free of this.

If I knew there was such an award I would have voted! But it looks like plenty of people clearly recognise the great content that comes through this site, keep up the great work!

Well deserved, your comments and insights are fabulous, the only time I use is for some live timing at qualifying, all the rest I get the best coverage here, will definitely vote next year. Merry Christmas

Congrats David...well deserved and amazing that others will undoubtedly get on board with this recognition. What a nice Holiday present huh???

given the way the seek and destroy those that dare mention MotoGP in a website it is no wonder they won. Imagine what they could do if they actually reported anything.

Congrats, David; you really run a great service and like other comments, this is is where I loiter most and while my subscription prevents all the annoying ads, I hope you get a lift out of this.

Although where's your competition really?

Most of the other sites are little more than sound biters to fuel debate (MCN and Crash). GPone has smatterings of good stuff interspersed with sloppy partisan journalism dressed up as analytics. Superbikeplanet has plenty of wit and the odd good article / interview. However nobody else seems to do anything like the leg work and wordsmithing of Mr Emmett.

Well this is a vote of mine well spent..
(altough, I also hope I win that free ticket..:))
David, keep going with these great coverages and articles..

I frankly do not believe MM is the best blogger on MotoGP. Sorry to disagree with everyone else.
To me MM is the best MotoGP web site. Full stop. Not "just" a blog. has just live timing and umbrella girls pictures, but no insight whatsoever like here.

Congratulations! Well deserved

I agree with everyone else that MM is the best MotoGP website period!

This is the only place where I get to read about what I want to read about. WHY the riders ride the way they do, WHY the teams are doing what they do, WHY the sport is evolving... love it!!

I don't care what Rossi or Stoner tweeted.