2012 Assen World Supersport Race Results

World Supersport at Assen provides a tense race in the wet.


As expected, Sam Lowes (Bogdanka PTR Honda) and Broc Parkes (Ten Kate Honda) took the lead early on in the treacherous conditions with Kenan Sofuoglu (Kawasaki DeltaFin Lorenzini) showing strong form in the wet while championship leader Fabien Foret (Kawasaki Intermoto Step) crashed out, eventually retiring. Sam Lowes took a dominant lead, skirting on the edge of grip, sliding the rear ominously, while Vladimir Leonov (Yakhnich Motorsport Yamaha) troubled Sofuoglu and Parkes.

Lorenzo Lanzi (Prorace Honda), who showed excellent wet weather control in qualifying, started creeping across the gap to 4th place, when Sam Lowes lost the rear and crashed out. Sofuoglu and Parkes were fighting for the front as Lanzi cut a swathe through the entire leading pack to lead the race, leading the race by over 10m seconds at the halfway mark. Sofuoglu and Leonov fought tentatively as Parkes dropped back.

Lanzi, in a one-off race debut for the Prorace team and his first race on a 600cc bike, pushed through backmarkers, all the way past 13th place, punting some off the track to win a tense race, 12 seconds ahead Sofuoglu and Leonov.

As his first race as Lukas Pesek's replacement, we would not be surprised to see Lanzi retained for further races.

Pos No. Rider Bike Time Diff
1 57 LANZI L Honda CBR600RR 1'59.828  
2 54 SOFUOGLU K Kawasaki ZX-6R 2'00.130 12.054
3 65 LEONOV V Yamaha YZF R6 2'00.241 14.460
4 23 PARKES B Honda CBR600RR 2'01.525 23.884
5 25 BALDOLINI A Triumph Daytona 675 2'00.565 47.063
6 16 CLUZEL J Honda CBR600RR 2'00.937 49.755
7 8 ANTONELLI A Honda CBR600RR 2'00.470 53.850
8 26 VAN POPPEL T Yamaha YZF R6 2'05.115 1'42.505
9 22 TAMBURINI R Honda CBR600RR 2'04.244 1'53.053
10 77 VOSKAMP S Suzuki GSX-R600 2'05.948 1'57.442
11 98 LANUSSE R Kawasaki ZX-6R 2'04.060 1'57.690
12 27 CAIANI T Honda CBR600RR 2'04.551 2'03.555
13 9 JACOBSEN P Honda CBR600RR 2'04.597 1 Lap
14 87 MARCONI L Yamaha YZF R6 2'04.779 1 Lap
15 32 MORAIS S Kawasaki ZX-6R 2'04.879 1 Lap
16 10 TOTH I Honda CBR600RR 2'05.463 1 Lap
RET 31 IANNUZZO V Triumph Daytona 675 2'01.379 2 Laps
RET 13 LOMBARDI D Yamaha YZF R6 2'04.280 2 Laps
RET 53 DEBISE V Honda CBR600RR 2'10.285 8 Laps
RET 61 MENGHI F Yamaha YZF R6 2'15.997 9 Laps
RET 40 JESSOPP M Honda CBR600RR 2'13.118 12 Laps
RET 55 ROCCOLI M Yamaha YZF R6 2'09.915 12 Laps
RET 11 LOWES S Honda CBR600RR 2'00.751 13 Laps
RET 34 QUARMBY R Honda CBR600RR 2'17.189 13 Laps
RET 38 NEMETH B Honda CBR600RR 2'03.507 14 Laps
RET 20 SCHOLTZ M Honda CBR600RR 2'06.745 15 Laps
RET 99 FORET F Kawasaki ZX-6R 2'13.786 16 Laps
RET 33 POLZER Y Yamaha YZF R6 2'24.171 16 Laps
RET 64 DAY J Kawasaki ZX-6R   20 Laps
RET 3 METCHER J Yamaha YZF R6    


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I hope we get to hear more about him. What an amazing one-off ride, and can't contain my joy at seeing him punt some backmarkers off too. Were the marshalls not waiving the proper flags or was it hard to see in the rain? Perhaps both, but still what a great win for Lanzi.

This guy is really great in the wet, and once he substituted a wet race for the Factory Ducati Corsa on the 999, he was doing fantastic...I believe he was swapping with Haga (R1). That year L. Lanzi was racing the 749. Sadly, he eventually faded away from the top series because he resemble somewhat a Latin version of Ant West.

And they are still on my "underdogs" list to cheer for!

I'd never heard of him; one of the best wet rides I've seen though, very smooth. Look forward to seeing what he can do in the dry.

Its a shame, but I almost knew Lowes would bin-it; I hope he can find the extra bit in his riding that means you're still fast but stay on the bike more.

You have to get points, becuase points mean prizes; what do points mean??

Lanzi is a strange one - in one race he can be up the front absolutely smashing the rest of the field, and in the next he is lost in the midpack. He was very impressive when he was on the 999 but his erratic performances caused Ducati to give up on him.

It was a great pleasure to watch Lanzi win the Supersport race at Assen. I agree with v4racer in his assessment of him, but he has world class potential if he can find consistency. It was also strange to hear another poster say he has never heard of him, I must be getting old. What a remarkable achievement to win the race, figuring it was his first ride on a 600, likely the first time on the new track, lousy weather and in what, 21st position on the grid? He looked super smooth, but at the same time scary when in the closing minutes of the race he was still grabbing the throttle as if someone was on his tail. I've wondered where or what he was up to and it would be wonderful news if this event is the start of a successful comeback into racing. He has the talent. I remember in one race where he allowed his team mate Troy Bayliss to pass him so Troy could earn an extra point or two. That was the first time I have ever witnessed that happening, he purposely waved him by. There were also times where he dominated the field on the 999, but again, it wasn't consistant. I wish him the best and congratulate him on an outstanding performance in rough conditions at Assen.