Colin Edwards Breaks Collarbone At Estoril

Colin Edwards has broken his left collarbone in a crash during qualifying for the Portuguese MotoGP round at Estoril on Saturday. The NGM Forward rider was knocked off his bike in the latter part of qualifying practice, as he cruised around off the racing line. Randy de Puniet lost the front of his Power Electronics Aprilia machine, which slid along the track and hit Edwards' Suter BMW. Edwards fell heavily, suffering a mild concussion and injuring his collarbone in the fall. De Puniet was taken to the medical center, where he was diagnosed with bruising to his finger, and general soreness.

Edwards was taken to a local hospital for observation, where he was judged to be well enough to sleep in his own motorhome. He is expected to be flown to Barcelona tomorrow for surgery to fix the collarbone by Dr Mir, the same surgeon who operated on him after he broke his collarbone in a serious crash in Barcelona in 2011. With just two weeks until the next round of MotoGP at Le Mans, it is too early to say whether the Texan will race in France, though as Le Mans was one of the tracks where Edwards has historically been strong, he is sure to want to come back as soon as possible.

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Edwards was off the racing line when Rdp came through. Most definately not done on purpose, but one does wonder if Mr. DePuniet is able to control his bike. He's done this sort of thing before (I can't remember the exact details). It will be interesting to see if this develops at all. CE is usually pretty gracious in most cases, but if someone's out of control and causes a problem, he's not too forgiving (remember DeAngelis taking him and Hayden down at one of the Italian rounds...he had some choice words..odd now, that they're team-mates of sorts). Anyway, speedy recovery to Edwards...he doesn't need this right now. That messy conglomeration of parts he rides around the track needs serious help. Any speculation on who might ride the LeMans round if--God forbid--he has to sit it out? They'd need to be a "front-end" rider, whoever it is.

He certainly does make the first corner charge that bit more interesting, he's got pace though, if colin doesn't recover by Le mans i could see them sticking Alex on it for one round, its not as if he's going to be fighting for the moto2 championship this year.... anyway, speedy recovery to colin

I might be wrong but from my memory Colin didn't break his collarbone in Malaysia. He "only" dislocated his shoulder and had some issues with his humerus. If I remember correctly he broke the collarbone in some spring race.

You are right, my memory was playing tricks on me. I've corrected the story now. Thanks! 

I was in anger when the incident happened when I was watching the Qualifying session but this is the risk these guys are putting up with, to give us our cravings - racing. It could happened to anybody. Brief moments later I chill cuz I realised tough old Colin just gonna shrugged it off and brush it as a racing incident.

Get well soon Colin!