2012 World Superbike Championship Standings After Round 6, Miller Motorsports Park

1 Max BIAGGI ITA 160.5  
2 Marco MELANDRI ITA 142.5 -18
3 Tom SYKES GBR 142.5 -18
4 Jonathan REA GBR 141 -19.5
5 Carlos CHECA ESP 130.5 -30
6 Leon HASLAM GBR 103 -57.5
7 Sylvain GUINTOLI FRA 95 -65.5
8 Eugene LAVERTY IRL 86 -74.5
9 Davide GIUGLIANO ITA 64 -96.5
10 Jakub SMRZ CZE 61.5 -99
11 Michel FABRIZIO ITA 46 -114.5
12 Leon CAMIER GBR 42.5 -118
13 Chaz DAVIES GBR 39 -121.5
14 Ayrton BADOVINI ITA 34 -126.5
15 Maxime BERGER FRA 30.5 -130
16 Hiroshi AOYAMA JPN 30.5 -130
17 Niccolò CANEPA ITA 25 -135.5
18 Lorenzo ZANETTI ITA 25 -135.5
19 Joan LASCORZ ESP 17 -143.5
20 Loris BAZ FRA 11 -149.5
21 Leandro MERCADO ARG 9 -151.5
22 David SALOM ESP 9 -151.5
23 John HOPKINS USA 8 -152.5
24 Peter HICKMAN GBR 7 -153.5
25 Bryan STARING AUS 6 -154.5
26 Mark AITCHISON AUS 3 -157.5
27 Joshua BROOKES AUS 1 -159.5

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hasn't blasted into the lead and taken away. He should start seriously thinking about doing that before Biaggi finds an extra tenth of two and suddenly wins a lot of races.

Checa sure has some guys to keep his eyes on!

If Kawasaki finds a way to make the tyres last - and if BMW has an answer, then surely it's just a matter of time until Kawasaki does - then Sykes might be the man to bet on.

However, Checa, Biaggi and Melandri and Rea are all still on form with bikes that have got the performance to win races every time they take to the track.

I predict a few classic WSB races before this season is decided!

I think BMW's problem was in the front. There were a lot of front-end crashes on that thing in the past couple of years. Kawi seems to eat rear tires.

But yeah, I suspect a couple of barn-burners might be in the works ... ;)

what's the deal with Honda? I mean, besides the fact that it hasn't really been updated for years (besides the drive by wire that debuted last year). Rea's been making that bike look a lot better than it actually is.

I wonder if Melandri hasn't broken Haslam's will. Poor Leon spends a year hurling that BMW into the weeds trying to get the company's first WSBK win. Then some new guy who's about 3'11" wanders into the pits with a supermodel girlfriend, puts up in the first race a better result than Haslam ever did, then gets BMW's first TWO wins - and the first one in Haslam's back yard. Ouch. That's gotta hurt.