Scot Honda Courting De Angelis For MotoGP Ride?

As we wrote just yesterday, the question of the 7th Honda on the 2010 MotoGP grid is yet to be settled. That bike is currently being fielded by Scot Honda, with Gabor Talmacsi riding it, but the Hungarian has been circulating at the back now for some time. Though Talmacsi was a latecomer to the series, only making the switch from the 250cc class at Barcelona after falling out with the Balatonring 250cc team earlier in the year, Honda's patience is starting to wear thin. Talmacsi has blamed his poor performance on the lack of an official HRC technician in the garage, as Dovizioso had when he rode the bike, but suspicion has continued to mount that the leap from the 125 class (Talmacsi rode just three races on the Aprilia RSA 250 before leaving the team) to MotoGP is just too large to make in one go.

For some time now, rumors have been emerging that HRC will give the RC212V currently being fielded by Scot Honda to Team LCR instead, expanding the team's presence on the grid from one to two bikes. When asked at Estoril about who would get the 7th Honda, a spokesperson for HRC told that no decision had yet been taken, which seemed to imply that support for the Scot Honda project was slipping.

But the team is now fighting back, in an attempt to hold on to its place on the MotoGP grid. According to reports in Motocuatro, Scot is in negotiations with Alex de Angelis to ride for them in 2010. Scot is angling for sponsorship from the Republic of San Marino, the tiny and beautiful city state inside Italy from which De Angelis hails. It appears that HRC's approval of this new Scot Honda project depends entirely on whether Scot receives the financial backing from San Marino. De Angelis has proved his mettle with his podium at Indianapolis, but the man from San Marino has also gained a reputation for being a wild and unpredictable rider. De Angelis took out both Colin Edwards and Nicky Hayden in the first corner at Misano, and then ran into the back of Hayden again at Estoril. There is no doubt that De Angelis is fast, he just needs to curb his enthusiasm a little.

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He has progressed well this season. Yes he's made a couple of bad blunders, but none malicious in intent. At one stage or another every one of them has taken another down. Alex is young and learning still - he's impressed me. Let's hope we still have him to watch in the 2010 premier class.

Motorcycles fall over if you don't go fast