Bridgestone To Supply Four Additional Hard Tires At Mugello

Bridgestone is to bring four extra rear tires to Mugello. After the problems at Assen, where several riders suffered chunking and severe tire degradation, MotoGP's sole tire supplier announced that they would be building a special tire with a stiffer construction for Mugello, to cope with the potent combination of high speed and very high temperatures that prevail at the Italian circuit. The four rear tires will be additional to the original allocation of ten rear tires allowed under the rules. A change to the rules made earlier this year allows Bridgestone to alter the allocation if they believe it is necessary.

The problems at Assen had been caused by a combination of higher than expected temperatures, the new, slightly softer construction of the tires, and the greater torque generated by the 1000cc MotoGP machines. Those problems have prompted Bridgestone to review the tires to be used at Mugello, but the Japanese tire company has also announced that they will review the remainder of the rounds to see if the tires originally selected at the beginning of the season will still be sufficient to cope with the circumstances, based on the data collected so far.

Below is the press release from Bridgestone announcing the extra tires:

Bridgestone to supply special construction tyres at Mugello

Thursday 12 July 2012

In the interest of ensuring maximum rider safety at this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix, Bridgestone will supply special construction rear tyres at Mugello.

In addition to the regular allocation of ten rear slick tyres, each rider will be supplied with four tyres in this special construction which are specifically developed for circuits that generate exceptionally high tyre temperatures, such as Sachsenring and Phillip Island where they have been in use for many years.

These additional special construction tyres will be supplied in the hard compound, meaning the harder rear slick tyre will be available in both the regular and special construction, while the medium rear slick tyre will be supplied in just the regular construction.

Hiroshi Yamada – Manager, Bridgestone Motorsport Department

“Bridgestone has decided to supply riders with special construction rear tyres at Mugello as a safeguard against excessively high tyre temperatures. This additional supply of tyres has been welcomed by the Safety Commission, Dorna, the FIM and all the MotoGP teams. As always, we will monitor track conditions and examine the tyres used throughout the race weekend, and will work closely with teams to ensure the utmost safety for all the riders.

“Additionally, taking into account the lessons we have learned from last month’s Dutch TT, we will also revise our tyre severity ratings for each circuit to determine if special construction rear tyres need to be supplied at any other MotoGP rounds.”

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This should be welcome news in the Repsol camp if these are actually the same tires used at Phillip Island. We might have a real barnburner of a race!

There was no way Bridgestone could risk catastrophic tire failure at a hot,monstrous and beautifull circuit like Mugello. They had to consider the Nakano blowout years back after this years Assen debacle for Spies and Rossi.
Good on them. The possibility of record + 350 km/hr speeds exists and I would hate to be in their shoes,should tire failure of a disastrous magnitude strike any rider on that immense piece of tarmac.

In other words, the Assen post-mortem suggested that there was more to the story than warm weather and 'improperly' set up suspension...