2012 Mugello MotoGP Race Result: One Man Reigns, Battle Behind Thrills

Results of the Italian Grand Prix for the MotoGP class at Mugello:

Jorge Lorenzo has sealed a dominant weekend with an imperious victory. The Factory Yamaha rider shook off an early challenge from Dani Pedrosa to win by sufficient margin to start to celebrate on the final lap. Lorenzo's win extends his lead in the championship still further, to 19 points over Pedrosa.

Lorenzo led almost from the start, taking the lead from Dani Pedrosa on the way out of the first corner. But he did not run away from the very first lap, as many had expected based on his practice times. Pedrosa settled into 2nd, but would not hold it for long, Andrea Dovizioso taking the Spaniard through the Casanova/Savelli combination. The Italian gave chase to Lorenzo, but though the Factory man could not easily escape, Dovizioso could not catch him either.

The Tech 3 man had his own concerns, with Dani Pedrosa snapping at his heels and eager to get past and give chase. The distraction was just enough for Lorenzo to burn off some of the fuel in his tank and settle into a rhythm, turning up the pace to break Dovizioso on lap 6. Shortly after, Pedrosa was also past Dovizioso, but the gap was enough to hold on. Pedrosa gave chase until the halfway mark, but from then, he had to concede defeat. Pedrosa's chase used up his rear tire, and eventually he had to let Lorenzo go. Lorenzo went on to win in utterly convincing style, Pedrosa coming home unthreatened in 2nd.

The battle for 3rd turned into a real thriller. Once Dovizioso lost touch with Pedrosa, he soon fell prey to Stefan Bradl, the LCR Honda having an outstanding race in Mugello. Bradl pushed Dovizioso hard, getting past the Italian on lap 10, when the Tech 3 man outbraked himself into Turn 1. Dovizioso would not be denied at his home race, however, and though Bradl put up a valiant challenge for his first podium in MotoGP, Dovizioso was through at the first corner with three laps to go. Dovizioso took his third podium finish in a row, while Stefan Bradl scored his best result of his rookie season, coming home in 4th.

Both Dovizioso and Bradl were lucky, for the Ducatis of Nicky Hayden and Valentino Rossi and the Tech 3 Yamaha of Cal Crutchlow caught them at the end. Hayden had been 5th for most of the race, and in an attempt to score his best result of the year, the American dived past Stefan Bradl on the last lap. The effort was too much, Hayden running wide and losing a lot of ground. That allowed Valentino Rossi to come past and take 5th, ahead of Cal Crutchlow in 6th, and Nicky Hayden finishing 7th.

Casey Stoner crossed the line in 8th, after a disastrous race in many respects. After a mediocre start, the Repsol Honda man was soon chasing down Bradl and Hayden, but outbraked himself into Correntaio on lap 10, running off and through the gravel. He rejoined in 10th behind Alvaro Bautista, eventually catching him a few laps later. Though he was faster than Bautista, he could not get past, having to resort to a very harsh pass on the Spaniard, diving up the inside at Poggio Seco after Bautista left him the merest hint of a gap, which the Spaniard immediately closed. Stoner's wheel hit Bautista's leg, the San Carlo Gresini rider force wide, allowing the Australian through. A few laps later, he was also past Hector Barbera, and ending in 8th, with Barbera in 9th and Bautista in 10th.

Lorenzo's victory gives him a comfortable margin in the championship over Pedrosa, leading his countryman by 19 points. Stoner's miserable weekend made his title defense incredibly difficult, now trailing Lorenzo by 37 points. There are still 9 races to go, but with Lorenzo in his current form, this will be very difficult indeed.


Pos. No. Rider Manufacturer Time Diff
1 99 Jorge LORENZO YAMAHA 41'37.477
2 26 Dani PEDROSA HONDA 41'42.700 5.223
3 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO YAMAHA 41'48.142 10.665
4 6 Stefan BRADL HONDA 41'48.188 10.711
5 46 Valentino ROSSI DUCATI 41'49.172 11.695
6 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW YAMAHA 41'49.537 12.060
7 69 Nicky HAYDEN DUCATI 41'49.712 12.235
8 1 Casey STONER HONDA 42'08.094 30.617
9 8 Hector BARBERA DUCATI 42'09.205 31.728
10 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA HONDA 42'12.066 34.589
11 11 Ben SPIES YAMAHA 42'35.339 57.862
12 14 Randy DE PUNIET ART 42'37.440 59.963
13 41 Aleix ESPARGARO ART 42'48.677 1'11.200
14 77 James ELLISON ART 42'48.935 1'11.458
15 54 Mattia PASINI ART 42'49.305 1'11.828
16 22 Ivan SILVA BQR 42'02.684 1 lap
Not Classified
5 Colin EDWARDS SUTER 19'37.380 13 laps
68 Yonny HERNANDEZ BQR 16'52.102 14 laps
9 Danilo PETRUCCI IODA 5'44.611 20 laps
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I could not believe Stoner's pass on Bautista-more of a "barging" maneuver. Looked like a very dangerous and desperate move. Surely if it had been the other way round, we would never hear the end of it. I think Race Control should be having a serious talk with Stoner.

I don't think Lorenzo would see it that way - in fact he's probably taking a case of beer around to Stoner's motorhome right now : )

Very atypical pass for Stoner, I'd say the stewards will not be too concerned about it - it certainly wasn't enough to send Bautista down.

Great ride by Jlo and Dovi, Bradl and Rossi, looked to be in about 12th after the first corner to comeback to fifth was pretty good.. The race is always on sunday.. 

I'm not sure that I would agree that Hayden overdid it - He passed Bradl cleanly then Bradl dove back under him at the next corner, forcing Nicky wide. Sad to see him finish behind Rossi and Cal as he deserved a 5th or better today

I agree, but that 7th was better than just sitting on Bradl to finish 5th. He made a good pass and knew Bradl would come back. At least Bradl only forced him wide rather than taking them both out. Nick did good those last laps to stick it in there. He had to try and Bradl had to try and come back on him. No doubt, the Duc's are better. Can hardly wait for Laguna. It's going to be a war, and Nick will be in the middle of it.

Deserves the Factory Yamaha. He's clearly shown his quality on the Tech 3. He's consistently faster than Spies and is sitting 4th in the points, the highest non-Factory bike.

Even as a long time Spies fan I agree. I'm convinced now that Spies needs another team, colors, or something to be able to turn his luck/results around.

Though I would prefer to see Rossi return to the Yamaha Factory team, I agree Dovi is making a very strong case for himself. Keeps getting stronger, while Cal seems to be fading a bit.

Poor Spies has fallen off completely. Just read something about him having stomach cramps and nausea. Whether true or not, it is ridiculous to be placing a factory Yamaha in 11th. The team would be leading the championship if Dovi or even Cal were on that bike. Wish Yamaha could do with him what Aspar just did with Elias...

I don't think Cal is fading, remember he still has a broken ankle as well. While he has been very good this year, better than most expected, there are some quite clear strengths and weakneses to his riding. He has very good and consistent speed, he is aggresive but he has been a poor starter relatively and he seems to struggle to get passed other riders who are runing a similar pace. So today he lost palces off the start and then couldn't find a way past Rossi as the Duc was too fast in a straight line and it had Rossi on it. It loked as though he could have run a faster pace than Rossi if he had a clear track but they way it turned out he just followed in round for the whole race.....

We all knew that Jorge is strong here. So victory was expected. Dani in second was also expected. But fight Dovi/Bradl ... impressive. Rossi was strong again. Holding off Cal and closing on Hayden. I hope ducati makes some progress soon.

About Casey... is it just me or he is loosing his patience? Was that fall in Sachsenring enough to throw him off?

I reckon it was just a bad weekend for Stoner. Don't think it was connected to Sachsenring.

In fact, I thought he seemed quite Zen-like after the Sachsenring fall - whereas I expected him to be furious.

These two weekends have certainly put a big dent in his title challenge though. I expect him to still win a lot of races this year, probably more than Dani - but if Jorge calls his shots well, I think he has enough of a lead to ride it out with consistency. Wins where he can, and solid podiums everywhere else.

Dani is running well at the moment, but in my opinion he is the most susceptible of the three to losing his mojo after a set-back. A crash, or bad race, and I think he'll fold. Would be good to be proven wrong though.

I am big fan of Dani, but I agree with you. After so much bad crashes.... I am afraid for him every race. But he look better then ever. So I can hope he is in the zone. He has really tough competition in Casey and Lorenzo. And until Sachsenring he did not do that well. He was mentally strong enough to pull the win against Casey. So I think that only thing that can really put him off to fight for championship is bad crash where he brake something.

I know most of the people are discarding him, but I still believe he can give Casey run for his money with little luck from his body (not braking apart at every little crash).

We will see.


That was a marginal move by Bradl. Asme can be said about Stoner. Though Stoner's move wasn't just a stupid mistake or racing incident. Also imo, Bradl was overly aggressive with Hayden. Both should have a finger waved in their direction.

There wasn't much wrong with Bradl's move IMO. If race direction started waving their finger at everyone who made a move like that then the riders would loose all respect for RDs judgement. It was tough but fair pass the put Hayden off his line. Stoner on the other hand was either being impatient or had trouble with braking or corner entry grip and put his bike where there wasn't enough space for it.

Jorge was untouchable all weekend, and no surprise at the way in which he won. He just needs to keep his nerve and stay out of trouble and I'm pretty sure this season is his (assuming that new Honda doesn't give them -0.5 secs a lap....)

Dovi deserves that factory ride, even if Ben was ill today. He's in form, so give him the chance.

Those saying Casey should be penalised need to get real. It was a mistake, but happens all of the time. Overzealous, but it happens. On the whole, he's one of the most clean & decisive passers out there.

Hayden deserved to finish first Ducati. In fact, Bradl's move on Hayden was pretty much the same as Casey's on Bautista. If Hayden hadn't have picked the bike up, they would have touched also.

I don't think we should be particularly celebrating a dry-race best from Rossi. An out-of-place Stoner, and unlucky Hayden gave him 2 places. Business as usual from the Man In Yellow.

I disagree. The Ducati is definitely better now than just a couple weekends ago. They were down on the leader by only 12 seconds at the end. Usual is 25 seconds. The tire is even lasting longer. Laguna and Indy will be interesting. Nick is going to be good. So is Vale.

You maybe right, but my thoughts on the smaller gap are that the track levels the field a little.

1) There are a lot of long flowing corners - few late braking apex charges, which trouble the Ducati's front end so much.
2) Long flowing corners mean less aggressive use of the tyre looking for traction on the corner exits - less tyre wear problems.
3) A long straight that allows the Ducati to use it's high straight line speed.

Mugello has the elements which suit the Ducati - less of a stop and start circuit and more flowing. Added to that, it is Ducati's main testing circuit, so they have many testing and setup KMS there, if they didn't do well at Mugello they would really be up the creek.

I wouldn't celebrate either but he was 10th on the Grid a made a bad start I'd say there was a lot more than luck in his 5th place finish. What happened to Nicky wasn't bad luck, he passed Bradl and left him enough place for Bradl to get back in front pushing him wide. I do agree this no sign of progress for Ducati though, the bike has been design for this track.

... that Rossi had a good race. I think he did well in difficult circumstances.

Also, I don't necessarily think that Hayden was unlucky in the Hayden/Bradl incident - just that he was unlucky not to finish higher given his great race up to that point.

You cant call mistake from the rider in front good luck for rider behind. I mean, if Lorenzo would crash coz his own mistake, then win from Dani would not been good luck. Mistake from Casey going to fast on bad setup and mistake from Hayden (he told that he was going full on at the end, no matter what) is their decision. It is brave, but you can not call 5 place from Rossi good luck. Both rider have made mistake, Rossi did not. Nothing lucky about it.

My view.


IMO, casey's move on bautista was not really dangerous. yes it was a bit harsh but many such passes have been made in the history of motogp. this is just really a racing incident. even bautista would probably approve that there wasnt really any danger in that pass. chances of either or both of them crashing over was very small from what i can say from my TV watching. next i'd hear people saying bradl's pass on nicky was questionable. a few harsh passes like that are a regular routine in every moto2 and moto3 races. but yes, had this been the other way around and someone doing a pass like that on stoner, we'd probably never hear the end of the complaining from him.

a bit sad for hayden though. until that moment of running wide after passing bradl, he rode really well. a bit of a bad luck for him that just around that time rossi and cal had closed the gap from him to just under a second. rossi looked pretty good today as well. i reckon at least some of the problems with his bike were resolved/minimized ? and really great ride by bradl and also dovi. as good as dovi rode in the last two races, his last two podiums were largely due to crashing out of jorge in assen and then casey in sachsen but this one today he totally earned it, no ifs and buts. i was equally supporting bradl for the podium, a bit more than i was supporting for dovi coz the kid's doing really good in his first season and today he really challenged for a podium and even held that position for several laps. ride worthy of a podium in principle.

lorenzo, well, was doing what he does best. he is the smoothest, most consistent and precise rider that i have ever seen. i shouted so loudly at him as to what the hell was he doing when he was waving the audience a few corners from the finish leaning and cornering over at 140kmph or so. what would he have done had he crashed out doing that due to a little imbalance on his one hand cornering and leaning so much like that lol ? killer confidence and style.

A simple question to all those who thought Stoner's (supposed) decision to 'win it or bin it' at Sachsenring was a great idea: How's that looking now?

In football there's such a thing as a 'professional foul'. Stoner needed to take a 'professional second place' in that race.

Now his title hopes are all but gone. He's now 37 points behind Lorenzo, with 9 races to go. That's a lot of points to make good against a guy like Lorenzo. Not impossible, but very, very difficult.

Just for comparison: If Stoner had taken that 'professional second place', he'd now have 168, and Lorenzo would have 181. 13 points is far more thinkable than 37.

I was one of those who lauded Casey's efforts to win the race at the expense of points. I would never make the argument that it was the smart play for one who is trying to win a championship; quite the contrary.

If I were a Stoner fan, dying for him to go out with another championship, I would not be happy about it.

No, I am looking at it very selfishly...as a fan who likes close racing, rather than watching a processional with a bunch of guys managing the race and trying to score points. And on that front, I'm still proud of Casey. In fact, I'm a little closer to being a Stoner fan than I was before Sachsenring.

....congrats to Jorge. He was in a league all his own today. Is the WC over? Well, Jorge doesn't make many mistakes and unless someone 'takes him out', the fat lady could be warming up!

Stoner: pushing hard and ran wide. Could he have caught those fighting for 3/4/5? Possibly, but we'll never know. What were his lap times prior/after his run off compared to those in 3/4/5?

Stoner's/Bradl's pass: hard, yes, but I saw nothing wrong w/either. It seems that some of you expect someone to make a pass without any issues, but that's extremely difficult when lap times are as close as these guys + pushing at 110% limit. Quite frankly, I thought both passes were great! Again, as David has posted in his write ups, look at what's happening back in 10th/Moto 2.

Spies: any info on his issues? If he keeps his seat and Dovi stays.....its NOT all about how fast you are now, is it?

Quite simply, Yamaha needs to protect the competitive integrity of MotoGP by rewarding Dovizioso with a factory ride in 2013. To this point in the season, he's absolutely earned it.

And if there's pressure to again sign Ben Spies -- who has absolutely not earned it (at some point, the excuses must be seen as having been all used up, and we've reached that point) -- then the Yamaha racing organization ought to accept the challenge to replace any money being supplied by e.g. Yamaha USA (as rumored).

Please, please do not offer new contracts to either Rossi or Hayden (nice weekend for Hayden, however -- shame about that last lap).

As an organization, it's time to recognize that you need to move on. As inspiration (if the competitive debacle of the last two years is not enough), look back to 2007, when you took a risk and signed Casey Stoner.

Again, as a rider pairing I suggest Crutchlow and Iannone. Overall, Crutchlow has been rather impressive on satellite machinery (less so recently, but Stoner was inconsistent and crash-prone as well), and seems like the kind of guy who could put the Ducati on the podium. And Iannone showed once again this weekend what a fast, smart, tough rider he is, winning against what is really a top caliber Moto2 field.

Think about it...

Caseys good races aside I can't think of a better weekend for Ducati in the dry? In the single tyre rule?? With both factory and even the lone satellite making a strong showing in qp. Of course it's ducatis test track but it's better and they are all better. Promising but as they say the closer you get the harder it is too find the time. Hope the new engine helps but no way presiozi got the frame right first attempt, going off Honda there is always room for improvement. Indeed I reckon casey has had more new parts than Rossi this year. No mention of just ride it from me though....;-)

Great race for the 3rd spot on the podium. Makes me wish the race had been 1 or 2 laps longer, but that would mean allowing more fuel, which eats into the catering budget for the hospitality units I guess.

Spies was suffering from food poisoning again!—how many times has this happened to him in the past 3 years!??!

So frustrating that on the last lap the official MotoGP TV feed focuses on the poor typography on Pedrosa's rump, and the crews waving on the pit wall, all the while there's a battle going on for spots 3 through 6!! Dorna's producer's really don't understand that there is exciting racing going on, its just they always decide to show something else.

Leave the bike rules alone and get new directors/producers for the TV feed!!

Interesting someone's mention of the kind of corners that prevail at Mugello, and that this is Ducati's test track. Certainly explains the issues Ducati has everywhere else where the corners are less flowing and involve more braking. Hayden was obviously going to win it or bin it to get past Bradl and possibly Dovi. I really hope Ducati finds a spot for him next year, even if its on a satellite team.

And kudos to Crutchlow, because as someone else reminded us, he's only a few weeks off breaking his ankle!!! I broke mine mountainbiking years ago and I can't imagine doing what he's doing this soon afterwards, especially since it's his gear changing foot. He is truly hardcore gnarly!!!

I totally agree with the TV direction.

Look at Sunday for example, no-one is near 1st or 2nd; take it as ‘read’. But there is an almighty race for 3rd - 7th. What do they do? Show teams jumping up and down (must include the 'fruity' girlfriend BTW), Lorenzo air-punching, the crowd, anything but the actual real action. By the time they cut back to the track it’s all over and 3rd – 7th are across the line and slowing down. Totally missed Crutchlow’s overtake on Hayden (Nicky must be getting fed up with that from CC).

Why they hell do Dorna think this is anything other that really BLOODY INFURIATING, I want to see the race!!!!

It has me spitting my tea out.

It’s the same with WSBK, can we have a campaign?

I had absolutely no problem with Stoner's pass. It was aggressive, but not so aggressive it needs to be addressed by RD. The issue is, had the roles been reversed, Casey would be howling and whining like crazy, as is his MO lately. Don't dish it if you can't take it.

I was happy to see Hayden go for it. He was on he ragged edge, there were at least two instances where I thought for sure he'd be off in the kitty litter. No problem with Bradl's repass, either. Hayden took a chance, Bradl fought back, that's what makes great racing. Sucks Nicky was relegated to 7th, but I'd rather that than him hang back for a safe 5th.

That Spies soldiered on despite food poisoning tells me he still has heart, even if it wasn't the brightest thing he's done. He still has potential, but he's had a run of incredible bad luck this year. It happens. If it costs him his factory ride, I'll be kinda bummed, but I'd understand. Dovi deserves a factory ride, that much is obvious. We've seen him in this situation before, so maybe he'll have better luck this time around as a result of Spies' bad luck.

Which means we could see another All-American Tech3 team next season with Spies and Hayden. I kinda like that scenario. The satellite Yams have been consistently competitive, and if Yamaha USA ponies up some cash for factory equipment? That scenario could cause the Repsol Honda bosses to lose some sleep, I'd bet...