New World Superbikes rules for 2013: Lights, Cameras, Action!

Starting next year, all bikes in World Superbikes will start to resemble road bikes just a little more. With the introduction of 17" wheels and headlight stickers, the class takes a step back closer to the "race on Sunday, sell on Monday" ethos of production racing. In a move popularised by US Stock Car racing (NASCAR), headlight stickers will be glued to the front of each bike to make them look like street legal bikes without mirrors. Kawasaki have already adopted these stickers and their bikes will be wearing them on TV later today.

The 17" wheels and tyres will be tested for the first time on Monday at the official Pirelli test at Aragon, and they are being introduced in 2013 as a cost-cutting measure as well as making the bikes looking more like their road-going brethren. 
With CRTs and Honda selling racers in MotoGP, these additional differentiations put more distance between the two classes and remind viewers that these are indeed two distinctly separate classes.

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Will they force them to put faux license plates?

It's a stupid move.

I'm really starting to fear for the sanity of racing bodies.

Headlight stickers...maybe next we can have pace cars and 'entertainment' cautions.

Maybe we should get rid of those pesky right turns, too.

This is the kind of stupidity I expect from MotoGP, not world supers.

Ok, the head light sticker thing looks stupid in NASCAR and even worse on a WSBK to me.

But as a club racer (, who races on Pirelli's let me say, I'm thrilled to see WSBK move to 17" rims. Means Pirelli will be focusing all their development on 17" vs. 16.5" which means even better rubber for me! It's a brilliant cost cutting measure IMHO which will actually help the average rider on the street & track.

And the R&d costs can be clubbed with commercial production R&D for saving taxes.its a win/win for the street rider and Pirelli. I loved the Sport Demon that I had on my bike.