Indianapolis Crashfest Update: Hayden Out, Spies In, Stoner Still Uncertain

After the mass of crashes during qualifying for both the MotoGP and Moto3 classes, the toll taken on the field is not as bad as at first feared. In MotoGP, Casey Stoner, Nicky Hayden and Ben Spies all suffered massive highsides in Turn 14, one of the final corners before the front straight. All three had the rear slide and then grip on the treacherous asphalt in that section of the track, and were flung off and came down heavily. Casey Stoner came off with the worst physical injuries, tearing the ligaments in his right ankle, while Nicky Hayden suffered a concussion and bruising to his arm. Ben Spies came off best, badly bruised and marked but otherwise unhurt.

All three men were taken to the Indianapolis Methodist Hospital for further examination, with Ben Spies being the first rider to be released back to the paddock. Spies is likely to race on Sunday, his injuries not being sufficiently serious to prevent him. The same cannot be said for Nicky Hayden: the factory Ducati man had a CAT scan on his head and his arm x-rayed. The Kentuckian was insistent he will race, but will not be able to race tomorrow after two fractures were found in his right hand. Hayden had also shown signs of confusion when he arrived at the medical center, having no memory of the crash and believing he had crashed at the same time as Casey Stoner.

The fate of Stoner is unknown at this moment. He was first feared to have fractured his ankle, but initial scans showed no fractures, with some damage to the ligaments in his right ankle. He is currently still undergoing checks at hospital, with the Repsol Honda team saying they will issue a press release later in the evening, once they have more information.

The Moto3 crashers included Alex Marquez, Jack Miller and Hector Faubel. Marquez came off best, suffering only scrapes and bruises, but Jack Miller broke his collarbone - the third time this has happened this year - and Faubel was taken to hospital suffering bruising to the stomach, left side and elbow. Faubel was given the all clear at the hospital, but will have to pass a fitness test in the morning.

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You forgot Danny Webb who also crashed in the Moto3 session. I hear on the grapevine that he's battered & bruised but should be ok to race.

Danny was diagnosed with a broken right arm this morning so wasn't able to race. Get well soon mate!

Head injury always the most to be concerned about. A shame Nicky had such a bad crash at his home race, but happy to hear he will sit this one out and get right. Head injuries are the scariest, even in the case of a "clean" CAT an other associated tests, the brain still needs adequate recovery time from concussion...much longer than overnight. Get well Kentucky Kid

It's a shame Nick and possibly Casey are out. I never liked Indianapolis, just cobbled together infield of a oval track, almost entirely flat, crappy asphalt. It's not up to standards of the class.

Wouldn't mind if they drop it as long as Austin takes its place.

...let's get this straight, MotoGP needs to be in America, that's accepted. it also needs to be in other emerging markets,if for no other reason than to lose some of the Spanish obsession (four circuits is ok if they're big sell-outs but the last couple of seasons have seen previously unimaginable empty seating,and plenty of it).
But circuits, whether iconic, lucrative or politically correct, or not must stand or fall on the safety of the place and Indy has never cut it in this area.A rarely-used circuit configuration that is seemingly always treacherous is hardly suited to the pinnacle of two-wheeled motorsport is it?
The injuries are piling up and in the big class especially; the show is threadbare enough without going to places where the risks are high to start with. If the fundemental safety issues aren't guaranteed upfront - and yes, I accept accidents will always happen, but Indy has always had a surface/useage issue- then really, should we be going, glamorous, iconic or not?

It's not easy to exonerate casey when his teammate is on pole. Was it an electronics glitch. Apparently it wasn't even a fast lap...any ways hope they all get fit soon and fortunately from a self interest viewpoint at least the two title contenders and fastest this weekend are still in it.ducati another matter. Karel still not fit and clearly afraid to push the duke, two riders completely out and Rossi lucky to not get seriously injured last time out and clearly will not push the bike because he is aware that the risks far out weigh any reward. David, has the safety commity ever stepped in to prevent a manufacturer from competing??? The duke situ is way past a joke.. I'd contemplate sending them home till they reach a satisfactory level. Been a lot of talk and articles about Rossi on the duke about time we had an indepth on casey at Honda, considering the equipment his rep is taking just as a big a hammering as Rossi has get it being claimed as a great season what gives?? just what has gone wrong... Given his age and the honda it's hard to imagine Rossi or jlo in a similar plight.. Unlikely to get many stars for that viewpoint....