Saturday Images From Valencia

Sadly, our regular photographer Scott Jones couldn't make it to Valencia. Fortunately, we ran into Israeli TV commentator Tammy Gorali, who also happens to be a pretty mean snapper herself. She was kind enough to allow us to use some of the shots she took today during qualifying.

Hello knees, hello toes

Robot dancing attracts a particular kind of groupie

Andrea Dovizioso has a specially designed helmet on this weekend


A lost year. That's how Dovi described 2009

Jorge Lorenzo is pleased to be faster than his team mate this weekend

Randy de Puniet, with his leathers on this weekend

How does Fiat feel about Valentino driving a BMW?

He likes it though

Dovi pulls in

Bradley Smith, still waiting to hear what he's doing next year

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She's a pretty mean snapper?? really?


(sorry, couldn't help myself)

i was hoping to see some more of Scott Jones before the year was out, but good to see these pics from Tammy - always great to see some photos over the weekend as I don't have cable TV and no coverage aside from the actual race!

keep up the good work everyone!

(also, i have decided to take up robot dancing. hahaaha :P )