Maverick Vinales To Remain In Moto3 For 2013 Season, Moto2 For 2014

The Blusens Avintia team have announced that they have extended their contract with Maverick Vinales for the next two seasons. The deal will see the 17-year-old remain in Moto3 for the 2013 season, before moving up to Moto2 in 2014, complete with his entire crew.

The announcement had not been expected for a few weeks yet, but had to be brought forward once rumors emerged at Aragon that he was on the verge of moving up to Moto2. Instead of just issuing a denial, the team decided to make an official announcement on what their plans with Vinales were for the future. Vinales had originally planned to move up to Moto2 in 2013, but the Spaniard and his management felt that taking another shot at moving up as champion was the most sensible move to make.

Vinales was pleased with the move, the Spaniard said in a press release issued by the team. "I am very happy with the decision we have made. It's important to understand that it is not easy, and that the attraction of moving up a category is always present. But I think we made the right decision. I'm very young, I have a lot of opportunities to achieve the objectives I have set for myself in Moto3,  and I think I have plenty of time to move up to Moto2. I will be staying with the team and with the people I have grown up as a rider with, who I enjoy being with, I really believe this is a luxury."

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So, he pretty much conceded the 2012 championship is lost, right? ... In any case, probably a wise decision. With Cortese moving up to Moto2 Maverick should be the clear favorite next year.

....... be the only person who is happy to read this ?

MV is a great talent who is so in bed with Repsol already that he will be moving into Moto2 / GP with the best backing so it matters not when.

Good luck to him and the team.

He is only just 17. So no need to rush into a higher class. Better stablize in Moto3 and form a good basis for the future.