Repsol Honda Team Launch, 2013: Pedrosa and Marquez Presented, Suppo Elevated To Team Director

Repsol Honda has unveiled the new livery they will be wearing for the 2013 MotoGP season. In a ceremony at Repsol's Madrid headquarters, Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez revealed the new color scheme the Repsol Honda team will be running. It is somewhat of a departure from recent years, the basic red, white, orange and black colors remaining, but with white playing a much more prominent role in the color scheme. The paint job also contains a few neat details, such as the black and white stripes under the seat, which form part of the Honda wing logo.

Both Marquez and Pedrosa were optimistic about their chances during the event. HRC boss Shuhei Nakamoto was especially bullish, telling the meeting that the performance of Honda's RC213V during the latter half of the 2012 season gave him good hope for 2013, especially as the factory had had a much greater lead time to deal with the extra 3kg weight imposed for the 2013 season. The jump from 153kg to 157kg had caused HRC many problems during the first part of 2012, as they struggled to find a place to locate the weight.

One detail of interest in the structure of the team is the elevation of Livio Suppo to Team Director. Suppo had officially been head of marketing for the team for the past two years, but had had a major role in helping HRC Vice President Shuhei Nakamoto run the Repsol Honda squad. Suppo's promotion formalizes a situation that already existed on the ground, and clarifies the power structure inside the team. Suppo held a similar position at Ducati, before leaving to join Honda. Alberto Puig and Emilio Alzamora will act as personal advisers to their respective riders, Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez.

Photos of the team presentation and the official press releases are shown below:

The Repsol Honda team, with Repsol representatives. From left to right: Dani Pedrosa, Livio Suppo, Shuhei Nakamoto, Antonio Brufau, Begoña Elices, and Marc Marquez

Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez in the new Repsol Honda colors

The Repsol Honda RC213V in new colors
The new livery features more white than in the past.

Below is the press release issued by HRC after the Repsol Honda team launch, as well as a statement from the Repsol CEO Antonio Brufau, released by the Repsol Media Service:

Pedrosa and Márquez unveil new 2013 livery for the Repsol Honda Team

Today in Repsol's Headquarters in Madrid, Dani Pedrosa and Marc Márquez revealed the new look Honda RC213V for the 2013 season during a crowded Team Launch to the international media.

The exciting new graphic introduces a fresh style to the factory Honda Team who celebrate their 19th year in partnership with title sponsors, Spanish Oil and Gas giants, Repsol. Team riders for 2013, MotoGP runner-up Dani Pedrosa and Moto2 Champion Marc Márquez, dressed in the new team uniform provided by GAS, have enjoyed a long winter break, but both are eager to start the new season.

Shuhei Nakamoto, HRC Executive Vice-President was present in Madrid to introduce the riders and explain a new team structure for the coming season which will see Mr. Livio Suppo as Team Principal, Mr. Takeo Yokoyama as Team Technical Director and Mr. Hideki Iwano as Team Director. Former Technical Director, Mr. Shinichi Kokubu, will be the new HRC General Manager of the Technology Development Division.

Pedrosa and Márquez will have their first outing of 2013 when the team arrives in Malaysia for the first test, scheduled for the 5-7 February.

The Repsol Honda Team 2013 Media Site is now 'live', where you can access news and images on the riders and team. Please visit

Dani Pedrosa

“I am very happy to have been here at Campus Repsol today, and to have been the one unveiling the bike and its new livery. We had run with the old design for a long time and I think that now is a good moment for a change. This year's bike has a fresh touch to it, which can give us a boost at the races. I hope the fans like it too. I'm starting this preseason really keen, as at the Valencia test after the last race of 2012 we had so much rain that we couldn't do much. I can't wait to get to Malaysia and have a few days to put the bike through its paces, enjoy myself and see which parts we are going to use for the opening race"

Marc Márquez

“I have really been looking forward to this moment. I am very happy to have presented the new colour scheme for my move up from Moto2 to MotoGP. Seeing the bike painted with the Repsol and HRC logos makes you feel very satisfied with this new step forward —it makes you realise what a dream-come-true it is. I'm like a kid with new shoes! I enjoyed the atmosphere of the presentation a lot, and I was able to see that the press attention for MotoGP is light years ahead of that for Moto2. We'll adapt to this, little-by-little. In the end, the important thing is what happens on the track, so I can't wait for the Malaysia tests to start. I think that it was a very positive initiative to broadcast the presentation online, because I'm sure lots of fans would have liked to have attended t his event. I hope that they enjoyed it a lot"

Shuhei Nakamoto HRC Executive Vice-President

"In 2013 we will again have a very strong team - Dani comes into this season after a fantastic 2012 and with new motivation, Marc is a great talent and I'm sure it won't be long before we see him on the podium. I am excited about the new structure and everyone at HRC will continue to work hard in the bike's development to give both our riders the best chance of victory"

Livio Suppo Team Principal

"I'd like to thank HRC for their trust in me. I will do my best to merit my new role and hope to assist in the Team's success. I know that we can count on two very strong riders, a formidable machine, a great international crew and the great support of Repsol and all our sponsors. Together we will all do our best to keep the Repsol Honda Team at the top of MotoGP"

Hideki Iwano Team Director

"I am very happy to be working with the Repsol Honda Team again this year. I am confident that Dani will maintain his good momentum from 2012 and will fight hard for the title once again this season. Marc is a rookie in the MotoGP class but I am sure he will demonstrate his remarkable talent to us this season. As Team Director of the Repsol Honda Team, it is my job to provide an environment in which everyone can maximise their ability".

Takeo Yokoyama Technical Director

"I've been in the Honda family since 1996 and have learned a great deal. I have spent a lot of time working closely with Dani in the past few years and also with Shinichi Kokubu, who taught me a lot. I am very grateful to Honda Racing Corporation for giving me this opportunity, I am excited for what the future holds and hope that in 2013 we can recapture the Rider's Championship!"

Antonio Brufau

Repsol Chairman and CEO

"The Repsol Honda Team and the MotoGP World Championship are great ambassadors of our brand, and a great showcase for Repsol's values: Teamwork, technological innovation and the spirit of taking on a challenge. These values fit perfectly with the philosophy of Campus Repsol, and make our headquarters the ideal location for this presentation. Honda are a perfect partner at the highest level of competition —a world which allows us to develop our fuels and offer a better service to our clients. We face the 2013 season with two exceptional riders and the same excitement as on day one."

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I love the paint job. Now if Vroom introduced 90 % red on their bikes, I would have loved it more. The black numbers on Dovi and Spies' bikes looks great. Crazy Joe's schmaltzy yellow 29 sucks. He needs to lose it.
Back to topic. The HRC livery is visually splendid, as is their rider line up.

I'm really pleased for him. He's earned it. Had Ducati shafted the heirarchy back then,Stoner/Suppo and Gabarini would still be racking up podiums,poles and wins.
Preziosi would agree I'm sure as would Tardozzi. Anyway thats history.
Marc is filling big boots and he will I'm sure.
He's got Livio/Shuhei/Christian in his camp and the young bloke has earned it.

Marquez has grown a lot in the past couple of years. He is getting close to normal human size. Though he is still a skinny, lanky kid, same as all of the riders.

I think the new paint scheme looks great! A refreshing change to the established scheme whilst retaining the Repsol Honda identity. Plus the rider in their matching leathers hunched down on the bike makes for a very easily identifiable sight on track. Some are yawning, saying it hasn't changed that much, but sometimes small changes make a huge difference. Can't put my finger on it, but reminds me of an old retro 250cc.

Great change. Love it!

Those bikes are pure sex, absolutely gorgeous! The red does look a little pink to my eye but that could be the lighting. Also, what's with the brakes on 93, the carrier looks much bigger/thicker than DP's?

Man I'd love to take one for a spin just to get the smallest idea what they're capable of. A friend of mine is a moto journalist and I've always been jealous of his occasional end of season rides on a Moto GP bike.

Maybe it's just me but I think the start of this season will be especially exciting with all the changes. Probably the most anticipated being Marquez and Rossi, and Sepang is right around the corner!

Not sure exactly what the difference is, but the 2 bikes just have very different brake setups. Perhaps one is CF setup and the other a wet weather steel setup.

Either way, it's not just the carrier. The most obvious difference is the discs. They are completely different.

Have to say, i'm not really impressed or disappointed with the new livery, but the one thing I do like is the black/white stripe 'Honda wing' design around and below the seat area. That's a neat touch.

Rotor material on both bikes look like CF to me. You can see small imperfections in and along the edge of the #26 rotor, and they're also thicker than one would expect for steel. I could be wrong though. In any case the hi rez pics on this site are great, they reveal details not normally seen.

It looks like they are both carbon brakes but that DP bike may have a newer lighter version.

PS ... LOVE the new livery