Hector Barbera And His Girlfriend Sentenced After Altercation In Hotel

Hector Barbera and his 23-year-old girlfriend have both been convicted of assault in a summary justice procedure in the Spanish courts. An altercation between the couple in a hotel in Jerez got out of hand late Thursday night, resulting in physical violence between the two, leading to them both being convicted for assault. Barbera was given a sentence of six months, and his girlfriend, referred to in reports only by her initials D.P., received a sentence of five months, both of which were commuted to fourteen months' community service, Spanish media are reporting.

According to the reports in the Spanish press, Barbera and his girlfriend had elected to stay on in Jerez for a week, to visit the annual horse fair which started directly after the weekend of the Spanish Grand Prix. The couple had returned to their hotel in Jerez late at night, where a dispute had broken out between the two. According to respected Spanish daily ABC, the argument had started when Barbera's girlfriend D.P. had told the Avintia Blusens rider that she wished to end the relationship. The altercation grew heated, and according to D.P., Barbera grabbed her by the throat, upon which a scuffle between the two had broken out, and she then bit him. Friends of the couple were then called, and the incident reported to the police. D.P. went to hospital for a check up, but her injuries fortunately proved to be just bruising and a bump on the head where she had fallen.

On Friday morning, Barbera and his girlfriend appeared before a summary court set up especially to deal with domestic violence, which remains a serious problem in Spain. When convicting the couple of mutual assault, the judge found that the case was not one of gender-related assault, but merely an argument that had gotten out of hand, and resulted in the two parties both inflicting physical violence upon each other. 

The team has yet to issue an official statement on the case, but which Barbera sentenced to community service, his participation in the rest of the season should not be in jeopardy.

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I didn't report on Rossi's NASCAR adventure for the same reason I don't report on Stoner's V8 season. I don't write about cars, they do not interest me. I don't even own a car, it's two wheels only for me.

And as this event may have an effect on the future career of an active motorcycle racer, I have to report on it.

oh my gawd you did not just say that... genuine LOL moment though :)

...she also didn't like him trying to tuck in behind her... :\

Cracking job Hector. You're lady tells you she doesn't want to be with you anymore, so you grab her by the throat. Well done you. Never been a fan of him, even less now. I hope his ex gave him that black eye.

Well then, doubly interesting in light of Davids Jerez preview last week "controversially" covering not only gay politics in sport but misogyny in the Motogp paddock.

Must have gotten a tow to the courtroom on Dani's yacht.

Ba boom da. Try the veal.

Thank dog the SpanishGP, I mean the MotoGP, series will forgive one of their competitors.

Keep your **** and temper in check there Hanna Barbara

How many of you would get to keep your jobs if you were convicted of DV? Most would lose them. So should be the same for HB. Not as if he's anything special. Half the Moto2 grid could take his spot and do equally well.

..the only way Barberá can make headlines since he is MotoGP rider is with an embarrassing case of domestic violence. I cant´remember any other time when a Barberá headline had 10+ comments.

I had no much respect for Barberá before this incident; I have no respect at all for someone who mistreats women like him. He´s a sorry excuse for a man.

If domestic violence is a problem in Spain. I ask why the hell they sentenced his girlfriend as well. She broke up with him, he couldn´t handle it and he assaulted her. He grabbed her by the throat, what was she supposed to do? nothing?

Mutual assault? yeah right!

The team must sack him. No question.