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Here at, we love our jobs. We get to travel to the best tracks in some of the finest locations in the world, and write about and photograph world championship motorcycle racing. We get to share our passion for racing with all of you, our readers, by exploring the background of MotoGP and World Superbike racing, not by merely repeating what has happened, but by trying to explain exactly why it happened, and what it all means for the future. We are attempting to bring beauty and intelligence to motorcycle racing, through Scott Jones' stunning photographs, and incisive analysis of David Emmett, Jared Earle, Venancio Nieto Martinez, and others.

This is not easy, and it is very far from cheap. Fortunately, we have a strong group of supporters behind the site, who help to keep us afloat financially. But more of you are needed, to join the growing band of MotoMatters supporters who keep the site alive, and help make it what it is. You can help improve alive by following where others have led. You can help by taking out a subscription, and becoming a Site Supporter. You can help by buying merchandise, such as our Racing Calendar, or perhaps a T-shirt. You can even take the simple step of sending us money through a donation, however large or small the amount you would like to contribute.

Alternatively, if you are a company, you may want to join our advertising program, and reach one of the most dedicated motorcycle audiences on the web. If you want to reach and engage with a highly educated, highly literate audience, then drop us an email. If you have any doubts about the intelligence of the audience, read some of the many fascinating discussions which take place on the website in our comments section.

Join others in helping us make an even better place than it already is. We need you.

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I'd love to buy another T-shirt, but the one I already have is still going strong! You thinking of releasing a different design? You should get more variety in the shop, as I think you'd get plenty of sales.

"the one I already have is still going strong!"

Sell crap quality t-shirts :-)

I like mine too. Back design is cool.

Would love a new t-shirt design.....

And you're right, they are of superb quality.

Donated once again. Thanks David for the work you and your team do to make this great site!

Yes, I would gladly buy another t-shirt if you come up with a new design. Having said that, I could always go for a black one to compliment my existing grey.