2013 Barcelona MotoGP Race Results: Casualties Galore In Boiling Barcelona

Summary and results of MotoGP race:

Jorge Lorenzo has taken an emphatic victory in a crash strewn race at the Gran Premi de Catalunya. Having taken the hole shot, Lorenzo lead a breakaway group of five riders including Dani Pedrosa, Marc Marquez, Cal Crutchlow and Valentino Rossi in the early laps. Lorenzo, Pedrosa and Marquez began to edge away from Crutchlow and Rossi as the race progressed.

Lorenzo made his break with eight laps to go, putting the hammer down and building a gap of one second over Pedrosa which he maintained monotonously until the checkered flag. Pedrosa had to start worrying about the advancing Marquez behind him. The Repsol Honda riders fought a frantic battle in the closing laps, Marquez nearly crashing on several occasions, but the tenacious youngster refused to give up on making a pass on his more senior compatriot. Pedrosa eventually prevailed, crossing the line in second place, only heading Marquez by less than a tenth of a second.

Valentino Rossi finished a lonely race in fourth place ahead of Stefan Bradl who finished in a solid fifth. Bradley Smith earned a highly deserved sixth place, holding off Ducati's Andrea Dovizioso. Aleix Espargaro, Colin Edwards and Michele Pirro rounded out the top ten. 

The race was high in incident, starting out when Alvaro Bautista crashed at turn ten on the first lap, attempting to make a risky passing maneuver on Valentino Rossi, The Doctor was thankful that he wasn't taken out by the feisty Spaniard for a second race in succession. Andrea Iannone also crashed at turn ten with 21 laps remaining, desperately trying to keep up with Dovizioso. Cal Crutchlow joined the list of casualties, crashing while trying to hang on to the marauding top three. Unbelievably Nicky Hayden crashed out of fifth place a few corners later, trying to edge away from Stefan Bradl. There were no less than seven DNF's in total.


Pos. Num. Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha 43'06.479
2 26 Dani PEDROSA Honda 1.763
3 93 Marc MARQUEZ Honda 1.826
4 46 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha 5.874
5 6 Stefan BRADL Honda 26.756
6 38 Bradley SMITH Yamaha 32.228
7 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati 32.692
8 41 Aleix ESPARGARO ART 58.615
9 5 Colin EDWARDS FTR Kawasaki +1'03.142
10 51 Michele PIRRO Ducati +1'09.774
11 9 Danilo PETRUCCI Ioda-Suter +1'24.377
12 71 Claudio CORTI FTR Kawasaki +1'33.679
13 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ ART +1'45.355
14 67 Bryan STARING FTR Honda +1'50.745
15 77 Javier DEL AMOR FTR 1 Lap
16 52 Lukas PESEK Ioda-Suter 1 Lap
Not Classified
  8 Hector BARBERA FTR 10 Laps
  17 Karel ABRAHAM ART 15 Laps
  35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Yamaha 20 Laps
  69 Nicky HAYDEN Ducati 20 Laps
  29 Andrea IANNONE Ducati 21 Laps
  14 Randy DE PUNIET ART 24 Laps
Not Finished 1st Lap
  19 Alvaro BAUTISTA Honda 0 Lap
  70 Michael LAVERTY PBM 0 Lap


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Great race by Jorge Lorenzo. Does anyone know which engine Jorge was using, #4? Oh, congrats to Dani and Marc! Nice to see Rossi near the podium and shame about Crutchlow. Better luck next time!

Yes, the top three Yamahas are on their 4th engine and I think that, to make matters worse, Jorge has an engine he can't use anymore.

If Jorge was using his new engine for this race (engine #4), and Dani and Marc are still using the first two engines, than this Jorge's victory shouldn't be surprise at all! In fact, it would be surprise if he didn't won considering how much mileage Honda's engines have. Does anybody have any infos about this?

I don't mean to disrespect Jorge's victory today in any way! It was superb victory. I'm just thinking at loud.

What exactly do you think was wrong with the "old" Honda motors?

You are aware that Dani broke the qualifying record & they were running competitve trap speeds; so why would you assume that JL had some kind of advantage because he was using a fresh engine?

If anything he has a TREMENDOUS DIS-advantage if he was indeed using his 2nd to last motor..ie. he had to be careful not to explode it. DP & MM could take comfort in the knowledge that they have an embarrassment of riches in reserve engines.

'Begging to get banned, huh.'

No, not at all. I didn't think my original post was provocative at all. As I said, I'm just telling it as I see it. Ok, the last comment was a bit tongue in cheek, but not bad compared to some I've read over the years.

'It wasn't enough for David and the team to delete your useless comments. You had to come back and post again. Useless comments add nothing. Maybe you should consider a diffrent sport to watch and a diffrent website to visit.'

I thought my last deleted post had some merit. I do honestly think there can be only 3 potential winners of a MotoGP race and I do think Cal will hurt himself trying to keep up with the Spaniards on their superior machinery. I'm not happy about either point to be honest.

'I fully expect both yours and my comments to be deleted. As they should.'

Yeah well, you're probably right.

Comments get deleted for a number of reasons. Sometimes, they get deleted for the responses they generate, and it's easier to delete a post which is causing the argument - even though it may not necessarily deserve to be deleted - than to have to keep trimming the arguments that break out in the replies to that post. That's what happened to your post.

You have every right to both believe that this was a boring race, and to post that it is. But if petty arguments and name-calling breaks out because of that post, it is likely to get deleted. It is not fair, and not just, but there are only 24 hours a day, and it saves me a lot of time to err on the side of savage moderating. I can't spend all day weighing every post and trying to deserve whether to keep it or not, or editing it to make it acceptable.

Can you name any sport at the same level of MotoGP where more than 3 people have a realistic chance of winning? I think 3 is a good number, and it's a lot better than it has been in the past. We've had Doohan and Rossi dominating, and during most other time periods only 2 guys were fighting for wins.

That the three fast guys are Spaniards is perhaps not the best situation for the sport as a whole, but frankly I don't care much. They are the fastest guys on the track and seeing them fight for wins and the championship is how it should be.

On any given weekend? We know that either of the 2 Yamaha and Honda bikes could win and this is different to the Doohan years. With Rossi at his best there was always a rider on any weekend who could and would beat him. You're correct though, currently we are actually blessed with the possibility that any one of 3 or 4 riders could win on a weekend, something not seen in a while. There was a glorious period back just prior to the 990 class when there was a both factory and non factory 500's that could win any weekend, possibly because Doohan had just retired and that Rossi was still working up to the 500.

Wsbk does provide more opportunity to win to a greater number of riders and bikes, with BMW, aprilia, Kawasaki and even Honda able to provide a winning bike.

Well, I've given it some time and there's still plenty of races left for Rossi to prove me wrong. But after Barcelona, imho it is safe to say that fighting for 4th with Crutchlow for the "best of the rest"-medal is as far as Rossi can go at the moment.

Sad but true. He's had a track he obviously loves and a well sorted bike that was capable of winning, as Jorge proved impressively. He still couldn't manage to put down a fast enough lap in QP and he couldn't follow the three spaniards. There might still be room for improvement, provided Vale and JB still have something up their sleeves. But I'm not putting my hopes too high.

But then again, there's nothing wrong with that. At the current level these guys are racing at, I consider fighting for 4th to be pretty damn good already.

I agree. In the past Rossi would still be at the top even if his bike wasn't 100% to his liking. Not any more. If they can get him 100% comfortable he might be able to follow the top 3, but I think they have raised the bar too high for him to be a realistic championship contender this year. As Jeremy Burgess predicted many years ago, it would be young riders from the lower classes coming up to MotoGP that would beat him.

as Rossi began to drift back, but pleasantly surprised to see that he hung in there until the end and lacked just that little bit of pace that the top 3 had. His comments post-race put things into realistic perspective (and affirmation he isn't giving up) as the media and irrational observers spin his Yamaha re-acclimation in silly directions. Let's face it, against these competitors, Rossi can't just jump onto a new bike after 2 years of floundering and make them all look silly, ain't happening. It's gonna take tremendous effort, patience and some luck to be able to use the M1 at 101% like Lorenzo does nearly every round.

1. Jack Miller, loved it, would like to see him on a bike that is not giving away so much speed at the top end.

2. Rossi's instinct to know "Bautiste was there", and then run wide enough to allow him to 'escape the aftermath' was amazing. Show's why he won 9 world titles, he knows whom to avoid...

Best comment I heard was "Bautiste has completed 8/10ths more of a lap than he did last time". Just brilliant.

Can we have a minor shout for Javier del Amor and the Blusens team please?

Yes, I know he was some way off the pace and only in front of Lukas Pesek who'd fallen and remounted, but fair play for stepping onto the bike at zero notice to replace Hiroshi and notching up a point - admittedly aided by the crashes of others but surely a nice little achievement for a one-off ride. Blusens also spotted that he'd tested a GP bike before - for Laglisse I think - so it was a quick bit of thinking by them to get him aboard.