Suzuki Officially Announce Return To MotoGP - In 2015

Official confirmation of Suzuki's return to Grand Prix racing has come at last. This morning, Suzuki issued a press release announcing that they will be back in MotoGP. The bad news is that they will not return until 2015, deciding instead to spend a year developing the bike before mounting a serious challenge in the series in 2015.

As already reported, Davide Brivio is confirmed as the manager of Suzuki's team, while Randy De Puniet has been officially announced as the development rider for the bike. Nobuatsu Aoki will continue to do a lot of the donkey work in testing, in much the same role as Franco Battaini at Ducati. Both are capable riders willing to grind out the miles and test that everything is working correctly, while De Puniet, like Michele Pirro at Ducati, will try to get the bike up to race speed, to see where its weaknesses lie.

The decision to wait until 2015 makes decisions for riders a little more complex. Riders in the running for the Suzuki seat were informed last week of Suzuki's decision, giving them time to look for alternatives.

As yet, no reason has been given for Suzuki's decision to wait for another season. We hope to learn more from an official Suzuki representative later today. Whether the decision is related to Dorna's policy of having new teams fund their own entries, or whether it is related to the perceived performance deficit of the bike is unknown at this time.

Below is the official press release issued by Suzuki today:


Team Suzuki Press Office - June 17.

Suzuki Motor Corporation will return to FIM Road Racing Grand Prix MotoGP in 2015.

After two years suspension since 2012, Suzuki Motor Corporation has organised its test team to undergo more practical running tests at its advanced development stage and will participate in the official joint testing to be held at the Catalunya circuit in Spain. Through continuing running tests at the circuits inside and outside Japan for further development and refinement, Suzuki Motor Corporation will participate again in MotoGP racing from 2015.

Suzuki Motor Corporation will feed back advanced technology to be derived through MotoGP racing activity to develop further attractive production models.

The outline of testing team and racing machine to be developed are as follows:

Chief members of Europe testing team in 2013:

- Team manager: Davide Brivio

- Development rider: Randy De Puniet

MotoGP machine to be developed:

- 1000cc In-line four GP racer

Suzuki Motor Corporation

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Can't believe they've came so close,
You can see MotoGP owners point when this happens.
Are Suzuki just positioning............

I bet if they were within a second of the front runners theyd bring it up to 2014 :)

Thats quite a disappointment to say the least. Not that I see them having the $ to race for wins anyway.

Yesterday Dorna announced four extra grid slots for next year. Presumably, they had already heard Suzuki's announcement? (the public always being the last to find out)

Presumably they must be pretty confident about Pons, Marc VDS or someone else having the capability/desire/money to step up for next year by announcing that if they knew Suzuki wouldn't be filling two of the spots. Things will surely shake around a bit anyway with the 'production' racers coming in and the CRT naming being tweaked to whatever it will be.

The fact that the grid looks like swelling from 18 bikes in 2011 to 28 bikes by 2014 and more beyond completely vindicates the CRT introduction beyond any doubt - for all Dorna's faults, there are a healthy number of bikes on track in all classes and the sky isn't about to fall in.

That is a pretty good looking bike. Not being in those horrible bland Rizla colours helps as well... And nice gimmick with the XXL Suzuki name on it, too.
On the postponement to 2015: I can imagine Suzuki waiting for some stability in the technical regulations as well, apart from simply getting up to speed.

Unbelievable!, Suzuki finally decides to do development using the same engine type they use in their production models!

I'm Speechless, I can't almost believe they are really doing something logical.


Firstly I'm a big Randy fan, always have been, but lets face it his ART team mate has shown him the way for 2 seasons, by at least half a second a lap.
Out of the box Suzuki produce a bike 0.7 of a second of Yamahas best on the day, and a time that would have qualified 11th. What would Espargaro do on it, never mind the top 3 riders.
I don't know about you but if Suzuki want to spend another 18 months refining that away from racing they are kidding themselves on. It's already a really great bike, OBVIOUSLY.
It meeds raced, NOW.
Maybe they just didn't realise how good it was? Let's hope so

As to the bike. Is it a CRT or a full prototype? Is there a difference or will there be by 2014? Or 2015?

What will the CRT bikes be so named if not CRTs?

I know there is a move to equalize the machinery into one class but although the CRTs are much closer they seem a class behind still (or at least behind Yamaha and Honda).

Is this going to be a cross plane crank inline4 as speculated in the press or not? I would've thought that would've been clear simply hearing the machine track side.

the block sticking out of the seat/tail fairing when looking at the pics on my phone. I guess Suzuki is planning ahead...a sawzall and some self adhesive foam is all you need to tailor it to different height riders. That's probably what their operating budget will allow. Really, considering Dorna is bringing in the spec black box AND lowering the fuel allowance (I REALLY don't understand that BS fuel limitation-sounds like a Honda-price others out of competition-gambit to me) I can understand them delaying to 2015. Why blow all that money on something you can only race for one year? Dorna really needs to stabilize the rules where it doesn't cost a bazillion dollars, yen, lira, whatever, to compete. If it means Honda leaves...I don't care...