2013 Assen MotoGP Race Result: Masterful Victory At The Cathedral

Summary and results of MotoGP race:

Valentino Rossi has taken his first victory since 2010 with an outstanding display in the 65th running of the Dutch TT at the iconic Assen circuit. 'The Doctor' put in a performance of old to pick his way through the front runners, stretch the field and take his eighth win at the track by a margin of two seconds. The constantly impressive rookie Marc Marquez finished in second place after fighting off a stern challenge from Cal Crutchlow in the final laps. Crutchlow had to settle for third place, the Tech 3 rider would be satisfied with the result after making a dreadful start from pole. 

Dani Pedrosa by contrast got a typically brilliant launch and took the hole shot, he dictated the pace early but faded badly in the closing laps. The Repsol Honda man had to be happy with a fourth place finish. Jorge Lorenzo put in a contender for ride of the day, he displayed fantastic resilience to battle through his injury with gritted teeth and cross the line in fifth place. The tenacious Spaniard moved quickly from twelfth to fourth in the early laps, but expectedly faded at the halfway stage. He was clearly exhausted after crossing the finishing line, but did an admirable job of 'damage limitation' in his championship battle with Pedrosa, Marquez and the like.  

Stefan Bradl started the race strongly, running as high as third place, but he couldn't handle the pace and finished up with a lonely ride into sixth position. Alvaro Bautista, Aleix Espargaro, Bradley Smith and Andrea Dovizioso rounded out the top ten placings. 


Pos Num Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 46 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha 41'25.202
2 93 Marc MARQUEZ Honda 2.170
3 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Yamaha 4.073
4 26 Dani PEDROSA Honda 7.832
5 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha 15.510
6 6 Stefan BRADL Honda 27.519
7 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA Honda 31.598
8 41 Aleix ESPARGARO ART 32.405
9 38 Bradley SMITH Yamaha 33.751
10 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati 33.801
11 69 Nicky HAYDEN Ducati 34.371
12 14 Randy DE PUNIET ART 57.674
13 29 Andrea IANNONE Ducati +1'01.424
14 51 Michele PIRRO Ducati +1'01.561
15 17 Karel ABRAHAM ART +1'04.426
16 9 Danilo PETRUCCI Ioda-Suter +1'11.114
17 5 Colin EDWARDS FTR Kawasaki +1'15.249
18 71 Claudio CORTI FTR Kawasaki +1'24.884
19 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ ART +1'25.854
20 8 Hector BARBERA FTR +1'25.978
21 67 Bryan STARING FTR Honda +1'26.256
22 70 Michael LAVERTY PBM +1'26.610
23 22 Ivan SILVA FTR +1'38.173
Not Classified      
  52 Lukas PESEK Ioda-Suter 16 Laps


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Congratulations to Rossi, fantastic ride by Crutchlow, and as for Lorenzo, there are no words. Just 9 points down on Pedrosa now, is simply astonishing.

Was hoping for more from Bradl, but Espargarot sure delivered! Aprilia beats Ducati, that's going to look good back in Bologna...

Anyone not jumping out of their seat when Jorge started moving through the field isn't human was brilliant to watch, though no question he held Cal up at a crucial stage of the race.
Quality win from VR, old style, win at the slowest possible speed, when MM looked like he was a threat he put a second into him in just over 3 laps, no doubt always had plenty in reserve.
Great ride from Espargaro too on the (full factory) crt.
Great ride from Cal as well but he is proving too easy to pass and has to wait till the other front runners fade before making a return pass(sorry Wimbledon and all that). Can't help thinking his almost utter reliance on Rossi 'losing it', is gonna bite him hard the rest of this season..

Go Vale!!!!!!!!! Epic ride from Lorenzo. Absolutely amazing. Massive massive respect for him. What a race! I'm ecstatic that Rossi has won and to do it at Assen is awesome. Great ride from Cal today. Gave it a good run.

BTW... MotoGP is boring. It's done. No excitement. Might as well not even run the races after QP. ;)

... I've never been any happier to say this, so here goes: "You told me so!" :-)

That really was a brilliant race. Jorge, Cal, Marc, and The Doc all put in stunning performances.

Bravo! Bravissimo!

p.s. maybe Rossi really HAS found something in setup. If so, the rest of the year could get much more interesting...

Jorge deserves enormous respect for that ride. It's just astounding that he could ride his Yamaha in a competitive-as-nails motogp race, against a field of top riders in the world, to 5th so soon after breaking his collarbone. Jorge's race brings into focus how Bradl (on factory-spec Honda!) and Bautista are underperforming.

I don't want to take anything away from Rossi's victory, but I agree with Crutchlow's sentiment that it's just not the same without Jorge at full strength.

Brilliant race. I was bummed that Cal blew it but Rossi getting his first win in forever more than made up for it. I think they could have been dueling it out for first if 1) Cal hadn't blown the lead and 2) Cal got past JLo earlier, but then again coulda woulda shoudas don't win races. Cal's got the pace but Rossi has got the pace, mind AND guts. Still though I do think Yamaha's ears are perking up like a dog when you say "walk" with Cal's improving performance. And of course JLo did his thing. Unthinkable. Dude is a warrior. Brilliant race.

A great show by the entire top 5 actually, those guys are a clearly ahead of the rest. Very brave by Lorenzo, amazing to get a 5th place, I really thought he wouldn't finish the race, yet alone compete at all. Of course Jorge is numero uno at Yamaha and I hope he has a speedy recovery.

I really thought Cal was going to actually battle Marquez on the last lap, shame an error at T1 robbed us of a great contest between the two, Marquez is a great racer, that would have been well worth seeing.

But please, let's not begrudge a brilliant ride by the winner, who dealt with the very fast guys in front of him very effectively, I didn't see one error and the overtakes were excellent (a bit rude with Bradl but I'm sure he wouldn't complain). No I don't think he will end up in the top three this year, but having another rider on the grid capable of winning races or being at the sharp end? We all win.

Hopefully this will shut off the naysayers for a little while, 34 ain't old by any standard in any sport, here experience beats enthusiasm. I never doubted Rossi would win again. I'm not stating that the championship is going to take a turn (not just yet anyways ;) ) but certainly now we have four winners, and the "absence" of Lorenzo doesn't take down Rossi's victory not one bit.No one questions Lorenzo's victories when Rossi was in a Ducati, or if Pedrosa fades, or if Marquez wrecks the hell out of yet another 6 million dollar bike.

The job is to get to the checkered flag first and Rossi got the job done.

Now Lorenzo on the other hand is another topic in itself, I never doubted he would try to race, never doubted he could still get some points, but hombre Lorenzo hiciste mas de lo que un humano puede hacer!! now all the medicine books will have to get rewritten again after what this man has managed to do, Lorenzo is not human, not even an alien, he's beyond alien now or he made a deal with the devil!

That's how championships are won, making the most of your bad days.

Now what about the engine did he took up that 5th engine?

Sometimes MotoGP is inspirational. It helps if you support Yamaha, of course. Both factory boys were amazing. Rossi wins again, 17 years after his first 125cc victory. That speaks volumes about the guy. Would he have done it with Jorge healthy? Who cares? I'm really happy for him, even if that was his last victory ever in MotoGP.

And Jorge... My respect for that guy couldn't be greater... An amazing performance and such a strong message in all directions, but mainly the Repsol direction, that he'll do anything for this title. Wouldn't bet against him, either. What he said "No [I am not a hero], heroes are those who work hard just to reach the end of each month. I get paid to do these things." (From Gavin Emmet's Tweet) reflects just how much he has matured from that little, kind of arrogant, boy he used to be (or at least he came across to me like that). He has both the ability and the brains, a rare combination.

Great day for MotoGP! Not the best for Honda, but makes for a great championship.

I'm a Honda guy. Love their bikes. Their history. Always have rooted for most that have ridden them(Biaggi being one of the exceptions). I've never been a huge Jorge fan. Always respected his riding abilitys and I don't dislike him. Just never a fan. After last week and today. I hope HRC do everything possible to get him in 2015.

Fantastic performance today and you're right. I wouldn't bet against him for the championship. That said, he's still going to be in some pain and Sachsenring will be very hard on him. Plus, it's the start of the "Pedrosa" circuits so minimizing damage the way he did today could pay huge dividends at the end of the season.

Either way it was epic to watch. I'll tell my kids of this race. The day that Rossi returned to the top step and the day the entire racing community was humbled and sat in awe, of a world champion showing unbelievable grit,passion and determination for something he wants. Truley inspirational.

about 99 and Yamaha going to use this race as a strategic excuse to avoid an extra engine penalty when he is fit, he lined up and RACED. IMO he did't hold Cal back, he just didn't let him pass because you don't let others overtake you in a race, simple. The man is made of extra hard steel. Respect.

And congrats to Vale. The Doctor's win is the Doctor's win, full credit, Jorge not being at full strength is not his fault. If we look at it that way, almost all championships are won because the main challengers are injured.

106 silences the haters and critics. Beautiful stuff!!

Jorge is a hero! And somebody get Cal a new fuel tank. I'll pitch in for the cost!

In hindsight, it was a small tactical error for Lorenzo to hold back Carl because any points he was to take was from the Honda boys, if Carl had one more lap he could have got closer to Marquez. There was no way he could have hold on to Carl till the checkered flag. Had it happened like that Marquez would have 4 points less and it made no difference for him.

Cal was there with two laps to go. Sure one more lap would've gave him a few more options but the fact is, he was there. He tried and failed for second. But he's on the box and he has to be happy at that.

To give perspective. Like cancer survivors who help others deal with the trauma. To show respect for overcoming adversity. Your screen name alone, Drad Vlac, implies a person obsessed with naturally (un-naturally?) powerful people preying on others. Very respectable. My achievements, and failures are my own. Watching a MotoGP race like at Assen today , humbles me. Vale, Marquez, and Cal competitive is expected. Happy that Vale won. The grit and determination shown by Jorge Lorenzo is humbling. Plus, I notice you avoid my questions...ever .played a sport with a fresh broken bone? Ever, ever raced a motorcycle? Like reticent combat veterans ( been there too), it's hard to discuss what it's like when the person you're trying to have a discussion with really doesn't have a clue.
Mostly, give respect where it's due-Jorge Lorenzo is an incredible MotoGP racer, a worthy World Champion, and one tough hombre. Anyone on the MotoGP grid is waaay beyond me in riding skills, but this ride from Lorenzo was humbling. Look at his posture on the cool-down lap, watch him try to handle the pain to politely give
Interviews after, obviously desperate to get somewhere where he can rest. I list my experiences to give perspective to my opinion.

On a whole other note, Cal says he's still having trouble at the start of the race, and rarely with him, using '"we", not "I". Does he still not have the current #1 fuel tank, or is this a lack of front-runner start pace experience? Cal is my favorite new rider, and he deserves better support from Yamaha. Surely Lin Jarvis recognizes this?

He's been on the box 3 out of the last 4 races. He's beaten Dani today and almost had Marc. I'd say he's getting pretty good support.

Remember 2010, when everyone was calling for Ben to sit on vales bike. When he actually did, his performance did not change day and night. Just some improvement here, and maybe a backwards step there. Going factory is not always the panacea that fans or riders are hoping for.

Cal needs to kee his mouth zipped and let his riding talk for him. Or mature a bit, and become the new CE2nd in the interviews.

An historical track with an historical race. This race showed many different story lines from start to finish. Actually, from FP1 to Race Day. Such a rare race where the whole weekend is worth watching because of the storyline it builds. Lorenzo immediately being fastest, Rossi in good form, Cal frustrating all who think he does not belong in the upper echelon, Marquez showing that a first year does not mean slow, and Pedrosa....being Pedrosa.

Race Day, Warmup showing Lorenzo going out on track to "Test", his condition. See if he will be able to do the race. Well, a few laps later he is in the top 10 of times. Getting faster with each lap.

Race, from start to finish worth watching. Lorenzo, what can be said about the man. Always looked at him like a fake Rossi with a Biaggi streak to me when he was younger. After his highside in China, breaking both ankles and racing the next day, I believed in his strength. Now, after breaking a collarbone and coming back to not just race but move up through the field to end the race 9 points down on Pedrosa makes me have to admit he is a TRUE CHAMPION with a steel mental that cannot be broken. Bravo Jorge!

Pedrosa has gotta work out tire management, his teammate races no less aggressively, and has less of a problem in his first year on the bike. Not writing off Pedrosa, but I would like to see him fight to the end of races instead of fading away.

Cal Crutchlow is beginning to be one of my favorite riders because he is always adding that much more to the race. You just do not know where he will make a difference. He made this race more exciting to watch until the final lap. If he could just get down his starts, I think he could be a real problem.

Marquez, this kid is going to win championshipS. He struggles a little, but look at where he is struggling, second place! Yes if Cal had not touched his back tire he may have beaten him, but he did not. And in truth, next year I think Marquez will step up to a level that when he is on, NO ONE will be able to touch him.

Finally Rossi. Rossi's win feels like a weight off of my back, and I am not even him! Friends have mercilessly told me he is old washed up, will never win again. I believe age does come into effect, but I also think racing motorcycles is more mental than physical. As long as Rossi has the mindset, I think he can overcome obstacles that athletes in other sports cannot overcome because of their physical limitations. He may have found something in the setup, but my personal opinion is he found something more in himself to get the speed he is showing. Would Lorenzo have beat him, I don't care. Rossi won, and it is good to see him back on the top step. Hopefully this will bode for closer battles for the rest of the year. Loved this race!

I'm not a Rossi fan (probably the only one in the grandstands today) but I stood up and cheered with the rest of the crowd when he came by. He took this opportunity with everything he got. Aggressive at the start, and then pounding in the laptimes Lorenzo style. It could be said it's a shame there wasn't more fighting for the lead, but the fights for the rest of the podium made up for that. I really enjoyed that race, same goes for Moto2 and 3 by the way. Money well spent.

I am a bit puzzled by Pedrosa though, his pace was absolutely nowhere today. I also thought Marquez would be able to challenge Rossi, but at least he has the excuse of broken bones in his body. Not Honda's day then, it seems. Bradl was also much further away than expected and Bautista almost got beaten by Espargaro (another hero by the way).

My ride of the day goes to Lorenzo though, what a hero's ride. Those first few laps were just pure talent, scything through the field from 12th, and of course losing out near the end. I'm so glad to see the championship still wide open.

Yes Pedrosa had a bad day and he still got 4th, his worst result since Qatar. And guess what? He still leads the championship. We heard this story before last year then we got to the same point in the season and the guy checked out the rest of the season dominating everyone. I think some fans are extremely too quick to write someone off. Dani has had some lackluster results but just like Lorenzo last year, when he's off the pace he's been in 2nd.

We head to the point and shoot tracks that favor the Hondas and I wouldn't bet against Pedrosa. It's all uphill for Yamaha now and Dani has every opportunity to extend his lead. With software being the dominant factor in these current bikes Honda could be playing strategy with these power levels. They are still on their first pair while Yamaha has taken twice as many.

A tight track for Vale to use the brakes...a historically good track for Dani, Jorge determined and a week (well, 5 days!! ) to heal. Bradl with a home crowd and something to prove. Cal, I hope, can continue to upset the factory heirarchy. Marc Marquez?? Has he raced at this track? Does it matter? With pure talent, aggression, and an exponential ability to learn a track, we could start calling him the Joker in the deck of rider cards (the ear-to-ear grin fits! )...Like the days of Rainey battling Schwantz and Gardner and Doohan, with Steady Eddie Lawson the crucible of consistency, this is becoming a season to relish.