Laguna Seca Injury Update, Part 2: Iannone Out, Lorenzo To Undergo Medical

The composition of the MotoGP grid at Laguna Seca remains uncertain at the moment, as injuries sustained at the Sachsenring continue to take their toll. On Tuesday, Andrea Iannone announced that he would not be fit enough to race at Laguna Seca, after a CT scan showed up problems with the shoulder he hurt at the Sachsenring.

Iannone had a massive crash at Turn 1, as he accidentally selected the pit lane mapping while braking for the corner, locking up the rear wheel and being thrown from the bike. The Italian dislocated his right shoulder in the crash, and was forced to withdraw from the race in Germany. An examination in Italy revealed a large amount of fluid in the joint, making it impossible for him to race in the US GP, the Italian press service ANSA is reporting.

While Iannone is definitely out of the race at Laguna, Jorge Lorenzo is edging closer to a decision to race in the US. The reigning world champion is due to have a medical examination this afternoon, to assess his physical condition. Based on the outcome, Lorenzo will decide tomorrow morning on whether he will fly to the US and take part in the Laguna Seca race. On Saturday, Jorge Lorenzo had announced on his Twitter feed that he would not be racing. Three days later, Lorenzo may be reconsidering that decision. The announcement, made yesterday, that Dani Pedrosa intends to fly to the US and hopes to race at Laguna may have a bearing on Lorenzo's decisions.

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I find that incredible. I know that the pit lane aspects are not as critical as F1, but that bike or any other should have turn by turn programming, or at least a maximum speed at which the settings should enact. Lots of circuits have tight, twisty pit lane approaches/exits and if this could inadvertently happen there too then the programming needs sorting.
Another aspect of 'don't touch the clutch' too?
I hope his shoulder isn't permanently damaged and he makes a quick recovery.

The kill switch and indicators are on opposite handle bars....

Probably a GPS tracker to enable the software to know when its in the pits and prohibit activation elsewhere is the answer.

Either way its another rider out due to injury, this must be the worst year for some time - especially when you consider its the front runners that are falling. Has Marquez forced them to up the pace a little too high?

"Has Marquez forced them to up the pace a little too high?"

He's set five fastest laps during race so far this year - he set 5 fastest laps during race last year, so he's equalled that, although his PB is 8 fastest laps during race, set in 125s when he won that title.

But no lap records, no pole records... so no, he's not forcing the pace to a level that the other riders struggle with.

He might have rattled them a bit mentally, though...

Not allowed. Least, off-limits to the ECU programmers (Dorna clearly have their own GPS on the bikes to transmit location for use in graphics).

The other suggestion made above is simpler and should be more reliable: pit lane limiter doesn't activate till the speeds goes below a threshold.

"Iannone had a massive crash at Turn 1, as he accidentally selected the pit lane mapping while braking for the corner, locking up the rear wheel and being thrown from the bike."

I'll never feel quite as silly accidentally hitting the kill switch instead of the turn signal on my bike again :)

And I've sat there kicking n sweating n cursing the bike for not starting before realising I'd knocked the kill switch to off lifting the bike off its stand. Easy to see how this could happen in the heat of a QP session but Iannones incident raises an important safety question on bike design. Also still no explanation for Pedrosas crash... Just wondering if it wasn't something similar like the bike being on the wrong map for that turn and dialling in far too much engine brake when he released the clutch and tipped it in.

I hit the horn when trying to turn off the indicator, so - yeah - same thing.

Why doesn't Jorge and Dani race race at Laguna Seca, but conservatively? I know they are concerned with risking further injury, so why not dial-back a few steps and cruise to a top 10 (more likely top 5) position to collect a few points? ...or is this so contrary to a racer's mindset that it's not really possible?

Reviewing the last two races it is pretty evident that Yamaha is pressuring Jorge to race despite his injuries. If he is really smart, as well as brave, he will tell Yamaha race management to f*ck off and take care of his health. There is plenty of time to come back this season considering there are five riders taking points off each other. Lorenzo is capable of many more championships, if he can remain healthy. Yamaha sees many good new riders coming along and isn't concerned who is riding the Yamaha, only that it wins. That's racing and Jorge must keep this clearly in mind.

*Ring* *Ring*

"Ciao! Can-a I speak-a to Casey please?"

"Sure...who's calling?"

"Oh this is Vitto" -


- "riano Guarseschi. err hello? hello?"

Problem is, you never race "conservatively"

Each time a racer takes out to the track, even if he is trying to be...hum..."conservative" the adrenaline and the testosterone takes over and he will push harder than conservative, especially if he sees the other guy pushing.These two bullfighters will not back down and race for 10th place, they will still do a maximum effort and a mistake here or there is a possibility, and Laguna ain't no place to limp out a race, it's a tough track and very physical. Unless their bikes get some form of a map that makes them "macho proof" they are both racing as hard as they can.

Then there's Marquez. They both wouldn't want to allow Marquez to run away with the WC, they hate him more because his Spaniard as well.That would be salt on the wound.