Antonelli dies in tragic accident at Moscow Raceway

In the rain of Moscow, Kawasaki Goeleven rider Andrea Antonelli died from injuries sustained in a first lap crash of the World Supersport race. The Italian Antonelli lost control of his Kawasaki ZX6R at the start of the long straight and was hit from behind by Lorenzo Zanetti who was unable to avoid the stricken rider.

Medics tried to revive him to be able to airlift him to hospital, but his injuries were too great.

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To Andreas family and friends at this difficult time. A tragic loss to the sport from a horrific freak accident.
Also to Lorenzo Zanetti.

Rest in peace Andrea.

Silly to run the race at all, in my opinion. I thought it before the race started, I still think it now. The accident is still a freak accident, but the conditions I think were too wet to race, especially given Melandri's thoughts after Race 1 (that it was ridiculously wet).

A reminder if it were needed of how much respect every rider on the grid deserves from us the spectators. We should never forget how dangerous this sport is.

The conditions were really bad, too bad to race motorbikes? Perhaps.

Brave and talented young fellah, very sad.

That was the most brutal accident I have ever seen on the racetrack.. My heart goes out to Antonelli, his family and friends.

Tragic loss. Take a moment to remember Andrea and pray for his family and friends. And also be thankful for every day you are on this Earth.

R.I.P. Andrea

Have fun with SuperSic racing in the heavens!