Valentino Rossi Hospitalized With Appendicitis?

Ill fortune has once again befallen Valentino Rossi in the off season. According to reports on, the multiple world champion was rushed to hospital in Pesaro last night with severe abdominal pains. The reports further state that tests showed Rossi to be suffering from a serious inflammation of the appendix. Doctors treating Rossi decided that emergency surgery was not necessary, and the Italian was sent home to rest.

According to, the problem will not require surgery to remove Rossi's appendix, but will be treated using a course of rest and antibiotics. This seems a highly unusual step, as appendicitis - especially acute appendicitis - always involves surgery, invariably removing the mysterious organ to avoid further complication. The risk of infection from an inflamed appendix is great, and commonly leads to peritonitis which can be fatal. The minor risk from surgery hugely outweighs the major risk of leaving an infected appendix in place.

Whether operated on or not, the health problem is a major setback for Rossi. The Italian is almost certainly likely to miss out on the test in the Ferrari Formula One car scheduled to take place at Barcelona next week, and the situation could endanger Rossi's participation in the first of the two tests at Sepang, scheduled for February 3rd through 5th. Given the extremely limited testing this year, the cost of missing a test has been seriously raised.

Rossi suffered similar misfortune during last year's off season, when he tripped over at home, smashing a glass table and severely cutting his foot. Rossi's luck may be legendary on the track, it seems to run out during the winter. is currently awaiting a response to our inquiries for further information from the Fiat Yamaha team concerning the situation. We shall bring more news as and when we learn it.

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It can't be acute appendicitis, because there's no way he would've gone home... I was ready to cut mine out myself with a spoon it hurt so much just before I went in for surgery. And I certainly wouldn't have let any doctor in the world send me home in that condition.

It's either something else, or he'll be back in the hospital in a day or two to get it removed.

Who would guess that an expert medical diagnosis could be made by a journalist from hundreds of miles away (without an examination... no less).

I haven't heard such intuition since the Terry Shiavo episode.

Here's a thought. Italy isn't exactly a third world country with medicine men & leaches. How about leaving the medicine..TO HIS DOCTORS!!!

There was a study a while back that showed it's perfectly possible to treat many episodes of appendicitis with antibiotics and no surgery, albeit with a risk that the patient might get appendicitis again later. Which is pretty much what Costa said. So in this day and age, it's not "highly unusual" that Rossi didn't get surgery.

Found a link that discusses the study.

All the material I could find basically said that doctors operate first and ask questions later, because of the relative risks involved in appendicitis. But as you so rightly point out, medicine evolves, and cutting into the human body remains a risky business. Thanks for finding that. 

Yeah, it is a tricky thing and cutting it out can also be a problem - even if it is acute appendicitis. The reason is that the appendix is a repository of normally comensal bacteria. It replenishes normal intestinal flora in the event of depletion by infection, overhydration or other things. It could also be something like a mekels diverticulum which often exhibits the same symptoms and level of pain. However, trying to save the appendix could prove to be a very good thing for later in life. Without the ability to replenish your gut flora life can be miserable. Look at Jay Sprinsteen - smacked down in the prime of his career. Although hard to say because no one could ever agree on what it was exactly, the effect was the same.

Ah, the princess and the pea.
Had mine out when I was three. That's 54 years ago.
My dad brought me an icecream.