FB Corse Team Officially Launched In Milan

After months of speculation and controversy, the FB Corse Team finally unveiled their MotoGP machine and team at the offices of a radio station in Milan today. At the official launch, which had been delayed from the end of January, the team presented their FB01 three cylinder 800cc MotoGP bike, designed and built by Oral Engineering, as part of a project originally started for BMW several years ago.

After being dropped by the German manufacturer, development of the bike has continued on the test bench. But the FB01 is yet to turn a wheel on track. "We will continue to test on the dyno, and expect to take to the track towards the end of February," Mauro Forghieri, the bike's designer, told MotoCorse.com. The reason the bike had not been tested was because it was unclear how such testing would be viewed by Dorna and IRTA. The team is still not officially entered into MotoGP, though FB Corse say that this is just a formality. Once the team is entered with Garry McCoy as the official rider, McCoy would be subject to the same testing regulations as the rest of the field. The other teams and manufacturers would have to agree to allow FB Corse do private testing with McCoy before the Australian could safely take to the track.

When the FB01 was originally announced, it was expected it would use a hydraulically-operated semi-automatic gearbox, but Forghieri said at the presentation that they only ever intended to use a mechanical gearbox. "We have tried to simplify some of the components as much as possible," he said. "The bikes in this category are complicated enough already, we should not be making things worse for the team by giving them technical solutions which are highly advanced by extremely difficult to develop."

As reported previously, Garry McCoy is to be the official rider in the MotoGP category, while Simone Grotzkyj is to ride for the team in the Moto2 class aboard a Bimota HB4. As in the case of McCoy, it is not yet certain that Grotzkyz will actually race. The Italian is not on the official Moto2 entry list, nor is he listed as a reserve. Grotzkyj's hope will be that a number of teams will drop out before the season starts, which is an entirely credible prospect in the current economic climate.

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It reminds me of an Aprilia 250:

I love the "simplify" quote, because it gives me hope that they'll actually race.

...that they're going to be running around in last place? Do they have African Dictator Money like Sete's team had last year?

It's hard to get excited by this sort of thing, because it never works out. But yeaaaa.. way to go FB Corse! It's gonna be AWESOME!

In other news, I'm also launching my own MotoGP team today. The bike is going to be a cross between an Ilmor and a Moto Cyst and will be raced by Alex Barros. We're not officially entered yet, either.

Since we don't have a title sponsor quite yet, we're going to run with a big pot leaf as our logo.

If DORNA makes it difficult for FB Corse to develop this bike at least to the stage where it can be reasonably expected to qualify within the 107% rule then I suggest the inference should be that it simply doesn't wish to expand the grid. Surely, as suggested, FB Corse wouldn't 'officially' register as a competitor until they are highly confident of that.

Now, if it were my decision, I'd pack the team up, move to Phillip Island for a few weeks right now to take advantage of the relatively good Aussie weather, hire Vermuelen as a consultant to assist with sharpening the performance parameters to ensure they are shooting for competitive levels in all departments and go for it. P.I is as good a track for guaging how well the bike can perform as any, if it goes well there it'll go well pretty much anywhere.

..I hope it won't need any miracle or something to put this bike finally on to the grid. I wish them best but I fear that that's not going to happen. if it does...well they may find themself some 10 sec off the pace. go Garry.

I'm going to run a team next year also. with John "iliketochrashanytimeyougivemeachancetoride" Hopkins and Ralf Waldmann as a developement rider. Im working on a chassis currently and the engine is being developed currently by Buell.
We gonna hit the track in late 2010 right. now we are working like hell.

Great choice my man, I'm certain Dorna will allow them 2400cc of displacement. Oil in your frame too? What could be cooler than that?!! Nothing I tell you!!!!

@Rumerz - "Since we don't have a title sponsor quite yet, we're going to run with a big pot leaf as our logo."

So you and the Rizla guys will be right at home together. If we can get Bic signed up to sponsor a team, we'll really be smokin' :)

Bikes like the FB Crsa and the illmore entry years ago That are based of of F1 engineering that has 10 times the research and developement behind them SHOULD be odds on favorites to dominate even the factory efforts. If the japanese are the best engineers in the world why wouldnt the big well funded (500million budget) steal the japanese engineers for themselves? Has anyone else wondered the same ?

id like them at least to make it on track just to guage the potentail. surely jeremy.mc williams should be getting a call i thought he was the guy testing it a few yrs back when it was still a bmw he must have some input or clearer one to one advice for set ups? or development directions? but im gonna guess if there not testing in the next two sessions there not racing or gonna start the yr on time but good luck to FB and garry!!