World Superbike Online Video Pass To Cost €69.90 For A Full Season

Dorna has revealed the pricing for its online video pass for the World Superbike championship. The price for a full season of coverage via the website is to cost €69.90, or around US $95. Included in the price is live access to all World Superbike races, as well as the ability to play them on demand after the race is over. There will also be access to a highlights package of each race, and rider interviews and exclusive features. There is also an archive of race and season reviews going back to 1993.

The online package is very similar to the one offered by Dorna for the website, with suitably revised pricing. Since Dorna was handed the running of the World Superbike series by Bridgepoint, it was only a matter of time before WSBK would also be available via some form of online video streaming. Leveraging both the experience which they had gained in TV rights negotiations and in running the video streaming platform, Dorna could put the World Superbike races online with relatively limited effort.

The new subscription package should be a boon to fans around the world who cannot see the World Superbike series. WSBK has struggled to find TV broadcasters in some large markets, and having an online video package will make fans of the sport less reliant on the packages offered by their cable suppliers. It should also add a useful (if limited) income stream for the struggling series. 

Fans are warned that access to the coverage differs by country, as it remains limited by existing contracts with national broadcasters. Fans in some countries (Europe and the US, it would appear) have full access to live races, while fans in Australia appear to have a more limited range of options, though at a much reduced price. Read the fine print when signing up, and please read the comments below for experiences in different countries.

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Some years ago they used to run it for free off their website then stopped. With coverage over here in the USA lacking or ill timed, I will gladly plop down the money for the website. Great news! Just adds more flame to my fire of not having Cable, (around here, San Francisco Bay Area, the cost for cable is around that much a month, so it is a deal to get a years worth of racing for the same price).

I think my BeIn channel thru Verizon here in the US cost me $12-15 a month last year. It was good for the most part, but towards the end of the season they stopped showing a few of the races live because of clashes with soccer i believe. So $95 for the online pass might be worth it. I gladly pay $135 for the pass every year. Speed/FoxSports1 is garbage.

Finally a video pass we can watch and not miss a single thing of wsbk.. For 95 bucks that's not bad
I will buy it ASAP to get my races here in Texas cause I don't have any channel that would show motorcycle racing here ,, that's how gay it is with our cable/satellite providers and if they do show it it only the race with commercial after commercial screw that now this is great thanks.

FYI check to see if it has live races or not. I went to sign up and was offered 24,90 as price but checked and content was only " 26 minute race reviews, and on demand races available after 7 days".

Its apparent that they are changing the rules base don country by the looks. This was the only option I can get. I am going to run a VPN and check the difference..

I clicked through on the link in david's article and I just bought the video pass for 24.90euro (worked out to $38au) must be on special. get it while its hot

Just got mine for au$38 too. The problem for me and many others is that being just slightly outside a major city I am limited to 3G wireless broadband, which although it generally works ok speed wise is always horribly limited in terms of for data allowance. You can do streamed video with it, but you have to pick and choose what you can watch in a month.
Speaking broadly, when people talk about the death of TV and it being replaced by online streaming, at this stage the infrastructure in most of Australia is simply not up to it. With the outlook for the NBN going from bad to worse, it's not likely to change any time soon either.

Anyhow, this is what I was asking for last year so I could at least watch the Phillip Island race. For all the well deserved sh!t-canning Dorna has copped over the years, this is a feather in their cap.

The 24,90 euro package doesn't appear to be the whole box and dice.

The offer certainly doesn''t offer live races or qualifying or practice sessions that I can see.


1. On demand races available after 7 days

2. a 26 minute highlight package available during following week

3. A great collection of all the action from the past: enjoy all the race reviews since 2006 and all the season reviews from 1993 to 2013

Not too sure if this is worth it.

I think this is a geo-blocking thing.

Yeah you might be correct there, it pays to read the fine print! I'm still happy to get the full races on a 7 day delay tho. To be honest I'd also pay 70e for the complete package of it was offered. Might have to get myself into gear and get a vpn set up

Skittled by the fine print. Only at the very end of the page does it mention the 7 day delay, while at the top in big print is says "On Demand". They have a very different view of the term "On Demand" than I do.
I have requested a cancellation, lets see how they go with that... :D

David, I think it would be helpful to amend the article to point out that some countries do not get the proper coverage.

I've updated the story to add a caveat at the bottom, warning readers to check their coverage first.

I see now. Thanks for pointing this out people.

The videopass page:

"OnDemand Races. Watch all the Sunday races OnDemand available after seven days"

I hope that means after 7 days we can watch the full race.
I'd be ok with that... since it's all we can get over here!


The friendly folks at Dorna replied and have kindly agreed to cancel my video pass and refund the charge. They (quite correctly) pointed out that it did state the 7-day delay further down on the sign-up page.
Hope they get a full coverage available in Oz at some stage.

60 Euros for MotoGP + WSB seems about right and would have been a good deal. 70+99 Euros for both seems like it's bloody expensive.

The Eurosport online subscription is £4 a month for 12 months. And for that you'll get WSB and BSB (and all the rest) which seems like a better deal than the Dorna package. But is it UK only?

I'm located in Germany and have the Eurosport Player subscription, including BSB. The only big minus is that they are using Silverlight, which means you have to use Windows to watch the stream and the quality is not that great, but watchable.

i watched all my WSS and WSBK races by this one guy who uploads the English broadcast (illegally I'm sure) on youtube. I'm guessing I won't be able to do this next year seeing as how Dorna thinks I'm going to try to profit off a clip of Randy DePuniet falling in 2009. Guess its time to fork over the cash...

In the US it's $95 but we are supposed to get live video

As I already use the motogp subscription, I was not averse to using the same method for WSBK so I used it for Philip Island and it worked as advertised although I was disappointed that...

1. I couldn't see free practice as I can with the motogp subscription.
2. There wasn't a no-spoilers option obviously available although I see one now.
3. Post race interviews were more limited than the motogp coverage.

As a person who uses motorcycle racing as an excuse to get out of household chores, I need as many hours of coverage as possible for my subscription dollars.

I would have preferred one super-subscription with Dorna for both series, perhaps discounted but I'm just glad that I don't have to pay for a cable or satellite bundle of nonsense.

1. Practices and qualifying are all there.
2. No-spoiler menu is there.
3. Still a bit weak on the non-racing coverage compared to MGP. I particularly like the pre and post race conferences and individual interviews on MGP.

The library of classic race videos is also good on MGP.

Divide the cost by the number of viewing hours and this is cheaper than almost any other entertainment I buy.