2014 Phillip Island World Supersport Race Results

The World Supersport race took part in a dry, 19°C day.

Kenan Sofuoglu took the lead from pole position, with Michael Van Der Mark in second ahead of Roberto Tamburini and PJ Jacobsen. On the second lap, Van Der Mark took the lead and Kev Coghlan joined the front two and, as Jacobsen pulled out with a technical problem, the three remaining at the front proceeded to make a gap from the rest, with Sofuoglu taking the lead once more, hounded by Coghlan and Van Der Mark.

On the seventh lap, Coghlan tried to pass Sofuoglu on the straight, but the three-time world champion was able to out brake him into the corner and remain in the lead until Jack Kennedy, a way back, blew his engine up and dumped oil on the track.

A red flag was waved and a five-lap restart was the order of the day.

After the restart, Kenan Sofuoglu dragged Florian Marino and Rafael De Rosa with him, as everyone pretty much went all-out in the five lap sprint. Michael Van Der Mark started to carve his way through to a podium spot, but it was all very close.

On the second lap of the sprint, Van Der Mark crashed out of third place with a rear slide and Sofuoglu mimicked him shortly after, losing the rear in a suspiciously similar fashion, handing first place to Marino with De Rosa, Coghlan and Jules Cluzel hot on his wheels.

With less than two laps left, it became a battle that would be won by the most aggressive non-crasher rather than the fastest bike, and that gave Kev Coghlan the lead when he passed the French duo of Marino and Cluzel, only to be passed by a masterful Cluzel finding grip and a gap.

Jules Cluzel held his wild lead to the finish line, giving MV Agusta their first World Championship race win since the Agostini days.

Cluzel is the only starter other than Sofuoglu to have won a World Supersport race, and his performance today shows why.


Pos No. Rider Bike Gap Best Lap Speed
1 16 J. CLUZEL MV Agusta F3 675   1'33.917 277,6
2 88 K. COGHLAN Yamaha YZF R6 0.224 1'34.081 278,4
3 35 R. DE ROSA Honda CBR600RR 0.317 1'34.135 269,3
4 21 F. MARINO Kawasaki ZX-6R 0.347 1'34.412 270,7
5 5 R. TAMBURINI Kawasaki ZX-6R 0.822 1'33.883 279,1
6 19 K. WAHR Yamaha YZF R6 4.010 1'34.570 272,7
7 81 G. GOWLAND Triumph 675 R 5.282 1'34.984 271,4
8 84 R. RUSSO Honda CBR600RR 5.310 1'34.670 276,9
9 61 F. MENGHI Yamaha YZF R6 5.517 1'34.877 277,6
10 11 C. GAMARINO Kawasaki ZX-6R 5.858 1'35.159 279,8
11 44 R. ROLFO Kawasaki ZX-6R 6.491 1'34.850 270,0
12 9 T. COVEÑA Kawasaki ZX-6R 7.873 1'35.377 273,4
13 7 N. CALERO Honda CBR600RR 10.163 1'35.657 270,7
14 24 M. BUSSOLOTTI Honda CBR600RR 12.406 1'35.949 267,3
15 89 F. ROGERS Honda CBR600RR 12.622 1'36.113 276,2
16 52 R. TAYLOR Yamaha YZF R6 12.845 1'36.448 264,7
17 161 A. IVANOV Yamaha YZF R6 12.892 1'36.128 272,0
RET 14 R. WILAIROT Honda CBR600RR 2 Laps 1'34.344 276,9
RET 67 B. STARING Honda CBR600RR 3 Laps 1'35.240 264,7
RET 60 M. VD MARK Honda CBR600RR 3 Laps 1'51.689 277,6
RET 54 K. SOFUOGLU Kawasaki ZX-6R 4 Laps 1'32.769 266,0


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Hi Jared.

Jacobson DNF'ed with a mechanical fault. He came out of MG (turn 10) in front of us raised his hand and cruised off line all the way to turn 12. He could not make the pit entry as the rest of the field was streaming past.

Poor result for PJ after a promising start. Hope he has more luck next time out.

Kenan running away with it (for now anyway). This definitely adds some excitement with VDM and Kenan not scoring any points! Great ride from Kev Coghlan, hoping Jacobson and VDM can get it turned around for next race!

Also, great to see Cluzel and maybe more importantly MV Agusta coming away with a huge (unepected?) win! Maybe Triumph can put a bike up there again!