Bridgestone To Bring 2013-Spec Tires To Austin For MotoGP

Bridgestone is to bring its 2013-spec tires for the MotoGP race at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. Production delays meant that the Japanese tire manufacturer was unable to guarantee a full allocation of the 2014 spec medium rear tires with the heat-resistant treatment being supplied to all of the MotoGP riders. Research and inspection of data from 2013 showed that there would be no problem with the tires without the heat-resistant treatment, and so it was decided to supply everyone with the 2013-spec medium rear tires.

The alternative to this would be having two different specifications of the medium compound available to the riders in Austin. A Bridgestone spokesperson told, 'Bridgestone felt this was a better option than having riders end up with non-heat resistant and heat-resistant tyres in the same compound option at a race weekend.' The 2013 tires will only be used at Austin, however, resulting from a production issue. 'This is a one-off situation, the 2014 specification slicks will be offered at all other venues,' the spokesperson said.

The announcement will be welcome news to the Movistar Yamaha and Monster Tech 3 Yamaha teams. All four riders have struggled with the reduced edge grip produced by the heat-resistant layer in the 2014-spec tires, Jorge Lorenzo being perhaps the loudest critic of the change. It is no magic bullet, however: the Austin circuit proved to strongly favor the Honda riders in 2013, and though the addition of the seamless gearbox should level the playing field a little in Texas, the layout will likely still benefit Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa, rather than Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi.

Real progress may come at Le Mans, when Bridgestone will be bringing a modified medium rear for the MotoGP riders. That tire still uses the heat-resistant treatment to prevent problems with the tire under high temperatures and difficult conditions, but a modified process restores some of the edge grip. The same process was applied to the hard rear tires at the end of last year, and the change was given a positive reception, turning the hard rear tire into a viable race option at some tracks.

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What consistency? We don't need to write the rules in advance, or get the same tyres to each track, we'll just make it up as we go along. Viewers enjoy chaos so it'll be better for ratings.

A Honda track and Honda tires. Quite good timing for production problem, that will even the odds. I'll take off my tin foul hat now.

Actually the 2014 tires would serve the Hondas better simply because they are worse for the Yamahas. Not that the Hondas will need help at Austin. I fully expect Marquez to still be the only winner at COTA after this year.

Not just marc and dani even alvaro and stefan will be strong there. With the introduction of 2013 tyres for this race , relief will also be introduced for the movistar yamaha team. Though it will be difficult for yam but this year they have their seamless and an updated one so jorge's gap of 3.381 to marc last year will be greatly reduced.

Plus jorge would be top to bottom angry with himself for his mistake in qatar and desperate to beat marc. And for vr 46 nothing is impossible as he can still fight for victories.........and nobody knows what this magical career of number 46 has still left to show to the world~!!

will be happier.
COTA seems to be a Honda track, but it might be closer than last year now that they have a years data and the track has had some use. Could be interesting.

How long have the had to produce the spec tyres? Are you telling me they have gotten it right all this time and just magically when people drop out like flys and Open riders are pushing towards the front we get a tyre change?

I'm not buying the production issues. Someone caved in to pressure about the lack of edge grip.

I'm suspecting a revised 2014 spec tyre is being produced and this is cover

How long have the had to produce the spec tyres? Are you telling me they have gotten it right all this time and just magically when people drop out like flys and Open riders are pushing towards the front we get a tyre change?

I'm not buying the production issues. Someone caved in to pressure about the lack of edge grip.

I'm suspecting a revised 2014 spec tyre is being produced and this is cover

Put a fox in the henhouse and he will eat chicken every night. Bridgestone exclusivity within the ambit of the future of the sport needs to be erased as a matter of urgency. Hell! And there I was staunchly behind them and Marlboro/ Ducati back in the day.

Didn't I just read a Tech 3 press release that said tires are shipped to the circuit several months in advance, via sea? Ouch.

I smell something fishy. But GOOD. A return to those tires is great, and they have an update on the way. Hope it comes fast.
I don't mind when there are half truths in press releases when good stuff is going on.

inb4 we learn that the 2014 compound will only be used at high temp tracks...

'Conspiracy theories' don't happen for no reason, they fill a void or vacuum conveniently w projections. Extrapolation isn't necessary here, we can call a spade a spade - Bstone has had a big task of making a tire construction that works everywhere (incl Phillip Isl) for all bikes (from the HRC to the uncorked Open Yamaha thru Barbera's bike) w 4 compounds. And very limited $. They over did it aiming for one construction, as was called for as a first goal, and if they end up w TWO constructions that is a contract change. It costs more. Dorna has to pay.
'Manipulating a championship' is the opposite of 'magical thinking' which is regressive/infantile. It is 'catastrophic destructive magical thinking' which is technically toddler, and sad.
Warmly noted, this ain't the kiddy pool.

Jorge Lorenzo a.k.a. the tire champ will like this!

This latest move from Bridgestone is their way of announcing their sponsorship of Lorenzo for the MotoGP championship. Wonder what excuse they will use for the next race?

Shinji Aoki the Manager of the Bridgestone Motorsport tire Development Department continues to release PR painting a glowing picture of how well Bridgestone's spec tires are doing in MotoGP. And yet now there is news that they are going to introduce a new rear slick, during the season, to address edge grip concerns. Who is the most concerned rider in MotoGP about edge grip — Jorge Lorenzo. In 2012 Repsol Honda riders Casey Stoner and Dani Pedrosa were very concerned about chatter in association with the Bridgestone spec tires. A concern specifically with the last minute introduction of those tires by Bridgestone. Did Bridgestone respond to these concerns? No, they insisted that Repsol use the same tires all season. Honda, logically, must assume that Bridgestone, with or without Dorna and/or FIM consent, is acting as a counterbalance to Honda's machine superiority and the threat of Marquez dominance in the series in my opinion.

In 2012, Stoner complained about the front tire change saying it didnt suit Honda but then Pedrosa had his best ever season and looked like winning the title until he crashed at Phillip Island. The complaints werent about chatter, it was the amount of squish from the front tire. The front tire was changed back then because the vast majority of riders preferred the new option. Likewise, the vast majority of riders want more edge grip from the rear this year and look what is happening... it's being brought in. No conspiracy theories, its called giving the riders what they want. It just so happens that in 2012 and now the sole rider complaining is a world champion hence there's calls of favourtism. If Abraham was the sole rider complaning this wouldnt even be news. Qatar was proof that the 2014 tires are working well with Yamaha and Honda. 0.2s at the flag, how much closer do you want it?

And what is all this stuff about without Dorna/FIM consent? And do you think Bridgestone would purposely favour a particular manufacturer to somehow 'balance' the championship? What would they have to gain? I'd tell you what they'd lose, uberbucks through lost business with the other manufacturers.

Ease up on the kool-aid!