That Spies 'n' Edwards "Man-cation" Video

It appears to be Video Wednesday. After the Kawasaki World Supersport video and On The Throttle's interview with Nicky Hayden came the release by Yamaha USA of the Tech 3 Team Texas video, which is already all over the internet. In the video - shot in the cheesy-yet-still-hilarious style which Yamaha have made their own - Colin Edwards takes Ben Spies on a road trip - or as he terms it, a "man-cation" - to allow the two Texan teammates to bond.

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Of course, that is obvious.

As I watched this video, I kept thinking to myself, "Would Max Biaggi ever do something like this?"

I like this year's group of riders. 2010 should be fun.

lol. wow, that was quite entertaining. colin is quite a comedian! i bet he was improvising most of that, truly quite a character. thanks for that.
and i vow we now call spies 'blue bonnet ben' from now on!
this ones a keeper...

A great rider lineup at Tech 3 and generally the best rider grid I've seen in GP for a long,long time. As the competition takes hold,at this level,we've come to expect fall out's between the best of mates and no doubt that trend will continue. I do reckon that there will be few issues between Colin and Ben, likewise Casey and Nicky even if Nicky gets up to Casey's race pace.
The hypertension team...well we all know which that one is !

I love it! Colin seems to be a natural. He's got a future in television if he wants it. He might drop the f-bomb on the air to but that's good.

This video was filmed in Boulder City, outside Las Vegas. Hmmm. I live in Vegas. How can I get in the next one they film here?

I thought the scenery looked familiar, specially that mountain there that "looks like a turnip". Where they pull off looks like they're heading south on I-95 to Laughlin.

The season can't start soon enough.

haha - i love it!

for sure all those vids that Yamaha have put out are only good for their image, they're all great, a great way to tide over the off-season until the action starts up again. i'm sure everyone would agree!