Video: Schwantz On Ben Spies, MotoGP, And The Difference Tires Make

The guys over at OnTheThrottle have another video up in their series of conversations with former 500GP star Kevin Schwantz. The Suzuki legend was at Auto Club Speedway, Fontana last weekend, attending the second round of the AMA championship held there. OTT's Dave Williams talked to Schwantz about riding in windy conditions, about the final MotoGP test at Qatar, about Ben Spies' expectations for the first year of MotoGP,  about the difference between Grand Prix bikes and production bikes, and about how the differences between tires can affect your riding. Here's what Revvin' Kevin had to say:

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As good a rider as Kevin was in his day, and as knowledgeable as he should be, many of his previous comments to me seemed uninformed and ill conceived
Unfortunately in this one, again he says nothing interesting, just regurgitating the same old guff. *sigh*

I heard Colin Edwards describe the difference between a Superbike and a GP bike is like the difference between riding a couch and a razor blade around a track.

To be fair to Kevin, the last Superbike he rode in anger probably didn't have a front fairing. And the last GP bike probably has more in common now with a lawn mower than an 800cc prototype of any ilk.

And we are talking about a guy that rode at 11/10ths all day long... maybe everything feels the same at that point. The stuff of legend, so I'm certainly not gonna give him any crap about it his opinion on such matters....

Seeing as Keven never rode an 800cc prototype, I'm not sure he's the guy to ask how they differ from a superbike. He probably should have shrugged, but I'll bet he thinks he'd be able to master one if he had to... and he's probably right.

Schwantz has definitely tested the MotoGP bikes on a few occasions - I'm sure I've read of him being at journo tests in 990 days. He must have ridden the Suzi 800 too, given Suzuki were still paying him to be around (for his advice as a consultant I guess?).