2014 Valencia Moto3 Race Result: Championship Decider Doesn't Disappoint

Full recap and results below.

The Moto3 race at Valencia is one that will be remembered for some time to come; Alex Marquez rode a calculated race and managed to wrap up the 2014 World Championship by two points after finishing in third place. Under a mix of cloud and sunshine the race was an epic strategic battle that saw plenty of aggressive riding and breathtaking overtakes throughout. Marquez becomes the fifth youngest rider to win a World Title and with his brother Marc; they become the first brothers to win titles in the same season. 

Jack Miller was gallant in Championship defeat and took victory in the race doing everything he could to try and snatch the title from Marquez, the Australian got the perfect start and lead the field over the opening laps while Marquez dropped to fourth. A leading group of four riders formed early on as Miller, Vinales, Antonelli and Marquez broke away. The group grew to a battle of nine riders as Miller tried to slow the pace and back the field up at the head of the pack. 

With five laps to go Miller had a moment turning into turn one and dropped back, Marquez then made an aggressive pass on Miller and sent both riders down the order. Miller responded quickly a couple of corners later, shoving Marquez wide but the shenanigans had scattered the field. Miller eventually tracked down and passed an impressive Isaac Vinales who crossed the line in second place. Danny Kent also did brilliantly to take fourth place, the Briton gave Alex Marquez a stern test over the final lap but appeared to miss a gear and dropped away at the last couple of corners, allowing him to take third and claim a deserved Championship.  

Alex Rins took fifth place ahead of his countryman Efren Vazquez who made it four Spaniards in the top ten. Niccolo Antonelli did well early in the race but dropped back in the second half after a couple of rash attempted passing maneuvers, he had to settle for seventh place and was followed by Miguel Oliveira, Brad Binder and Karel Hanika who rounded out the top ten.


Pos. Points Num. Rider Bike Time/Gap
1 25 8 Jack MILLER KTM 40'10.983
2 20 32 Isaac VIÑALES KTM 0.155
3 16 12 Alex MARQUEZ Honda 0.955
4 13 52 Danny KENT Husqvarna 1.572
5 11 42 Alex RINS Honda 2.251
6 10 7 Efren VAZQUEZ Honda 2.508
7 9 23 Niccolò ANTONELLI KTM 3.620
8 8 44 Miguel OLIVEIRA Mahindra 4.216
9 7 41 Brad BINDER Mahindra 4.248
10 6 98 Karel HANIKA KTM 4.363
11 5 33 Enea BASTIANINI KTM 5.462
12 4 10 Alexis MASBOU Honda 5.780
13 3 84 Jakub KORNFEIL KTM 5.959
14 2 5 Romano FENATI KTM 6.209
15 1 58 Juanfran GUEVARA Kalex KTM 6.726
16   21 Francesco BAGNAIA KTM 11.775
17   17 John MCPHEE Honda 16.663
18   16 Andrea MIGNO Mahindra 24.919
19   63 Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDIN Honda 28.038
20   13 Jasper IWEMA Mahindra 28.404
21   19 Alessandro TONUCCI Mahindra 28.490
22   43 Luca GRÜNWALD Kalex KTM 40.773
23   38 Hafiq AZMI KTM 40.784
24   4 Gabriel RAMOS Kalex KTM 49.329
25   3 Matteo FERRARI Mahindra 49.355
26   55 Andrea LOCATELLI Mahindra 52.862
27   6 Maria HERRERA Honda 52.879
28   14 Albert ARENAS KTM +1'29.792
Not Classified
    31 Niklas AJO Husqvarna 4 Laps
    99 Jorge NAVARRO Kalex KTM 15 Laps
    9 Scott DEROUE Kalex KTM 16 Laps
    95 Jules DANILO Mahindra 17 Laps
    91 Gabriel RODRIGO KTM 23 Laps
    65 Philipp OETTL Kalex KTM 23 Laps


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Fantastic race, and the "live wc" added an extra spark of excitement.
I believe the main issue of Moto3 is to be the first race, and set the bar so high. They should race last in the day :)

Hats off to Marquez memorable brothers championship and to Miller for winning the race.

... for Miller but he lost the title several races ago. Moto3 was exiting as ever and I can`t wait for 2015. Smart race by Marquez and congrats to him!

Great race, Miller obviously very disappointed having won the race, and the most races this year only to lose the title by 2 points. The Aragon incident must be occupying his thoughts a little bit right now. Alex Marquez should give Rins a big hug at some stage because it was really his passes on Miller that broke up the pack and limited Jacks tactics. My guess is Alex Marquez moves to the top class in 2016, which will be Jacks second year. I wonder if Alex might leapfrog Jack in the Honda pecking order straight away, and come in on factory equipment if he wins the Moto2 title in his first year. Miller would love that! Big ask for Alex to win Moto2 straight away of course. Either way I think the future looks good for MotoGP with some of the fresh talent to come in between Vinales, Miller and Marquez jr, and some promising riders like Pol, Aleix and Scott Redding just itching to prove themselves.

It's fine for Miller to go up the inside of Marquez (with 5 laps remaining), but I was very disappointed to see him then stand his bike up to barge Marquez wide. A very dirty move. That is why Marquez wisely declined to move ahead of Miller the whole race, except that one moment when Miller went wide. I was happy to see the championship result. Also, it was typical of Miller to gesture rudely as Rins came to offer post-race congratulations. His Mom needs to give him a timeout!

Exactly my thoughts as well...

He's every bit as bad a sport as he is a good racer.

I was disappointed with Miller post-race. Not sure why I thought he'd react maturely but I expected better sporting behavior. Gesturing rudely on the cool down lap as he always does in qualifying was embarrassing. Why draw more attention to yourself? Dropping F bombs in parc ferme also didn't impress anyone. He has a right to be upset and to voice disappointment but act like a champion in defeat. He had a great season and clearly showed excellent race craft over the other riders all season. He proved he could ride under pressure and hopefully that will translate to the bigger class next couple seasons. The post race interview was also special... bringing up Aragon and that the crash wasn't his fault, but that 'we won't go there' after he already did = childish.

If we are looking back to past racing incidents one could more easily point at Miller's bowling ball move up the inside at Mugello that took himself and two other riders out of the race. One of which was... yep, Alex Marquez. That move actually won Miller some penalty points while the Aragon contact was deemed a racing incident by the same race direction. I guess I just expected more from him. I like that he's passionate and wears his emotions on his sleeves but don't be a sore loser. Move forward. MotoGP will eat him alive if he can't find some humility and learn that it's not constructive to behave the way he has.

Miller has a lot of growing up to do. I would have been uncomfortable on the podium with him, he was such a brat. The right rider won the title today. I am tired of Spanish domination but if Miller won it would have validated his win at all costs style and made gp racing even dirtier going forward. He has only himself to blame for not winning the title. I don't recall any other rider being so arrogant and self absorbed.

I thought the same thing, he was acting like a little sore loser brat. Funny thing though is that I was pulling for him the entire season and especially to win this race and the championship.
Maybe he'll see images of what he looked like on the podium and learn from it, but other than that, really like the way he races and his emotion, but he's giving his opponents the upper hand when he acts like this.
Kill them with kindness Jack! Then you'll be getting under THEIR skin, acting like this makes you an easy target.
Just my .02

i feel for Jack I really do, to call him a bad sport is a little unfair. Having this unrealistic expectation of him being the polished PR machine in light of losing the championship by such a small margin is such a big ask, especially considering these are young riders, you only need to look at Marquez's remonstration with D.Kent post Philip Island as another example of this. I'd defy anybody to behave differently! Wouldn't you?

All I saw in the spirit of racing, was Jack out there on his own, with no assistance from anybody. The same could not be said of Alex, being actively waved through by Vasquez to make places back up, Rins provided an alternate stratagem of upsetting Millers pattern (who at least is actually on Marquez's team)
Even Julian R commented upon how fast Marquez could make places back up after dropping back, I wonder why this was?

I don't know, I just like to think when somebody accomplishes something they do so under their own steam, merit, grit and determination and not through 'others repetitvely assisting'. If the shoe was on the other foot with regards to Miller/Marquez then I would feel exactly the same. For me this soured the race and as Neil Hodgson said post race the whole thing left him feeling 'flat' but could not put it into context. I for one also agree.

I apologise for being contentious with regards to the above posts but for me was like I was watching a different race.

You're not wrong that it must be hard to smile in such circumstances, he's young and fought till the end and he has the temper that he has.
I don't agree that he was alone on track. They both had friends trying to help and Kent very nearly did it. In the end both had some good and back luck through the season and like in all sports, talent, hard work, circumstances and luck all play a part. This Moto3 season was awesome, this is what will be remembered.

I don't expect any of them to be polished pr machines. Marquez deliberately didn't pass Miller because he knew what Miller would try to do to him, as happened when Miller ended up behind briefly. Marquez clearly had enough pace to stay on Miller until a few laps to the end. If roles were reversed some people would be praising the genius of staying behind.

There has been a lot of bias in the media this year constantly putting Miller so far above the others. He has done brilliantly this year, but there never was evidence that he was in a class of one and now reality has set in and somebody beat him fair and square across the year. He is entitled to feel however he wants and express that but a temper tantrum doesn't come under that category when you are a professional sportsman.

Forgetting everything else and focusing on next year. The guy needs a serious attitude adjustment because it's just looking like the working class hero is really a spoilt brat.

What are you serious? what do you think almost every rider does when they go down the road? dance the merry jig! And that's including the big boys in GP. Every rider lets their emotions get the better of them it's only natural and shows just how passionate they are, and in what they do, and of course throw into the mix a bit of adrenalin.
As stated above, look at the full on temper tantrum Marquez had at Kent when he thought Kent had cost him vital points in the championship at Philip Island,,,as the saying goes 'let he without sin cast the first stone'. Yes it was remiss of Jack to behave the way he did, but then again I'm sure (like all of them) given time to grow and mature they'll come good, after all they're only human.

If all else fails I suppose we could replace him with a cardboard cutout at press interview, bereft of character, charm, and charisma. which to be honest I think a few other teams have already cottoned on to such an idea.

Plenty of riders have had temper tantrums, when they perceive some wrongdoing towards them. Miller had plenty of emotions to feel after not winning the championship. He chose to continue like the whole world is out to get him and everyone else screwed him over. It's pathetic. He's nineteen and while he is already old enough to figure things out for himself I expect he will be coddled by his entourage instead of being guided towards a better mindset.

Because I'm criticising Miller's behaviour today doesn't mean I think the riders shouldn't be allowed to express themselves or be honest. There is a limit each way though. None of them are toddlers.

'Let he without sin cast the first stone': This has nothing to do with Marquez, Miller after today's race is a singular incident all of his own making. No one knocked him off or ruined his race. This was something else. I won't hold it against him and it's not like anyone else was affected by it. It just really didn't reflect well on him nor does it bode well for next year when he'll be up against the fastest, most experienced riders in the world. Maybe that mental aspect will be the biggest loss due to jumping past the middle class.

me thinks. How many posting here can put their hands up and say at 18 they would have behaved any differently? We don't know how Rins/Miller behave to each other off track etc.

It's all well and good to say he should have behaved after the race but he didn't so get over it. I would have to agree that he will need to learn some humility in MotoGP but then again, so do most of the riders coming in to that field. And surprise surprise, most of them do learn. A combination of the difficulties encountered and the birthdays ticking by.

Anyhoo, smart race by the new WC and an excellent attempt by Jack.

I'll put my hand up if you wish. Hopefully I'm more mature in middle age but I like to think I wasn't a petulant jerk of a sore loser when I was 18. Miller (and everyone else on the grid) has been in that world for a while already and has been given plenty of time to learn (as it seems it's definitely not in his nature) to be more gracious in defeat.

I'd scold him for his post race behaviour if he were 4 years old. That's not hyperbole. I literally mean I'd take him aside and tell him to stop pouting if he were 4. I hope someone will do that to him at age 18.

Miller's "moment" was caused by Rins running into him in turn 2. He did it twice. Rins came in way too hot, was never going to make the corner and pushed Miller. wide. No doubt as part of their team strategy to use Rins as the sacrificial lamb to disrupt or take out Miller in anyway they could. This was the the reason he legitimately remonstrated with Rins. If find it amusing that the sanctimonious wafflers on this forum complaining about miller's overtakes and reactions yet a mysteriously silent about Rins deliberately running into miller twice. In comparison, Millers overtakes are not out of control, he is later on the brakes and is going to make the corner in 98% of the cases. In this race he demonstrated his superiority over the rest of the field, overtaking at will and making up any gap as necessary. Instead of moaning about him getting upset with a rider trying to take him out, let's rejoice in a rider with such abundant talent that Honda, for the first time ever, has taken a rider straight from the smallest class onto a Motogp bike with an never seen before contract of three years in length. I am going to go with Honda's assessment of him as a rider rather than the bleatings of the one-eyed whingers around here.

last race having kent rough up marquez, deliberately standing his bike up repeatedly while under alex, and again doing the same thing whenever he could this race.

jack started this behavior, yet when he gets blowback the rest of the field is the problem...

I was also mildly disappointed in Jack's treatment of Rins, but he treated us to one hell of a show -- he left it all in the track. He is young and full of raw desire to be great. And after the battle, things can be a bit raw.

What an insanely great moto3 season -- one if my all time favorites!

I'd add to the sentiment that Miller needs a serious beatdown attitude adjustment, but since I'm invariably wrong, I won't ...

I will add that in all three GP classes (and in WSBK and WSS) the titles went to riders who have reputations for class in their behavior off the track and respect for their fellow riders on the track. (And before you start bleating about Marc, ask yourself how many times he's made contact with another rider this season. Most of the time, other riders couldn't even see him after the lights went out ...)

Maybe it is not just whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.

You really do not like Miller at all I gather from your posts but to insinuate that Alex Marquez has not shown petulance and childish behaviours at times is stretching things a little.

As for AM, I am sure that he has made contact with riders many times this season just as have others (Miller included). The big fact of the situation is that Miller was penalised once for his contact (correctly) when he took Marquez out and was not penalised at other times, thus Race Control do not see the issue that yourself and us forum hackers see.

As for how you play the game, that is total BS at the top level as all riders will push the rules and in reality all would sell their mother to win a world title. Do not let the smil of Rossi or the boyish grin of Marc Marquez fool you as they are as ruthless when on the track as are the Millers and Biaggis of the world.

Without a villain, there can be no hero and in Moto3 the villian for some is Miller whilst the caped crusader for many is Marquez. For me, the villain is that the season has ended

All good, but did not Marquez act like a jackass after Sepang?

If he did not, then surely by comparison, Miller also has not as he has not done worse behaviours (IMO) and if it is behaviours one must look at like for like.

IMO, Marquez has shown petulance (as has Miller) but I do strongly suspect that Marquez has a lot of people in his ear guiding him on the correct way in which things should be done so as to give the public the impression that they wish to garner and foster for years ahead (after all, much like Ross, the Marquez boys are building a brand).

Miller on the other hand basically does not give a stuff about the political playing or the sensibilities of those around him as for him there is one goal which is to win races and championships.

To me, they both are alike in all ways but just going about their trade differently and of course with different support groups and mechanisms.

The media will love both as they need the political and public savvy of a smiling rider (Rossi, Marquez), but they also love the blunt non-political correctness of others as it breeds quotes (Edwards), villainy (Biaggi) and sells papers/subscriptions.

IMO again, the right person won the championship as he finished with the most points and that is what championships are about. As they say in golf, it isnt how but how many.

Remember, you asked :)

AFAIK, Marquez never suggested that Miller was a "bitch" in a public interview, nor has he criticized Miller's family. I've never seen Marquez flip anyone off, and I've never seen him mount an International-level GP podium wearing a shirt with a profanity on it. Miller has done all of these things. So compared to that, no, Alex has not been a Jackass.

In regards to his on-track behavior, in the pre-weekend interview, journalists had to go back to last century to find an appropriate parallel to the level of disregard Miller has shown to his competitors. After the first WSBK race in Qatar, Sykes was asked about a (non-contact) pass Melandri made on him. Sykes called it "closer than necessary" but "hard but fair," and said he had no problem with it. Then he added: "We're professional racers. There's a line you don't cross, and we all know it." Apparently, Miller doesn't, and Race Direction doesn't have the spine to let him know when he crosses it.

Listen: Every - every - racer feels the things and the desires that Miller does. Everyone wants to say the same things. Everyone wants to bump their competitors off the track. It's just that even the other kids his age don't act like this. They may only be 18, but they understand that in this world, acting like a grownup is a job requirement.

For every "bad boy" racer who is celebrated by the media, there are several others, equally talented, who get shoved to the side, not for lack of talent, but because they act like Jackasses.

If Miller hasn't yet figured out that what he's really selling is his ability to gather the attention and approval of the companies that support this sport, someone needs to clue him in - fast. I've said before he needs counseling. A media consultant might be a higher priority. Which one of his sponsors is going to make up a 36" x 24" print of him standing on the podium, flipping someone off, with a "Jackass" t-shirt on, and put that in the lobby of their corporate headquarters?

Racers don't just compete on the track.

I think you get my point.

I'll leave it with this: I've seen racers lose their rides for the behavior Miller exhibited on the podium alone.

And while others might rave about his honesty and how refreshing it is, my experience is that none of those supporters are there when the Jackasses' sponsors leave and the Jackass loses his ride.

Its funny that so many seem to have a hatred of Miller. Here is a guy that is fast and fun but has a temper. Has he ridden in a manner to cause anyone harm? no more than any other Moto3 rider. What he has done is win a race with a horde of Marquez helpers in the race, all doing their bit to help AM get on the podium.
Fair call to Miller for not shaking Rin's hand. Rin's made two dodgy moves and in the first one, not only did he stand him up, you can see him sit it up even further pushing him wide. Where is the fairness in that? you can't complain if Miller and AM do it to each other, they are the ones fighting for the championship, but for other riders to do it is just poor form and a very justifiable reason for not shaking their hand. Gracious winner in defeat if you are treated with respect for sure, but when you aren't, i think a "F$#k you" is not only well deserved, but expected. Who wouldn't feel grumpy if you lost battling 4 instead of one?......

Can Miller learn some better politics? for sure, but then it wouldn't be very entertaining would it?

I reckon I lose a year of my life each time watching a race of Moto3 this year, heart palpitating stuff...... can't see that happening next year.

I like how everyone is now trying to sell the story that AM had people all around him to help while Miller was a lone fighter.

How about Antonelli, who almost wiped Marquez out in the early stages? Kent was a constant thorn in AM's sight in the later stages and Issac Vinales was holding station at the front as one rider who would "definitely" beat Marquez. Vinales said post race that he DID drop his pace to let Miller through (he had a near 2 second lead with 4 laps to go). I think that's an equal trade for Vazquez waving Marquez past.

Marquez had Rins and Vazquez on his side.

Miller had Vinales, Kent and Antonelli on his side.

That's about as fair as its going to get in Moto3.

I don't hate Miller, I just don't find him particularly interesting or funny. He's fast that's about it.
I don't love Alex Marquez either. He needs to win races from the back or do something really awesome to earn this status.
I like when riders fight it out on track and find a way to be friendly after the race whether they are actually good friends or not. I think Lorenzo and Pedrosa both gained in prestige by burying the hatchet.