MotoGP To Race In Austria From 2016

MotoGP looks set to head to Austria from 2016. Today, Red Bull co-founder Dieter Mateschitz and Dorna reached an agreement to host an Austrian round of the series at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg. The agreement is merely preliminary, and subject to the track gaining FIM homologating the track and granting it a license to stage a MotoGP race.

The Red Bull Ring - previously known as the A1 Ring, before being bought by Mateschitz - has been upgraded and this year hosted both a round of Formula 1 and a round of the Red Bull Air Race. It was also the scene of the last Austrian Grand Prix, held back in 1997. The race was dropped after that year due to poor spectator attendance.

Now, with increased visibility of the series, and especially increased involvement by Red Bull in MotoGP, stepping up sponsorship, the prospect is more attractive for both the organizers and Dorna. The inclusion of Austria from 2016 makes it almost certain that at least one Spanish round, and possibly Misano, could be dropped from the MotoGP schedule. Thailand looks a firm favorite to also host a round of MotoGP in 2016, and talks are continuing with Chile as well.

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A1/R.B. is one of the worst EffWun tracks.
It won't be any better for the bikes.

1st gear chickenshit corner.


Ask and we shall receive, I suppose. More bureaucrats from Austria. Major sponsor commitment. Historic track. KTM home market.

If we're lucky, maybe Red Bull and local government have come to an agreement to build the Westschleife Extension for F1, DTM, and MotoGP usage. Maybe KTM agreed to join in 2016 if Red Bull Ring was on the calendar?

Hopefully the safety will be okay.