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MotoMatters.com 2015 Motorcycle Racing Calendar Front Cover

If you have enjoyed MotoMatters.com's coverage of the 2014 season, and are already looking ahead to the 2015 season, then you need the MotoMatters.com 2015 Motorcycle Racing Calendar. As ever, the calendar features the stunning photography of Scott Jones, and a monthly guide containing all of the MotoGP and World Superbike races for the 2015 season, as well as preseason tests for MotoGP, and the schedule for the Isle of Man TT. Scott Jones' photos and the handy race schedule is reason enough to own the calendar, but even more importantly, by buying the calendar, you are helping to keep MotoMatters.com running. The proceeds from the calendar go towards the running of the site, and help both Scott Jones and David Emmett travel to the races, take more great photos and provide even more great information. 

The calendar is currently shipping, with orders going out the door right now. The 2015 MotoMatters.com Motorcycle Racing Calendar will be printed in a very limited print run, so if you want to secure a copy, make sure you order yours quickly.

About the calendar:

The MotoMatters.com 2015 Motorcycle Racing Calendar has a double-page spread for each month, with one of Scott Jones' fantastic photos above a month grid containing birthdays for most of the leading riders in the MotoGP, World Superbike, Moto2, World Supersport and Moto3 classes, as well as racing legends of the past. To help race fans plan their weekends, every MotoGP and World Superbike round is highlighted on the month grid for easy reference. The simple and clear layout of race weekends makes planning your race trip, viewing party or personal TV / MotoGP.com watching schedule a snap. And as is our custom, the center pages feature a double-page close up of the 2014 MotoGP World Champion Marc Marquez. For a full overview of all of the photos in the calendar, see the back page image below.

This year's calendar is an attractive 13" x 9.35", or 33cm x 23.8cm, and features a special finish to bring out the best of Scott Jones' pictures. The calendar is produced in a limited run, with no more to be produced once the calendar sells out. This year's calendar is priced at $29.95 US plus shipping and handling, though MotoMatters.com subscribers receive a generous discount, and can order the calendar for just $21.95 plus shipping and handling. The discount is applied automatically if you order a calendar while logged in as a subscriber. 

Calendar Layout

Below you can see a sample double-page layout. US readers should note that the calendar grid has been laid out with the week starting on Monday (European style). This is an explicit choice; the purpose of the calendar is to allow our readers to see the racing at a glance, and as the races are nearly always run on Sunday, it is much easier to see when a race weekend is if the calendar starts on Monday, rather than on Sunday (US style). To make it easier for fans used to a US style week layout, shading has been added to Saturday and Sunday, to make it clear from a distance that the weekend is at the far right-hand side of the grid. The months and days are shown in four languages, English, Spanish, Italian and French.

MotoMatters.com 2015 Motorcycle Racing Calendar - Monthly grid layout

Overview of all the photos shown on the calendar:

MotoMatters.com 2015 Motorcycle Racing Calendar - Photo Selection


Technical details

24 pages + cover
13" x 9.35" finished (13" x 18.5" flat)
100 lb paper stock
5/5 Process Color + AQ varnish 
Folded, with a saddle-stitch and punched hole.

Price: USD $29.95
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Any chance that the calendars can be shipped from Europe? By the time Customs had added their charge and Royal Mail had taken their pound of flesh for sorting out the Customs charge, last years calendar from the US was kind of expensive!

Yes, we know about some of the shipping problems. The problem was that customs seemed to apply duty charges without any rhyme or reason. It was only a few customers who had duty applied, most didn't.

We will be shipping calendars from Europe, but getting them to Europe to ship will take 5 to 6 days, so it will make the shipping date later. This will be a problem for anyone wanting a calendar to be shipped for Christmas, but if you are prepared to wait a few days extra, then it won't be an issue.

To ensure you avoid the extra duty, please add a note to your order stating "Please ship from Europe." We will then ship it as soon as I get some calendars at MotoMatters HQ in Holland.

Thanks for the prompt reply, will order accordingly.

Vrolijk Kerstfeest to Motomatters :)

Be any discount for site supporters?

Also, any news on whether the format/amount for site supporters itself will be changing at any point?

If you read the text, you will see that the prices is $21.95 for site supporters, $29.95 for anyone else. Both the profit from the calendars and the subscription amount go towards keeping the site running and paying for sending myself and Scott Jones to the races, which is a very expensive business.

I have thought about changing pricing of the site supporter option, but it is difficult to do that fairly, without affecting those who have already paid. My hope is that people realize that quality journalism and photography costs money, and the more money we can make, the better job we can do. (Well, up to the point where we spend more time with our fleet of yachts than going to races, but I can assure you, that is a very, very distant prospect indeed). So for the moment, I am leaving the site supporter prices as they are, but I welcome comments and suggestions on how to do it better.

What makes a fan club "official" anyway?

Do they like, sign a contract with MM promising to kiss his butt and give him unlimited foot rubs to be able to get the official status ?

I realize I've been reading MotoMatters compulsively for a couple of years now, and while I've always been willing to spend money on quite few print magazines, I generally expected Internet news to be free. But that's not really right, so I've ordered a calendar and look forward to more great news, and better yet, insights and analysis as well as photos from David, Scott and the rest. Thank you!